Head to Toe Fetish for Ordinary Clothing

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Head to Toe Fetish for Ordinary Clothing

When someone told me that they often become sexually aroused while watching other people cry, it made me realize that there really is nothing left in this world that doesn’t get some sicko all sticky in their pants. Well-worn, a fetish for worn-in trainers, is a perfect example of one of those bizarre sexual passions for something that most would cast off as an everyday item, which got me thinking: “Surely there are people around the world who fetishize every single piece of an outfit.”

Turns out there are loads of them, which, anticlimactically, was the least shocking thing I’ve ever heard. Sadly, I couldn’t find anyone who literally fetishizes every single piece of an outfit put together—probably because they’re sprawled out in a puddle of their own bodily fluids, unable to put any clothes on—but I did find various people who fetishize singular pieces of an outfit. I, for one, am sick of fashion designers ripping off fetishes in their own collections and never giving credit where credit’s due, so I reversed the process, spoke to various fetishists, and put together an outfit made up of their combined perversions.


For a moment I got worried that no one out there gets turned on by baseball caps, therefore ruining my fetish outfit theory. But, of course, there are a select few. Oliver is one of those few. He started pretty much every baseball cap fetish thread on the forums I looked at, so he seemed like a good authority to question.

VICE: So what’s the deal with baseball caps?
Well, I’ve had a thing for them since I was like, 13. I really wasn’t big into sports when I was younger, but I was definitely into some of the guys playing sports, and more often than not they wore baseball caps with the peak bent around really tight. I guess that’s where it started. Then, as I got older, it became something that I immediately linked with getting turned on. I don’t think there are too many other people out there like me, though. I’ve only been able to find stuff on a few gay forums.

Oh, is it strictly something that gay guys are into?
Yeah, it seems to be. I mean, if there are women who get aroused by baseball caps then I’ve yet to meet them, but all the photos out there specifically for people with baseball cap fetishes are clearly for gay guys. It’s usually naked or half-naked twinks wearing caps.

So it’s an even more specific fetish—twinks in baseball caps?
Oh no, it doesn’t have to be twinks. It just happens that the guys in the photos mostly are twinks. Personally, I’m more into bigger guys, but it’s hard enough to find baseball cap fetish-specific images as it is, let alone the exact photos you want.

That’s a shame. Last thing, what’s better, wearing it backwards or forwards?
Ha ha, I guess I prefer it forwards if I really have to choose. But I love them either way to be honest. Obviously, if I’m using one on myself then it doesn’t matter which way round it is, as long as I can cum on the peak.

Wow, even though I should have been, I really was not expecting that.  


Spuggie in his ripped up snorkel parka.

Spuggie founded this website, which is the ultimate resource for fans of padded nylon jackets. Before researching this piece, I didn’t realize that nylon jacket fetishism was even a thing, but after looking at his website and its extensive graphic picture galleries, I’ve been thoroughly convinced otherwise.

VICE: So, what is it about nylon jackets that turns you on?
Spuggie: Well, just the look can turn me on, but it’s not a fashion thing as the jackets I happen to like aren’t particularly fashionable. If I see a guy in a nice jacket then it’ll be the jacket that turns me on before the guy does. I also happen to like grubby, old, worn-out jackets, particularly if they have a nice scent from their owner. I guess that goes back to my school days when my mates and I all had really tatty, grubby nylon jackets.

Is it only nylon? Why doesn’t, say, a wax jacket have the same effect?
Yeah, it’s only nylon, though a few polyester jackets can also be nice as they can feel pretty similar. The feel of the nylon and padding has to be right. Thin, cheap nylon is of little interest but a nice flight silk nylon coupled with some good padding is an instant winner. The smooth, cool, silky feel of the nylon is really important. A wax jacket just feels and smells completely different and doesn’t do it for me. I guess I just got fixated on a particular style when I was young and that’s remained with me.

What’s your favorite style?
My favorites are orange-lined nylon snorkel parkas, which were worn by almost everybody when my fetish developed. Being surrounded by hundreds of grubby parkas was fantastic. 80s brands like Lord Anthony, Keynote, Campri, and Brutus are great, but my perfect jacket is an old snorkel parka that’s been worn for so long the outer nylon has gone shiny, the seams are splitting and it’s never been washed so the orange lining is really grubby. I like snorkel parkas and MA1 bomber jackets particularly. Other jackets are much less horny, even though they may be made of nylon.

Why are snorkel parkas so special?
They are my favorite because they were the first ones I wanked with during puberty, particularly the 80s orange-lined ones. When it became difficult to find snorkel parkas in the mid 90s, I got into MA1s because they have the same nylon and they were also fashionable at the time so I could happily wear them outside, unlike my parkas. In the early 90s, parkas became more popular again. Most were without the orange lining, but I was able to start wearing mine in public again.

How big is your collection?
I have around 140 snorkel parkas, mostly orange-lined ones, around 90 MA1 and MA2 bomber jackets, and about ten Kickers and Reebok puffa jackets. My partner also has a similar size collection to me and likes the same jackets, which is great, so our combined collection is around 500 jackets.

What kind of kinky stuff do you do with all those jackets?
Well, like many garment fetishists, I like to have sex wearing them and wank in and over them. That can be solo, with my partner, or with other jacket friends. Wanking in my own jackets is great, but wanking in a mate’s jacket is much better, particularly if it’s a really old one they’ve worn it for years.

Ripping jackets is a part of the fetish too, right? What’s the pleasure behind that?
Most guys just like to wank in their jackets, but there is a significant minority, myself included, who like to rip their jackets to add to the pleasure. I don’t understand why I like it and until I set up my website I thought ripping jackets really was something only I was into. I enjoy the sound as much as the action with ripping and although I often have a lot of fun without ripping, when ripping is involved it’s just more horny. It doesn’t even need to be big rips, just a little bit of damage on a favorite jacket does the trick.


OK, so technically the angora-mohair fetish isn’t strictly a cardigan fetish, but seeing as plenty of cardigans are made out of angora wool and I’m trying to put together an entire outfit, it’s close enough, right? I found Lauren on this mohair fetish forum but she didn’t want to send me a photo, which is perfectly fair enough. So, just to let you know, that girl above isn’t Lauren.

VICE: So, Lauren, you’re a fully-fledged mosexual?
Lauren: I am, and I also have a bit of a thing for fur. Mohair is better though because you can make your own clothes out of it and there’s so much more potential to shape it whatever way you personally want. I started out buying made to order mohair jumpers from a woman in Austria and the first one was amazing, but she stiffed me out of $250 for the next one and I never heard from her again. After that I taught myself how to knit and I’ve been making my own sweaters since then.

That sucks, people shouldn’t take advantage of fetishists like that. What are your favorite mohair pieces to make?
So far I’ve knitted a couple of cardigans, a few sweaters, and I started on some trousers, but never finished them. They’re all fun to make because you’re always in contact with mohair, but I can’t wait to finish those trousers now that I think about it. They’re going to feel amazing. I worked out that if you weave some coarse string in with the mohair every now and then you can feel it and you get a nice scratchy sensation, which is definitely another bonus of making your own stuff.

I thought mohair fetishism was all about the softness of the wool?
It is, but I personally enjoy a little scratchiness sometimes because it makes the soft wool feel softer, if you know what I mean. It’s a nice surprise when you’re playing with the wool and you suddenly get a different texture in there, or if you’re wearing it it’s even better, especially if it scratches somewhere sensitive like your nipples or thighs, or something.

Other than little pleasures like that, how does just wearing something made out of mohair get into sexual fetish territory?
Literally just the feel of it can almost be enough for me. I guess the closest thing I could compare it to is watching porn—as soon as I come into contact with it, I get turned on. Obviously, having sex when you’re wearing mohair is amazing too and my boyfriend has been very accommodating of that. Like, he’ll wear a jumper that I can hold onto and feel while we’re having sex. I know a lot of people like to masturbate with it too. It’s much easier for guys to do but I’ve done it plenty of times and it’s worked very well for me.


Most denim fetishists go in hardest for skin-tight jeans, which must have been massively overwhelming when indie kids brought that look back. But, as with all fetishes nowadays, there’s a huge variety of stuff that people are into—cut-offs, flares, and pissy jeans being just a small sample. Writer Lee Harrington calls himself an erotic educator and has a fetish for denim, so I thought I’d let him educate me.

VICE: So, what is it about denim that does it for you?
Lee Harrington: Cotton is a material that ages well and shows the tales of where it has been. I like that about humans as well, that scars tell stories. A great pair of denim jeans will break in and begin to know your skin. Denim clings and moves and becomes you and a part of your being. I adore denim for the feel of it against my lips and love the way that I can perv on it even in public.

Nice. Can it be any variation, or do you have a specific cut of denim that you like most?
I like jeans that show off someone’s ass the best and frames the crotch well. Skinny jeans look best on trim people and since I like curvy folks too, I can’t say there is just one type of jean. However, no one in my world looks good with their jeans down past their ass with their boxers showing, sorry.

What about denim jackets?
I have a denim apron that I adore and I also have a pair of denim wrist-cuffs. Vests are sexy sometimes too, but jackets only work for me if they’re faded, worn, and have a moderately punk aesthetic.

Oh, OK. Very specific. Is it just wearing denim that turns you on or does looking at other people wear it work for you too? I appreciate both.
I appreciate both.


Lady Chyna getting dominant with a dildo.  

Shoe fetishism is probably the best known of all clothing fetishes. It’s usually in that clichéd “Sex And The City” “I have a burning fetish for Jimmy Choos” way, but there are plenty of authentic shoe fetishists who are more about having their balls trampled by a pair of high-heels. Lady Chyna is a Toronto-based dominatrix who specializes in foot and shoe fetishism.

VICE: What does a session with a shoe fetishist usually involve?
Lady Chyna
: Well, there are the people who are all about shoes and just want to fondle and kiss my feet in a variety of shoes or boots, so I basically just act as a shoe model. Then there are the shoe fetishists who are also submissives and into female domination. So, those clients are more likely to want to worship my feet as a demonstration of their submission to me, which usually involves humiliating stuff like cleaning my dirty soles with their tongues, licking my heels as I walk, or being trampled on and used as a doormat.

Kinky. What shoes are your clients particularly turned on by?
High-heeled shoes and boots seem to be the most popular, although many clients also have a fetish for sandals, flip flops, or sneakers. I’m not a psychologist and don’t pretend to know why one type is more attractive than another to shoe fetishists, but maybe it’s because the high heels have a threatening or menacing appearance that submissive men find attractive, or maybe because high heels are associated with the power relations of the business world and that’s something that excites submissive men.

Do those high-heel lovers tend to like using designer shoes? Or will any shoe will do?
Well, because designer shoes tend to be high-heeled and high heels are the most popular with fetishists, brands like Jimmy Choo and Louboutin are most people’s preference. It’s definitely not an “any shoe will do” situation, though, because most of my clients have very specific requests for what I wear. Well, except for the submissive clients who just want me to wear whatever I’d usually wear, to make it seem more real.

What’s the most extreme form of shoe fetishism that you’ve encountered?
Probably a client of mine who wants me to wear my everyday shoes during our sessions and use his face as a doormat to clean them—he’s disappointed if I don’t leave tread marks from my sneakers on his face that he can look at afterwards. And, when I’ve finished using him as a doormat, he cleans any remaining dirt from the bottom of my shoes with his tongue. He also makes love to the bottom of my shoes because that’s the only option I give him as a substitute for romantic contact with me.




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