Like A Moth To A Flame – A Fantasy to Love

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It started as a fantasy and has grown into my “love” life. I think about women all the time. I think about my fetishes all the time. I am a successful A-type business leader but in reality since childhood I have been drawn to the lifestyle of a female dominated relationships.

I was raised in a household of older women where my mother and older sister dominated me. As a result I am most aroused by femdom related sexual activities. I have come to know what I like and why. It is who I am and I can not change that. I admit I am a chronic masturbater. I can’t control myself or my urges. I yearn for a strong willed woman who can both dominate me into submission and is very aroused at my nymphomaniac behaviors, fetishes and obsessions.

Fetishes to Love

I would like a woman to take personal ownership of my cock and my sex life and focus it on pleasing her. I would like her to encourage my obsessive behaviors and explore my fetishes with her as the center of our universe. I want to worship her, take care of her, and love her. I want her to be the mother of my children and the holder of my heart.

Through my journeys, I have stumbled upon images that arouse me intensely and I have a few to show you today. If they arouse you too then maybe we should talk…

I have always been aroused by the innocent-looking librarian who secretly is a dominating vixen. They always say it’s the ones you least expect. Waiting patiently at home for you after a long shift, I am both excited and a little scared of you as you walk in that door.


While I am not really ‘into’ cross-dressing or sissification, seeing images like this really turns me on. The threat of black-male as a motivation has become an integral part of my obsession. When I saw this image I nearly creamed my pants. I really like the idea of orally servicing women. I love the idea of you tying me down and just having fun. I am not into pain, but if the threat of leaking compromising photos gets me to give you more powerful orgasms then I am all for it.

You know I want this, you know I need this but in our fantasy world, I have lost all choice. I am yours and more importantly, your word is my command. You want official possession of my manhood and you take it.

Broken In

Once ‘broken in’, my mistress puts us on a strict regiment of daily orgasms for her. Images like this just make me melt. It is possible to find a woman who would like to orgasm every day?

My first wife cheated on me. I loved her a lot so cuckolding became part of my life. She was really beautiful and picturing some stud (and there were many) fucking her became a big part of our sex life. As a result, images like this really turn me on. It’s not so much you cheating as it is how you force me to be an active participant… sexy.

I have an intense foot fetish, so an image like this makes me dizzy too. I think this stems from my childhood.

On Your Knees Sissy


For some reason being forced to kneel at a stern woman’s feet arouses me immensely. Staring at those perfectly polished toes and knowing what may happen on your ‘date’ tonight has me enraptured.

You are strict but we both know it is what we want and need. I love you for your strength and through that strength, I live in a constant state of arousal.

My mistress is fair. She does let me ‘free’ but there is always a cost. And of course, she knows my weaknesses and takes full advantage of them.

It’s tough living in a constant state of arousal. Always thinking about her. How to serve her better, how to make her happy but it is so worth it. I love her and I love to see her sexually fulfilled.

To Love, To Serve

Indeed, at home later that night she did let me out of my chastity. But like before, for the hour (she hasn’t lost the bet yet!) she works me over until I simply can’t hold out any longer and have a mind-blowing orgasm only my mistress could give me.

Our intimate times are always special. I love to make her cum and she loves the fantasies I am constantly thinking about while under her control… yummy….this is our life….

I hope you have enjoyed my little picture story. I wonder if there are any women out there in the world who find this as arousing as I do. I sure hope Femdoming likes this piece and puts it on their site as it might help me get one step closer to meeting that woman of my dreams.





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2 thoughts on “Like A Moth To A Flame – A Fantasy to Love”

  1. This so much resonates with me, thank you for sharing!
    “It started as a fantasy and has grown into my “love” life. I think about women all the time. I think about my fetishes all the time. I am a successful A-type business leader but in reality since childhood I have been drawn to the lifestyle of a female dominated relationships.”

    It did start out as a fantasy as it’s all I can think about. I started dressing when I was bout 7. I would sneak into my mother’s room and put on this spandex type body shaper….I was hooked from the very first time!

    I love who I am, even though, I’d give anything to BE a woman!

  2. Its all about power boys. Yes there are many Mistresses that love submissive men like you, look a little bit deeper and you will be surprised at what you will find. Just be open to it and dont be scared to talk about your fantasies, fetishes and maybe thats the way you want to serve her and make her happy.

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