My first meeting with my new Mistress

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I woke up as normal. I’d click the alarm to turn it off. Then, I took a shower and got ready for the day. As I went into the kitchen to make some breakfast and a cup of coffee, I received an email from my new Mistress I met online. I opened the email then I read “Ready for our first meeting?”. The email said that our first meeting was going to be this afternoon. I responded as any submissive should “Yes, Mistress”.

At my new Mistress’s home

A half hour has passed, and I’ve received another email. This time it said, “Our meeting is going to be at 12:30 pm at my place so don’t be late”.

It was currently 10 am and I had a two-hour drive, so I left now to get there on time. As I reached the car, I
entered it and turned on the radio hoping to slow down time and prepare myself for something I had only dreamed of in the past.

I got on the highway heading towards where she was staying. Relaxing and listening to music during the drive and before I knew I was at her place. This was the quickest two-hour drive I’ve ever accomplished.

I opened the car door and started to walk towards her front door. Once I got there, I took a deep breath and knocked on the door two times in case she didn’t hear me in time. A few seconds passed, and I saw the door opening, on the other side of the door was a beautiful woman standing in front of me.

She introduced herself and welcomed me into her home. Once I entered, she ordered me to get on my knees to see if I would listen. Indeed, I did I got down on my knees and awaited my first instruction from the woman that soon would own me.

New Mistress

Transformed to be a perfect Sissy

Once I got on my knees, she took out a collar and attached it around my neck, this collar also had a leash attached to it. She yanked on the leash slightly and said,

  • “Follow me boy!”

So I did, and she led us to the living room where she sat on the couch and instructed me to kneel in front of her. Soon after she greeted me and started to explain what type of submissive I was going to be for her. She said,

  • “Greetings boy, or should I say soon-to-be a girl”.

I dare not say it out loud but, in my head, I was thinking girl. Aren’t I a guy? As if she read my thoughts she said,

  • “oh that is right I didn’t tell you that you were going to be completely feminized and transformed to become my perfect sissy”.

A sissy what does that mean I asked my new Mistress.

  • “It means that you are going to be a maid for me and do anything I may ask even if that means making you act like a girl”.

Now knowing my fate, I realized that this was going to be my future. To become a feminized male submissive and complete anything that is required by my new Mistress. Even though I did know what this could possibly mean.

My new Mistress got off the couch and instructed me to follow her but with my head down and crawling on all fours as she told me,

  • “There is a surprise for you”.


The pink maid latex dress

I began following closely behind my new Mistress and as we turned into the dark room that was ahead of us, she turned on the lights and I saw something I had never seen before. It was a pink maid dress and panties. My Mistress picked the clothes off the bed and said with a giggle,

  • “Girl, these are your new clothes. I want you to wear it every time you are in my presence. This will help you strip away your masculinity. Do you understand”?

I responded,

  • “Yes, Mistress I understand”.

She turned towards the door and said,

  • “you better move quickly and put on your clothes”.

She walked out of the room and back into the living room. Once she left the room, I took off what I was wearing. I replaced it with the maid’s dress that was given to me.

The maid dress was a pink latex dress that came with a pair of pink panties as well. I put on these clothes and as I finished my Mistress came back and was smiling but also holding an object that I assumed was a chastity cage.

A new chastity cage as a present from my new Mistress

Mistress said with a laugh,

  • “You look like a true girl now in your pretty pink maid dress”

MistressShe walked over and showed me the chastity cage.

  • “This is your new chastity cage. I just bought it for this special occasion”.

She moved it towards my cock and puts it on and tightens it until it started hurting. My Mistress then said,

  • “Good now follow me back into the living room”.



I heard her heels walk across the floor as I looked down at the hardwood floor. We suddenly came to a stop. She then spoke and said

  • “Oh shoot I forgot that I had something going on, but I do have some chores for you to complete before I
    get back. Don’t worry girl it will only be an hour or two”.

I thought to myself chores, what chores?

She instructed that I had to vacuum her home and, clean the dishes and perhaps maybe make her some food for dinner. I responded with

  • “Yes, Mistress”.

She walked towards the door and opened it. As she walked through the door she looked back and said,

  • “Don’t forget I’m always watching”.

Doing as told and wondering what she meant by I’m always watching was nerve-wracking. So I began my chores as instructed to hopefully impress her on day one.



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