Being Dominated by the Female Embodiment of a Goddess

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Being Dominated by the Female Embodiment of a Goddess


The desire of being dominated by the female embodiment of a goddess, I felt this way from my earliest memory. Twice in high school, I was making love, both times with very attractive girls. Firm tight bodies, tan, peach fuzz in place of pubic hair. Despite being super aroused, I could not achieve orgasm. It’s as if something was missing.. Thanks to the internet, I was well aware of what. Upon graduation of high school, I was fortunate to land a job, as a deckhand, surprisingly to a notable figure in Miami. It was a temporary job, that paid very well. The real appeal was free travel, from my little home town, to Miami.


After a month cruising the Bahamas, and kissing ass, to the extremely wealthy, I was on my way home. I had one night to find a proper dominatrix, being I had just turned eighteen, I expected this to be a task, and it was. However I was put up in a very nice hotel, and had thousands I was willing to spend. The internet provided many options, after several phone calls, it became apparent I would have no option but to lie about my age, and I wanted an independent dominatrix, as opposed to an agency sent dominatrix. Finally I found miss Lala, I’m using an alias, she seemed so experienced, and had a love for being dominant.  Little did I know, nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. We agreed I’d meet her in the lobby, so as to pay for her taxi. At first I thought how will I know it’s her, I should have asked how will you be dressed. There was no doubt it was her, first thing I noticed was her high heel leather boots, studded with metal spikes, laced up to her thighs. Tight black skirt barely covering her ass, big tits nearly popping out, adorned with intricate designs, spiked collar, leather gloves. So excited, I wasn’t concerned even slightly, that all eyes were starring at her. As she gazes around I realized it’s as if I didn’t exist. When I approached, and made introductions, she was rather unhappy, as I guess it was a stretch to claim I was thirty years of age. I was elated to hear her instruct me, take my bags, and lead me to the room. Right away upon entering the room, she demanded to see my license. Immediately after the cash.


She spoke very little as she counted the money, then placed my license on a night stand. As I reached for it she quickly reacted, pushing me back, getting in my face, with a stern voice I did not tell you to move. I was caught off guard, especially as she stepped back looked me up and down, and instructed in a more tender voice, take off your clothing. I tried to relay I thought we would discuss things first, I didn’t say two words before she yelled strip motherfucker. Yes mam, was all I could muster. I could see on her face she was pleased, I have always been very fit, in addition I’m well endowed. She even complimented me on such. I smiled, which did not please her. You little ass hole, she stated, barely eighteen, lying to your mistress, in the first conversation, not a good start, she whispers in my ear. I can’t look her in the eyes, as she takes a seat on a love sofa. Come here, she says gently. At this time I still wish to talk about things, but I’m hesitant too, without her initiating the conversation. Over my knee, she says, with a devilish smile. I hesitate, not knowing how to proceed. With a firm grip she grabs hold of my already throbbing erection, opens her closed legs and pulls me down, penis first between her thighs. Like a trap she snaps her legs shut, crushing my balls between her thighs. What confuses you about over my knee..


Another tender yet frightening statement she makes. Thirty, she says, this will serve you as a reminder, don’t ever lie to me again, you will regret it every time, she informs me. I’ll count, you just focus on the lesson at hand, I’m instructed. This was not a pleasant spanking, she was fast, without pause, randomly striking each cheek. I tried to pull away, her thighs only squeeze tighter, on my cock and balls. What did we learn, she says in an inquisitive like voice. Never again will I lie, I belt out. Good now let’s talk she says.. I confess before she releases, I feel guilty, if it would please you I wish to suffer more to show my repentance. I feel her thighs open, and her hands grasp my face, she pulls me into her ample breasts. With a gentle caress, and petting, in a happy voice she expresses her pleasure that I am attempting to learn a lesson. Stand tall, I’m instructed. With a stern voice she says, hands on your head. She grabs a leather flogger from her bag. I’m gonna whip your cock, I want you to take it for as long as you are able too, make me proud, she says with a smile, and a wink. I don’t know how many lashes I took, but some where around 30 minutes of whipping relentlessly on my erection, even to my surprise I ejaculated, it was my most intense orgasm to date. What the fuck, she laughingly yells. I drop to my knees, breathing heavily, unable to form words. Standing over me looking down, I hear her say, you paid for the night are you done? Please no, I beg.. I’m sorry but please don’t stop. Good she says, not so much you wish to continue, good thing you apologized, cuz I didn’t give you permission to cum. Are you familiar with post orgasm torture? She questions me. No I respond, nearly trembling at the thought of what is to come. I’ll have to restrain you for this, on the bed, she commands with a smile. She was rather thorough, using hand cuffs one for each arm, cuffing me to the bed frame, using rope for my legs. Completely immobilized, she says I won’t stop, but if you plead well enough I’ll slow down. She removes her leather gloves, and puts on a pair of latex gloves. You’re still pretty hard, but I bet you can be harder, she states. She pours lube into her hand, and right away begins to jerk me off, with a fast and furious pace, she grabs hold with both hands. The sensation is unreal, I begin to fight the bindings, I pull and struggle. She informs me, Hand cuffs only get tighter when you struggle. Only minutes pass before I begin to plead with her, slow down, please, I’ll do anything. I want nothing from you, she says with an evil laugh. I lose all conception of time as I struggle, and beg for even the briefest of reprieves. Suddenly, and all at once she stops, and I can take a breath. Your nipples, she yells. On the phone you told me you wanted nipple torture, she says excitedly. I can only make a moan like sound, and shake my head yes. Let’s hook these nipples up to some electro stimulation, she says with a smile. As she’s getting the equipment hooked up, attaching the clips to a tens unit, my mind races, the body trembles with anticipation. You got some big ass, puffy nipples for a guy she tells me. The clips aren’t painful in the least, but once activated the electricity is indescribable. With so many variances, in speed, length of impulse, kind of impulse, it was a sensation like nothing I’ve experienced prior. With electricity flowing to my nipples, no bindings would be needed, I wouldn’t dare, nor am I sure I could move. I don’t recall how it came to be, suddenly it seemed she resumed once more to whipping my cock, rotating between whipping, jerking, caressing, smacking, slapping, time must have passed quickly. As she said time is running out, and I want you to cum one more time for me. Of course I was more than willing, yes please I said. With no words she began to affix zip tie like looking cords around the base, and just below the head of my very hard cock. I had no conception they were accessories to her tens unit. I was relieved, and a little disappointed when she stopped the flow of electricity to my nipples. When I realized what was happening I had a little panic. Calm down, she gently says, you won’t be able to deny yourself orgasm, make certain to ask permission before cuming, I’m instructed.

She activates the tens unit. I’ll slowly increase speed, and strength, make sure you ask permission, or else you will regret it, I’m reminded once more. Right away the stimulation makes me feel as though I could orgasm. It’s her next words that compel me to fight the sensation, now let me at those nipples. As she straddles her self atop me, she’s utterly relentless, both nipples she pinches, twists, and stretches, she digs her nails in, and claws at my chest like a wild animal. When I can take no more, I beg, and yell may I cum, no she responds, hold it, I want you to hold it for me, she says. Please, please can I cum, I’ll do anything, let me cum please, I pleaded to her. No she responds once more. Then increases the speed, and strength, of the electricity flowing through my throbbing erection. I’m cuming I yell, she grabs hold of my nipples tight, twisting as she pulls. After shooting my load she turns down the electricity only slightly. You didn’t have my permission, she says with disappointment. I’m gonna set the timer for five minutes, only then will I release you. It was a very long five minutes, and she paid me no mind as she gathered up her things, used the restroom, and called for a taxi. Once freed, I asked if I would be welcome to see her again, if I ever returned. To which she replied, only if you promise to lie again..


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