Good Slaves Bisexual Puppet Holes

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Slave Bisexual Puppet Holes

Mistress Mara shows Her rope skills and lashes slave #1 to the stock while he is seated. She gets his legs spread with a pair of pantyhose as ties. She is eager to torture the big cock laying between his legs and wastes no time in applying Her own sadistic brand of CBT with the black crop. He is obliged to kiss Her latex covered ass as Her tight hips sway and smack on his face. She continues to go after his cock and balls with Her crop and then face slaps and humiliates him in close and personal.

A bit of latex covered ass kissing as Mistress Mara drums a solo on his cock and balls with the crop. She removes Her skirt and smothers him under Her ass. Some ass kissing humiliation and She whistles good slaves #2 in to start his cock sucking duties under Her stern gaze. He sucks and swallows all the cock down to please Mistress Mara as She guides his head, smacks his ass and belittles Her cock sucker. Now, it’s time to put him in pantyhose.

Mistress Mara is an evil bitch. She makes good slaves #2 put on pantyhose in front of Her and then climbs on his back and directs his cock sucking efforts as he swallows what will be miles of cock down. Mistress Mara stops him every so often to do a ‘hardness check’ and make sure slave #1 is being serviced properly. He is sucked so well he seems to be squirming and really getting ready to cum so She stops good slaves #2 and crops the big balls of the seated slave in what will become a little game of pleasure and pain using good slaves #2’s wet mouth and Her crop.

The evil game of sucking and cropping continues as She orders the hard sucking and cock swallowing and then punishes his cock and balls for liking the suck job the other little bisex puppet is administering under Mistress Mara’s direction. So fun and so evil. Next She maneuvers a huge huge butt plug into slave #1. She wiggles it and teases him and then plunges it all in. She orders good slaves #2 over to function as a human bench as She sits and plays with the sensations She is directing with the enormous anal device in Her bent submissive.

Mistress Mara twists and turns the enormous butt plug as She orders good slaves#2 to start tea bagging the bent submissive. She flops his big balls down on his mouth and has him tongue and lave the back of his balls as his ass gets tuned up by the plug. She pulls his cock out and drops it down the mouth of the sucking slave and slowly pulls the ass plug out. She is not finished and continues to pull, push and twist the giant ass plug as She belittles the slave sucking his cock.


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