Sex slaves, nappy fetish and mum’s S&M master

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Sex slaves, nappy fetish and mum’s S&M master

All in a day’s work for Jeremy Kyle

A middle-aged mum was accused of dressing her man in nappies and of having a “master” on today’s Jeremy Kyle show.

Rose flung the mud right back at daughter Jess – accusing her of being promiscuous and having a sex slave.

She spat: “Her new boyfriend is a sex slave.

“She’s bending him over and (bleeping) him while she’s on the phone to me.”

What was behind the bleep, sadly, we’ll never know but we got the gist.

Rose’s man Jason helpfully chipped in from the audience, saying: “I heard her. She had the call on loud speaker.”

Jess hit back saying her mum was into weird sex, saying: “She dressed him in a nappy. I’ve seen the pictures.”

She added: “She left me and my sisters for four days so she could go off and sleep with a man she called ‘the master.'”

Mum Rose – who left Jess in care for 13 years – actually came out with the phrase: “How very dare you!”

Jess’s “sex slave” boyfriend turned out to be a friendly-looking long-haired guy who leapt straight up from the audience when his girl got upset.

Poor geezer is going to get some serious stick down the pub.




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