Never Been Happier as a femdoming woman

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Never Been Happier as a femdoming woman

femdoming woman

I met my partner, John , on your website few month ago. I would like to share my experience as a happy femdoming woman. I looked for a man on the “Slave Selection” website around 3 years after a difficult divorce.

I was ready for another relationship but on my terms this time. John was one of the 15 men I met after I posted my ad on “Slave Selection”.

We met several times and the attraction just grew. Our discussions were clever and funny. He paid lot of attention to me. This was new for me. We then agreed to start a different type of relationship, a femdom woman/submissive man.

What does John do for me?

He gives me sexual pleasure when and where I want. At any time, day or night, his tongue and his cock are at my disposal for my own pleasure. It is more important for him to give me an orgasm than it is for him anyway; he knows he can have an orgasm only if I allow him. When he is not with me, he must wear my chastity cage.

He always asks for my opinion and he respects my decisions. He does the housekeeping with the appropriate outfit to match. I mean I do like when he wears a maid costume with female underwear’s!

He brings me my cup of tea each morning while I lay in bed.

How has my life changed since I accepted being a dominant woman?

I totally enjoy my sexual life.

I have exceeded my fears to be a dominant woman in my relationships. Now, I can easily talk about sexual things for the first time in my life comfortably and confidently.

We have planned to get married next September and for this special event, John is going to get a Prince Albert piercing to increase his pleasures.

I hope my story will be helpful for other people and I hope that people will start to think more positive about the lifestyle that I have adopted and love.

I would like to find some forums on Internet for couples like us to exchange stories about our relationships.


Written by:

Mistress Sabine


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