This iPhone App Will Track How Often You Have Sex

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This iPhone App Will Track How Often You Have Sex

We might not have hover boards, flying cars, or talking robot maids, but soon your iPhone will track how often you have sex.

Hitting all iPhones when iOS 9 comes available in the fall, a person will be able to track their reproductive health. Under HealthKit, users will let you log info about menstrual cycles, ovulation, basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, and spotting.

Most important to us here at Kinky, the app will have a way for people to track sexual activity! That means tracking how much – or how little – sex you’ve been having. We’re unsure howthis will work, but we’re interested to use it.

All of these functions will be preinstalled and under its new “Reproductive Health” brand. They unveiled this during their World Wide Developers Conference, with a goal to develop more software for its female-bodied users.

While Apple keeps data private, you can choose to send it to your healthcare provider, or, send it anonymously to universities for studies and research.

If you can’t wait until the full release, there will be a preview for the general public to test in July.


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