Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon Part 4

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Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon

Part 4

Mistress Lady DaeMoon is back! We have more insider Questions Answered for you all! Remember if you have any further questions feel free to leave comments here!

  1. What are the rules??

    No sex or nudity on my behalf! Everything is consensual. There is always a safe word and it can be used at any point of the session. No means No. Personal hygiene is essential and not only recommended but required.

  1. What is a safe word/ your safe word??

    Usually with someone new I go by the traffic lights. Green is good to go, Amber is slow down or ease off a wee bit and Red is stop immediately.

  2. Do you have limits?? Why??

    My limits is hard sports, water sports to a certain extent and blood. Hard sports…well it’s just not my thing. Watersports, I’ll do it as long as there is no nudity from my part required so for example someone wants to drink it, I can urinate in the way that the sub can’t see me. Blood.. .it looks fun and all but  also it looks like a little bit too much hassle. Maybe I’m just the lazy kind lol.

  3. How much do clients pay for various services??

    My prices starting from a £100 and depending on the duration, the cost is getting bigger

  4. How long is a session??

    The shortest sessions I offer are 30 minutes and the price rises every 30 minutes. I also offer overnight sessions or block of 8 hours. It all depends on my availability and clients preferences.

  5. How often will a client see you??

    That is entirely up to them. I have regulars that come every 4 to 5 weeks but I also have had clients that never come back which is always a shame.

  6. So that raises and interesting question. Do you have a slave/boyfriend that you are intimate with, and if so I assume he’s locked until you want to use him?

    Hahaha, no I do not own such a slave…or any other kind to be fair. I have a partner with whom I’ve been for the last 7 years and we are equals in this relationship. I use him when I want and he uses me when he wants to 😉

  1. What is the most extreme play session you have been involved in?

    I think it would be the electro torture, cbt and nipple torture. The sub was restrained and wore the sensory deprivation hood. The only way of knowing that I was pushing his limits was to look at his reactions and listening to his moans.

  2. Where do you draw the line between what you will and will not do in a fetish scene?

    I had some requests about branding and castration. This is where I draw the line, underscore it with red marker pen and wright a big NO beside. I would never do something that is permanent and irreversible in case someone regret their decision in the future and try to blame me for what happened. This is a great sacrifice and I do understand that some people are more than happy to go to extreme with their commitment but for me, this is too far.

  3. Have you ever considered being the submissive partner in a scene in order to better understand a bottom’s headspace?

    I have consider it, but to be honest I would never be a good submissive. I am too….hmmm bossy I suppose and giving away my freedom of being a Domme would never work. Don’t get me wrong I always try my new pain inflicting toys on myself before I use it on someone else just to be able to describe the feeling it creates. Being able handle the pain doesn’t mean I enjoy feeling it. I’m a sadist not masochist and a definite Domme not a sub.

  4. Is BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism) something you've always been into?

    To be honest with you for most of my life I’ve been very narrow minded and never even realized there is such thing-I know this sounds very bad. Meeting the Domme who trained me into becoming a Domme, turned my life up side down and opened my eyes for so many thing I would other wise never be aware of.

  5. What fetish do you enjoy performing the most?

    I enjoy humiliation, impact play, fear play…ah the list is long haha

  6. Do you consider yourself a sensual domme, strict domme, or both?

    I’d say a bit of both. Depending what client expects and what mood I am in I can be strict and scary and sweet at the same time.

  7. Have you found personal intimacy and personal eroticism in BDSM relations? Is your personality the same out of scene as in scene?

    I have in deed 🙂 With running sessions is a little bit like with acting. I need to put a character face on and depending on the session put a little acting on too. It all comes naturally tho

  1. What, if anything, makes you really angry at a sub, and not in a good way?

    If they keep asking to push my limits or about sexual release. My rules are permanent no matter how many times we’ve seasoned together or how well we know each other. I know I said it before but I hate when they come dirty and smelly. I understand that we all perspire and have different sent but I will have to touch their naked body and smell this stench for the whole duration of our session so at least they can make an effort and try to be clean for this occasion.

  1. When working with another Mistress do you ever have a bit of friendly competition?

    Sometimes but it’s mainly just for our own amusement than to actually compete. We can learn more things and try something new every time we do so. It is a good opportunity to try ourselves

  2. How important is after care to you?

    I think it is important. I know there’s as many opinions on this matter as there is fetishes but personally I find it very helpful if after the session I can at least have a short chat with the person I’ve spent some time during the session. For some it’s just as much as a pat on the back and some need to cuddle for hours after (I only do that with my personal play partners not clients)

  3. Do you switch?

    Only for my partner.

Domme Mistress Lady DaeMoon

Again we would like to thank Lady DaeMoon so much for taking the time to fill out our Q&A. I have attached her page here for any of you who would like to pay her a visit! Hope you have all enjoyed and have found this very informative!



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