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femme fatale films femdom

femme fatale films femdom

It seems that each year more femme fatale films femdom and Femdom imagery appear in hot video clips music. And we are not talking about the many Feminist themes within the music industry; nor are we merely talking about the numerous Femdom innuendos of smart women and not so bright men that this industry seems to be incorporating in scores of their clips; nor are we focusing on the countless social ways that women are being shown as superior to men, from business to politics; nor are we talking about the Cougar effect of portraying more and more older women dating younger men.
These themes have been discussed before inside the issues of Predominant.
Female singers have always celebrated the strong woman, be it Madonna, Rihanna, or Beyonce. However, it seems that in recent years, the definition of a strong woman has grown beyond merely a confident and aggressive woman. With the ever-increasing male desire for female power and female authority, The music industry does not shy away from portraying women as a Dominatrix, a woman that no longer seeks equality but rather seeks to dominate the inferior male species.


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