Dominant Nurse Liz Has Fun With Her Boy Toy (2)

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Kiss Me Baby

I was starting to reach the point of no return with the sexually dominant woman. I was pushing my bottom against her hand, bottom-up, and she was milking my cock while fingerfucking me with two fingers. Much more of that and I’d explode, even though I’d promised I wouldn’t. But Liz, my sexually dominant woman was a professional, and she knew just when to slow down and ease off. She worked her fingers out of me and slid her other hand away from my cock. She tugged the glove off as I lay on the table, panting with unreleased passion. I had never felt anything so intense.

But then she spanked me again, sharp and quick, and said, “Okay, stand up.” I stood facing her. This felt very different from lying on the table. I was naked for this tall, good-looking older sexually dominant woman. She came close and told me to put my hands behind my back. My cock stood straight out and I bit my lower lip nervously. I was barefoot, of course, and in her shoes, Liz was a good three inches taller than me. She put her hand on my bottom, grasped my cock with her other hand, and pulled me close against her. I gasped at the sensation. I felt very young, younger even than I was, and feeling vulnerable incredibly aroused. Liz said, “NOW you can kiss me.” She pulled me close, and we kissed hot and hard, my naked body pressed against her uniform.

The Sexually Dominant Woman Was Leading Me

I felt her full breasts against my bare chest. Her hand groped my cock and balls, her finger dug into my ass again, and we stood like that for what seemed like a long time, making out passionately. Then Liz broke off the kiss. My sexually dominant woman held my cock and led me to stand in front of a full- length mirror. She made me stand as though “in the position,” leaned forward, my hands on either side of the mirror, my legs spread wide apart, this gorgeous sexually dominant woman standing pressed behind me, as though fucking me, reaching around to work my cock, pushing two fingers into my ass, nuzzling the back of my neck.

“Ten minutes to recover?” she teased.“Yes ma’am.” Then I give you permission…cum for me.” We stood like that, I couldn’t take my eyes off the image. It looked like I was being molested, maybe even raped, naked for the fully clothed sexually dominant woman nearly twenty years older than me who worked my cock and ass. Stroking faster and faster, my thighs flexing as I pumped and ground against her. My breathing came in ragged gasps as I moaned and thrashed, the orgasm building, building until finally, “Here it cums!” I moaned and she gripped me tightly and aimed my cock so that when I started spurting it splashed again and again against the mirror in front of us, and she laughed and bit my ear and said, “Aren’t YOU the delicious fucktoy!”

Let’s Relax You Some More

She put her hands on my hips and turned me around and pressed me up against the wall and kissed me again. Her hands massaged my naked body. She ran her fingernails along the insides of my thighs so I stood with my legs spread wide. Liz had an amazing touch, and she loved caressing and fondling my balls and cock, which was already beginning to twitch again. “What’s this?” she asked, tugging on my cock as it became half-stiff again. “You MUST like being with a sexually dominant woman…that’s more like three minutes than ten!” “Um…sometimes I cum and my hardon doesn’t really go away,” I said, leaning back against the wall and sighing as I gave in to the exquisite sensation of her hands on my body.

“So I see,” she said with a smile as my cock hardened completely in her hand again. “You know, we really DO need to hook you up to the cardiogram…and I think you’re still too tense. So let’s take care of this nice and quick…and then we’ll get to your test.” And with that, she sank to her knees in front of me. “I’m still in charge,” she said with an edge to her voice. “Keep your hands behind your back.” “Yes ma’am,” I groaned as she took the head of my cock into her mouth.

My Orgasm Building Inside Of Me

Liz started slowly, her head moving back and forth, her mouth caressing my cock. Then she gripped my buns and really started sucking me off. She’d figured out how sensitive my bottom was, and she pushed a finger into my ass again, making me cry out. My sexually dominant woman sucked harder and faster, working my cock expertly. I knew she wanted a quick result and I felt the orgasm building in me and didn’t try to hold back. I thrust my hips forward, then back, moving with her mouth as her head bobbed over my cock. The sensations built and built and then I couldn’t take anymore.

I arched my back, my head rolled back, my hips thrust forward. Her mouth clamped on my cock and I started to spurt like mad. She gripped my bottom tight, sucking down every spurt of hot cum,  licking my cock, slow and easy now, as I trembled, my legs weak. She laughed, and said, “You really ARE delicious…you have sweet cum.” My sexually dominant woman stood up and caught me as I slumped. “I think you’re relaxed enough now, baby…let’s hook you up to the machine and get some readings now.”

Being Treated As A Sex Object

I lay on the table as Liz hooked me up to the machine, taping monitors to my body, my chest, upper arms, ankles, the insides of my thighs (were they really supposed to go there?), and now and then just teasing me with a light run of her fingers over my cock, which was starting to twitch again. “Now, now, relax,” she commanded and I assured her that I was relaxed, and I really was. I closed my eyes, savoring what was happening, my nakedness, her control, how sexual her appreciation made me feel, how interesting to give up control so completely and be the sex object of a sexually dominant woman. I liked it.

As the device slowly reeled out a printout, I drifted in a sensual haze. Liz continued to touch me, her hands going everywhere on my body. I almost dozed…until I felt her pulling the taped receptors off me. “Wake up, kiddo…test’s done!” she said in a brisk, nurse tone. “Sit up!” I did, my legs hanging off the table, my cock hard again. She wrapped her hand around it. “I LIKE your cock!” She said. “It’s not too small, not too big, it’s pretty…and it gets hard so fast! So… should I let you get dressed, or should I play with you some more?” “Play!” I whispered sharply. I really didn’t want this morning to end! “Okay then, come on!”

Time To Give Her Pleasure

She tugged my cock, not too gently, and I hopped off the table. Still grasping my cock, she turned and led me out of the exam room. She led me down the hall of the empty doctor’s office to his private office and led me into that carpeted room with the leather sofa and big dark wood desk. She sat in the doctor’s comfy chair and commanded me, “Kneel!” I knelt naked in front of her. She caressed my hair. “So, you’ve had all the attention so far young man. Can you serve a sexually dominant woman and give her pleasure?”

I looked up at her lovely face adoringly. “I can try my best, ma’am.” “Good boy,” she laughed. “Well, I hope you don’t like pantyhose, because I’m an old-fashioned girl.” Her nurse’s dress had buttons running all down the front. She told me, “Unbutton my dress from the hem to the waist!” With fumbling fingers I complied, pushing the sides apart to bare her thighs and see what she meant by the “old-fashioned girl” comment. She was wearing white thigh-high stockings, complete with garter belt…and somewhere along the line, she’d shed her panties, if she’d ever worn them today.

I was looking at a beautifully trimmed vee, glistening to reveal that her attention to me had made her very aroused. With her hand on the back of my head, she let me know exactly what she wanted. I rested my hands on her bare thighs and lowered my mouth to her pussy wanting to thank her for everything she’d done to me so far, wanting to show her how much I worshipped her, how much pleasure she’d given me. I wanted to give her at least some pleasure to show my gratitude.

sexually dominant woman

Making Her Cum

Slowly, I tasted the hollows of the insides of her thighs, moving my tongue in a slow swirl, letting it trace the vee of her mound. She sighed, leaned back in the chair, and pulled my head into her crotch a bit more. I ran my tongue along her slit, up and down, along each of her pussy lips. She said, “Mmmm” and I knew I was pleasing her. I curled my tongue and slowly pushed it into her. She stroked my head. I pulled my tongue back slow and easy, drawing it along, tasting her juices. My tongue found the little knob of her clit. I hooked my tongue under her clit and tugged it forward.

“Ohhh,” she said. I pulled her clit in between my lips, pinched it between them, and sucked gently. Both her hands grasped the back of my head, she pushed her pussy against my face, and I knew I was giving her what she wanted. I suckled her clit like a tiny cock, sucking on it, my tongue spiraling around it as I nursed on it like a nipple. I was so excited, my cock rock-hard as I ground my face into her snatch and she ground her hips and fucked my face. Her breath rasped, she moaned, she told me I was her sweet boy. We sped up, my tongue darting in and out of her, my mouth nursing on her clit, my hands grasping her thighs.

Naked And Submissive

She started to cry out and I didn’t relent. I wanted her to cum, I knew she was close, I wanted to give that to her and let her know I was hers to do with what she wanted. Then she pushed me out of the chair and pushed me back onto the floor and straddled my face. She reached behind her and grabbed my hard cock and started yanking on it so that it hurt, but it was wonderful. Her pussy juices covered my face as she ground against my head, fucking my mouth, fucking my face, riding me, the beautiful big, voluptuous older nurse in her tight white uniform.

I was naked and submissive under her and then she threw her head back and cried out…and I knew she was cumming again and again. At last her orgasm subsided, and Liz stopped grinding against me. She straddled my head, on hands and knees, just slowly gliding her glistening pussy across my face, letting me flick with my tongue. Then she slid down my body, positioning herself over my crotch. She reached back, grasped my hard cock, and guided it into her wet slit. I gasped as she slid down the length of my shaft, impaling herself on my cock.

Cum With Me Baby

She leered down at me, her expression wanton and sensual. “You can cum in me…totally safe, baby,” and she started to fuck me. She reached for my wrists and pinned my hands over my head. I was strong enough so I could probably have broken her grip, but that was the last thing I wanted to do! She leaned over me and kissed me hard and hot. We kissed passionately as she rode my cock, up and down, faster and harder. The image must have been amazing… naked young guy straddled and fucked by this voluptuous older sexually dominant woman in her nurse uniform. We ground together on the floor, fucking harder and faster, both our orgasms building and building. “Cum with me, baby,” she ordered. “Let’s cum together!”

And we did. Suddenly I felt her arch her back, clamp on my cock, throw her head back, cry out and start to explode. As soon as I felt like I stopped holding back. I pushed my hips up, lifting her high off the floor, letting the intensity of the orgasm blast through me and into her. I came again and again, until finally we both slumped, spent, Liz lying atop of me, both of us slowly regaining our breath. She smiled at me, wrapped her arms around my head and we kissed passionately, my softening cock still gripped inside her. We kissed and made out for long moments, until finally she pushed herself off me and sat up, straddling me, her hands on my bare chest. She looked at me speculatively.

Training Me To Be Her Servant And Sextoy

“So what exactly keeps you in New York?” she asked. The question took me aback, especially coming from this sexually dominant woman in a full nurse uniform, straddling my naked body with my cock in her pussy. I took a moment to think about it. “Um, nothing, I guess. My publisher would still buy work from me if I sent it from somewhere else. It’s just convenient to be able to show up and bug them sometimes.” “Could you do it from San Francisco?” she asked. “You want me to come to San Francisco with you?” I asked, as she started massaging my chest, shoulders and stomach.

“I should tell you what’s waiting for me there…and what your role would be,” she said with a wicked smile. Two weeks later, Liz and I arrived in San Francisco. We came off the plane dressed in black, and I wore a thin collar that Liz had bought for me. I’d been a bit hesitant to wear it, but she explained to me that if I was going to come with her…then I was hers. I’d thought long and hard about that one too, and made a bargain with her. I didn’t really know what my limits were, but I knew I had limits. If I ever felt that she was pushing me beyond them, I wanted a way out.

Liz agreed, and so we arranged a way for me to leave if I ever chose. The two weeks before our departure were amazing. Liz was training me, teaching me to serve and give pleasure to women. I had always tried to do that anyway, but now I had a strong, older woman who really understood dominance teaching me to be her servant and sex toy. I’m an adaptable being. I can lead, I can follow. But with Liz there was no question who was in charge, and our two weeks of wild, intense sex confirmed that. She wanted me to be ready, she said, for what waited for us in San Francisco.

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