Submission Games With My Dominant Woman

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I Finally Found My Dominant Woman

I had been living alone for a few months after finally having the courage to leave my wife of 20 years whom I have two beautiful children with. It was a difficult decision but I couldn’t take it anymore. Everyday I died a little bit inside. So I moved to a small apartment a few blocks away from where my children lived. I started to feel good again but I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted a dominant woman in my life.  Dreams of being dominated haunted me. I was jaded from all the conversations I had with female profiles online claiming they wanted a submissive in their life but only wanted money from me.


I finally found a dominant woman interested in talking to me on Slave Selection after several months of searching. She asked me a lot questions about my aspirations as a submissive (I admit, I really liked that she was so interested) and I answered as honestly as possible. I tried to figure out what her intentions where but I had a difficult time reading her. She gave me her Skype contact information and I sent her pictures of me but she didn’t send me any of her. We spoke every day and even though I didn’t know what she looked like it felt good to be in her virtual presence.


The Voice That Stole My Heart

For several days, I begged to see pictures of her but because of my insistence, she distanced herself more from me accusing me of not trusting her. Of course I didn’t trust her. I had so many bad experiences with fake Dommes online and men posing as Dommes trying to blackmail me. Eventually, I started losing interest when one day, I received a Skype phone call from her. I answer the call and I hear the voice of a woman on the phone ordering me to accept the videochat request she sent. I  happily accepted and when I did I saw a figure of a woman in a dark room holding on to a phone. She deliberately put herself in the dark so that I couldn’t see her. The voice on the phone said, “So are you happy to hear me and see me?”

Asked the voice that stole my heart. “Yes yes thank you Miss,” I said stammering. She told me not to call her Miss but to call her Mistress Ana. My heart rate began to accelerate. I couldn’t believe it. Did I finally find a dominant woman to call Mistress? She waved and the videochat ended. She told me on the phone I could totally let myself go and be her submissive since there was no reason not to trust her. I managed to convince her that I could be the one she was looking for. She hung up immediately. We continued text chatting on Skype while she discussed the first few tasks to perform as her submissive. She said I would only see her on the day she was fully convinced of my submission and that I should be subjected to “hardships” without complaining or asking for anything.

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Virtual Domination

I barely slept that night. My thoughts floated between the satisfaction of finally being able to submit to a dominant woman and the fear of what would happen in the weeks to come.  My first task was difficult to accomplish. I was ordered to get up at 6am and send her a message to prove that I was awake. Dozing off on the chair waiting for her response, I suddenly get a message saying, “Go to work without wearing any boxer shorts under your pants and take a picture of your cubicle and email it to me.”

I followed her orders without any hesitation. Over several weeks, she would text me or email me several times a day with tasks that she wanted me to complete. Being seasoned at virtual domination and now living alone I was pleased to be able to submit to her control.

Every evening, I spent 1 hour talking about my life and my desire for submission to a dominant woman like herself. Mistress Ana revealed little about who she was despite my desire to know her better. One day around 5pm, while I was about to leave my job, I received a text message from Mistress Ana saying, “6:30pm session at the movie theater 5 blocks away from your office. There is going to be a showing of Femdom The movie. Take a seat in the last row of the movie theater and I will be there shortly.” Finally!!! I only have to wait an hour and half to meet her in person.

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The Session At The Movie Theater

Time seemed endless. I was walking around the shopping center where the movie theater was when I received a text message from Mistress Ana. “What are you waiting for? Come inside and take a seat.” So I go inside and take a seat. The trailers begins… nothing … The movie begins and still I don’t see her. The disappointment I feel is terrible. Suddenly, I get a text message. “It’s a good movie isn’t it?” Surely she must be in the room. I look to my left, my right and still I don’t see her.

Just before the movie finishes, I receive a text message, “Exit the theater by the back door and go to the bar next to the theater. Take a seat and order a diet coke. Wait for my phone call.” I stay until the credits stopped rolling. I made sure I was the last one to leave, filled with grief that I didn’t see my dominant woman. Once I arrived at the bar, I take a seat and order a diet coke and wait for her phone call which arrived after I waited an hour.

“What did you think of the movie?” She said. “Good movie Mistress.” I go into an analysis of the film discussing the key points and why I thought it was a good movie. It was almost like having a telephone job interview. The conversation ends after 30 minutes. She orders me to go home, take a cold shower and go to bed without masturbating. I fall asleep with her in my thoughts. When do I get to see her in person? I ask myself.


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  1. SlaveM; I was too immature when I lived with my mistress who always got frustrated trying to dominate me and bring me into submission. I bucked at physical discipline thinking she was kidding but when my birthday arrived I asked her to give me a birthday spanking challenging to see if she would actually do it. Making me lay face down on the bed completely naked she gave me the hardest bare bottom ass blistering I have ever received. My entire cheeks were covered with red handprints and I was still squirming all over the bed when she stopped. Leaving the room pissed off she came back and hour later so we could have a talk. She told me that the spanking I just received was only a taste of what she can deal out and if I don’t like it we can separate right now. I went over her lap again and I got strapped with my own belt.

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