Female Domination Of The Submales

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The Three Parts Of The Brain Of Sub-males

Much has been written throughout history about the evolution of the human species and the difference between the sexes. One of the things that encouraged me to dedicate myself to the training and education of the sub-males was the belief that a man’s brain is in a pre-evolutionary state.

Studies show the human brain is divided into three parts: one primitive, another emotional, and a third rational. I quickly realized the male brain has not evolved like the female brain. The primitive side of the brain maintains the survival instinct of the male. This allows him to defend himself from danger by attacking or fleeing.

First, men try to escape from problems and when confronted with them they become aggressive. The second brain, the emotional one, is mainly the creator of memories and senses, which identifies the woman with pleasure, and the male with pain. The third or rational side is the one that empowers women exclusively. It gives women the power of decision, choice, analysis, abstract thinking, intuition, or consciousness.

Action Reaction To Punishment

My long and extensive experience in training sub-males has facilitated my understanding of their instinctive and primitive reactions. The lower male attends to a basic principle of action and reaction to punishment. The pain inflicted by Me through the whip or spurs is an example of the principle of action and reaction to punishment. Their primitive brain cannot remember the punishments inflicted on them previously. Also, it is necessary to repeat the punishments over and over again to obtain absolute obedience from the sub-male.

The pain and pleasure part of the brain is shared by women and sub-males but not in the same proportions. The woman’s pleasure is directly proportional to the sub-male’s pain because the greater physical punishment he receives from me the more pleasure I feel. For a woman, it is about pleasure, and for sub-males, it’s about obedience and respect which are the fundamental pillars of femdom.

My capacity for choice and analysis is what empowers me to decide what sub-males will perform what tasks for my benefit. Therefore, because of the primitive side of their brain, the sub-males always repeat the same mistakes over and over again just trying to survive. It’s our job to train them to absolute obedience to our orders to give meaning to their pathetic lives.



For them, I am the Domme who decides how they’re utilized. I use them as riding animals, companion dogs, or domestic services. In summary, whichever fits my personal needs. It is logical to think, that not all sub-males possess the same physical capacities, and therefore do not bear punishment the same way. For example, if I want to use a sub-male for animal riding (ponyplay), I would choose a physically strong sub-male that can carry my body weight on his back while I’m riding him.

Not all sub-males can carry the same load as the one used as a riding animal. For that reason, I try to classify sub-males by age and function. If a sub-male is going to be used in a domestic capacity, for example, opening doors for me, doing administrative tasks, or simply accompanying me when I go to events, I would choose a young sub-male with a well-defined body and a beautiful face. Additionally, I use this sub-male to give me oral pleasure.

Requirements For Males To Be Used For Ponyplay

Due to the low physical demands on the body, tasks such as polishing the floors of the house, cleaning furniture, and cleaning the bathrooms are assigned to sub-males who are used to spending the entire day on their knees. These sub-males are never allowed to be in a position other than on their knees to avoid being misled into believing they are allowed to do other things. This does not mean of course, that from time to time they are not rewarded. On the contrary, the sub-males are allowed to savor my leather boots as a reward.

In regards to the sub-males, I mentioned earlier that are used for ponyplay, I must choose an inferior male that has strong musculature. So, I can demand maximum effort from him without him breaking down physically during the ride. His extremities must be long enough that when I sit on his back, I can place my boots on the stirrups on both sides without my feet touching the ground. With a simple movement of my heels, the spurs easily and effortlessly reach the belly and sides of the mount. Once the sub-male is chosen to be used for ponyplay, he must be forbidden to walk on two legs again to maintain the perfect curvature of his spine for the saddle. This makes it more comfortable for me to ride him.

Last Group Of Submales

The last group of sub-males that I am going to discuss is the ones that were previously employed in the categories above. Upon reaching a certain age and losing their faculties, they are assigned to different activities. The ones that were used for riding who cannot carry the weight of their Mistresses will be used to drag a rickshaw for their Mistress and her friends whenever they choose to take a stroll around the city. The sub-males who were utilized for domestic services do not qualify to drag a rickshaw since they have lost the ability to use their legs. In this case, I use these sub-males for oral pleasure and foot worship.

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