Let’s play poker with my dominant wife (2)

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  • “No! Honey, you can’t leave me! Please!” I begged my dominant wife.


  • “Leave you?” She chuckled, “I’m not going to leave you, silly. I mean, someone has to pay for my car and my wardrobe and my jewelry and my vacations and…” She stopped, smiled, and continued, “I was wrong, you’re not worthless. You’re a good provider. Too bad you’re too much of a sissy to please me, but it’s ok. I’ll be getting my pussy filled by other cock from now on, so actually, your job will be a lot easier. I guess this is good for both of us!”


  • “No! Don’t say that! I can’t live like that! I can please you, I know I can!”


  • “I don’t think so, sorry.”


  • “Please! Let me try! I’ll do better!”


  • “You don’t have enough of a cock to do better with!” She laughed.


  • “You have to let me try! Please let me fuck you, baby. I need you! I can’t live without it!”


  • “You’re so cute when you beg,” She said condescendingly, “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you kiss my ass while I THINK about giving you another chance.”


“Yes dear, whatever you want!”

She turned around and lowered her ass onto my face and I promptly give it an affectionate smooch.

  • “Please honey, I know I can give you what you need.”


  • “Um…I didn’t say my ass cheek. I said my ASS,” She said, pulling the rear of her thong out of her crack and adjusting it to the side.  “Now get in between those cheeks and be a good little ass licker. Show me that you’re actually good for SOMETHING!”


  • “Yes dear, whatever you want!”


I submissively obeyed, hoping that if I pleased my dominant wife enough in this task she would grant me what I really desired.

  • “There you go, lick my dirty hole, BITCH. There’s something your good at,” She said icily. “Get in there with that tongue. You know, not long before you got here, I had the BIGGEST cock you’ve ever seen in there, so it’s a little sore but this is really helping.”


  • “In your ass!” I cried, “How could you!”


“Shut up and lick my ass, you whiny little bitch!”


dominant wife

She commanded.

  • “I know, I know, you always wanted to try anal with me. But honestly, we never got that far because sex with you was so boring that I just wanted to get it over with! But when I started seeing other men, and they got me all hot and naked, and they showed me their big fat cocks, I just couldn’t help myself, I told them they could do WHATEVER they wanted with me! And after I sucked their big dicks, and had them pounding my pussy for hours and making me cum over and over again, they always wanted to put it in my tight little ass, so of course, I couldn’t say no. They made me feel all slutty and used and you know what? I liked it. Now get that tongue a little deeper, there might still be some hot cum in there for you to lick out.”


  • “That’s dis…”

I was unable to finish my sentence as my dominant wife pushed her ass back even further against my mouth and began to grind it against my lips.

  • “Oh, that’s good, sweetie. For once I’m actually happy with what you’re doing,” She complimented. “Don’t worry, even if you never get to have sex again I can still use you for licking my ass and feet.”


  • “Honey!” I managed to free my face enough to get some words out, “I want to have sex with you. I want to be inside of you. Please, will you give me a chance now? Haven’t I been punished enough?”


“Licking my ass and feet is a privilege, not a punishment!

  • “Punished?” She raised up and flipped back around to face me, spit in my face, and then my dominant wife slapped me. “Licking my ass and feet is a privilege, not a punishment. You should be thanking me for it…WELL?”


  • “Thank you,” I said meekly.


She slapped me again then spit on me,

  • “Thank you for what?”


  • “Thank you for letting me lick your ass and feet.”


  • “Your welcome.”


  • “Sweetie…honey…darling…can I PLEASE make love to you now?” I said as nicely as I could.

She smiled,


  • “I like the way you asked me so nicely. I’ll tell you what. Let’s play a game. If you win, you get to stick your pathetic little cock in me again and try to prove that you’re a man. If I win, you can kiss this pussy goodbye and accept the fact that’s it’s off-limits to you from now on.”


  • “Forever?” I asked, panicked.


  • “For EVER.”


She stated firmly.

Shaking from the worse case of nervousness I’d ever felt, I asked cautiously,


Let’s play a game!…

  • “What is this game?”

She got up from the bed and went to fetch something from the nightstand.

  • “You’ll be happy with this, it’s a game you know very well.”

She came back onto the bed with a deck of cards.

I smiled, now feeling relaxed and at ease.

  • “Poker?”


  • I knew I had this one in the bag.


  • “Yep. The game you love so much that you spend all of your time playing it instead of fucking your hot, horny wife.”

She rubbed it in a little more.

  • “I was worried that you really didn’t want to have sex anymore,” I said, relieved. “But you must want to because you KNOW I’m going to win this. Seriously, why don’t we just cut to the chase?”

My hand reached for her breast and gave it a firm squeeze as I leaned in, eyes closed, to kiss her, and my face was met with a hard slap.

  • “I didn’t tell you could kiss me! You haven’t won anything yet. If you feel like kissing me again, let me know, I’ll stick my foot in your mouth and let you kiss it some more!” She scolded me.


Let’s play Strip Poker!

I sighed heavily,

  • “Alright, what’s the game?”


  • “Strip poker, of course! We’ll keep it simple, five-card draw. You win, I take something off. I win, you take something off. The last one with any clothes still on, wins,” She explained.


  • “Yeah, I know how to play strip poker, deal the cards.”

She dealt the hand, five cards to me, five cards to herself.

  • “I’ll take two,”

I said, trading in a couple of useless cards for two new ones. Then, I smiled as I made a full house, sevens over threes.

  • “I don’t need any,” She said.


  • “That good huh? What do you have?”


  • “All red,”

She replied, laying down five red cards, diamonds, and hearts.

  • “You don’t have anything!” I laughed. “If you were trying for a flush, they all have to be the same suit, not the same color! Full house! Take it off!”


  • “Don’t get cocky,”

She rolled her eyes as she peeled off her shirt to reveal her bra-hugged cleavage.

  • “This is too easy,” I chuckled as she dealt the next hand. “Give me two again.”


  • “Just one for me,”

She replied, redrawing only a single card.

  • “What do you have,”

I asked nervously. My hand was weak, only one pair of eights, and hers seemed strong, having only drawn one card.

  • “I don’t know, is this anything?” he laid down her hand. She had nothing.


  • “Nope!” I smiled, “Pair of eights, STRIP.”


“I’ve got you feeling confident now, you’re going down”

She said defiantly as she wiggled out of her skirt.

  • “God honey, your body is so beautiful. I don’t know what I was thinking ignoring you for so long,” I said, admiring her figure as even more of her soft flesh was exposed to me.


  • “How nice of you to finally notice,” she droned sarcastically as she dealt the cards again.


  • “I’m good,” I said, almost in disbelief that I’d been dealt a straight right away.


  • “I need four,” she said, replacing four of her cards and then laying them down. “I have a pair of aces, I KNOW that’s good!”


  • “Nice, but not good enough, I have a straight,” I replied.


She gave me a naughty little grin.

  • “Oh. Good job. So…what should I lose next, my bra, or my panties?”

I felt like it was the hardest choice I’d ever had to make. Yet, I wanted it all gone and me inside of her but I almost couldn’t answer.

  • “The…the bra,” I stuttered.

She carefully slid the straps down her shoulders, twisted it around, and undid the clasp, letting her full perky breasts escape. She cupped them in her hands and caressed them gently, lightly squeezing her big round nipples.

  • “Mmmmm, they’re so soft,” She said in a soft sexy tone. “Do you want to suck on them just for a little?”


  • “Oh GOD yes!” I could hardly contain my excitement.


“If you win, I’m all yours,” She said plainly, “IF.”

I leaned towards her slowly, my tongue already out, yearning to taste her soft flesh, my eyes began to close and then, I felt her spit splash against my face and a swift and firm hand immediately followed as she slapped me again.

  • “It sucks to be left wanting, doesn’t it?” She said, harshly.

I sat back and waited for her to deal the next hand.

  • “I get the point honey, I messed up, ok? After I win this little game of yours, are you going to keep slapping and spitting on me?”


  • “If you win, I’m all yours,” She said plainly, “IF.”


  • “I’ll take three cards,” I said, satisfied after my three new cards left me with two high pairs.

She drew two cards herself and sighed.

  • “This is no good,”

She laid down her hand. Again, she had nothing.

I smiled big,

  • “Two pairs, I win again. You only have two choices now.”

Now down to only her thong and her thigh-high stockings, to my delight, she opted to remove the thong. She worked it down to her ankles, slowly, seductively, almost as if to deliberately tease me, then stepped out of them and took them in her hand.

“Oh FUCK, I can’t wait to feel you, baby,” I thirstily rambled. “You are the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I am SO sorry forever forgetting it.”

  • “Congratulations, you’re almost there. Win one more hand, and you get to try to be a man again,” She said teasingly, as she stood up on the bed, swaying her hips seductively.


“I’m still going to beat you.”

She took a step towards me and stood in front of me, her bare pussy inches from my face, and gripped a fist full of my hair, and yanked my head back to keep me from leaning in to kiss it. With her other hand, she massaged her nest gently, then spread her lips apart.

  • “Look, honey. Can you imagine how good it is going to feel inside of there? How warm and moist it will be? How good you will feel if you can win just ONE more hand?”


  • “Oh, I am GOING to win. I HAVE to. I NEED you,” I whimpered.


  • “Now imagine how terrible you are going to feel if you DON’T win. If you NEVER get to feel my hot, tight, wet, little pussy EVER again,” She teased.


  • “I’m going to win,” I said confidently, “And I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She lowered herself onto me and straddled my lap.

  • “You sound very sure of yourself.”

She took her panties and brushed them against my face, then rubbed them against my nose.

  • “Take a good long whiff of that sweet pussy, because that is the closest you are ever going to get to it again. I’m still going to beat you.”


Lets Play Poker with my dominant wife

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