Amanda’s Submale

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 Amanda’s Submale


But for me, she is a femdom. She is a real one, a natural one. She doesn’t pretend to be a dominatrix. She has some passions and some addictions too like the cigarettes and … sex.

Domination is not the purpose. This is just her way to have sexual pleasures and orgasms. She isn’t acting like a dominatrix; she doesn’t use handcuffs and S/M stuff like that. She has only two S/M accessories a whip (but she barely uses it) and a god belt that has on “her side” a projecting and removable part that penetrates her when she is using it with a partner.


She likes having slaves of both sexes and using them only for her own pleasure.


Now I am going to tell you how I met this amazing woman.


One night, she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her. I was a little bit drunk and I of course answered yes. She is a beautiful woman with a very enticing body.


“I will make you feel things that your wife doesn’t know how to do”: she whispered in my ear.


I thought that there were a lot of things my wife didn’t do. In fact, we didn’t have sex for a long time. After several months, we had decided to get divorced. That is why I decided to accept this exciting proposal.


Quickly, I thoroughly enjoyed her body a lot and having sex with her whoa. Even if she is fifty, she seems to be like a thirty’s year old woman. She always wants to have sex. She always has some kind of a new sexual whim.


But at this time, I was a little bit disappointed because there were no domination/submission games. I knew from the beginning she was a femdom, but neither of us were completely divorced just yet. We hid from my wife and her husband for a while, it was really exciting to have this secret relationship.


One afternoon, we were having a drink along her swimming pool and then she asked me the “question”. After that, I felt like a fool not to have asked before.


“You know I am the one who chooses when and how we have sex. I dictate my wishes to you. Would you like to be dominated, to be my sexual slave and do whatever I ask of you?”


“Like what for example?”


“You will have to lick my feet when and where I want, you will do all the things I don’t want to do. You should always be on your knees in front of me. You should be able to give me pleasure at any time I ask it of you.”


“Oh yes I would love that! I wanted to talk to you about that the other day. I would be very pleased to be your sexual slave, to obey you and any of your orders”


“You knew I dominated my husband. He obeyed me like a good poppy”


“I suspected that and I now know why. You are so beautiful. I would do anything for you, just so I’ll be allowed to kiss your amazing breasts.”


“Whatever I want? Are you sure?”


“Yes I swear, whatever you want! You are so beautiful, you are like a goddess to me”


“You impress me but this is crap!”


She laughed then suddenly she stopped. She became serious.


She approached and bared one of her breasts, a very nice and perfect one. She put it very close to my lips.


“Jack yourself off without touching my breast! Let see if you can follow this Order!”


I was really looking forward touching her breast but I started to masturbate…


I was so excited and so intimidated by her that I came in a few seconds. She was seated on an armchair next to me. She put her foot in my cum on the floor. Then she slowly brought it to my mouth. I was ready to lick her foot…but she suddenly removed her foot.


“You said you would do anything for me, just so you would be allowed to kiss my breasts. Do I ask you to lick?”


She was a little bit upset. She cleaned her foot on my face and then on my hairs. She pushed my head without care.


“To be allowed to be my slave, you must follow my orders and not your urges! Listen, this is what we are going to do. You must think about the fact I will do whatever I want with you. If you make a mistake, you will receive punishments. You will regret it and you won’t make the same mistake, believe me!

If you refuse a punishment just once, you won’t be my slave anymore!

Once you are sure, come and see me by crawling to my feet! Maybe I will accept you as my slave.

You should bring with you some clothes. You will sleep in the gardeners hut and you will totally belong to me night and day! You must think very carefully about all of what I’ve just told you.

Do not forget! You will do anything for me! I am pretty sure that you have no idea on what I really want.”


I made my decision very quickly. Three days after, I became Amanda’s slave.


It took me quite some time to get used to all my new duties. At work, she is a tough worker but back at home, she is really lazy. I must take care of everything.

I have to admit that I really enjoying watching her smoking and having a drink on her deck chair along side her swimming pool.

When I feel like falling asleep when I still have some cleaning and ironing to do, I just watch her while she naps and somehow I feel less tired after words. I also like massaging her feet.

She owns me completely.


Sexually at the beginning, there were no changes but one day, she told me that she was not interested any longer in my dick and it was over.


By Jlcazal

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A Surreal Encounter with the Suburban Dominatrix


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