Genetically Modified Male Sub (2)

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Specialized Male Sub Slave

Sylvia and Alice entered a vast circular room with wide doors. “If you want, you can choose a specialized male sub slave,” explained Sylvia. “What do you mean specialized?” “When we raise a male sub slave, we make sure that he is skilled in all areas to satisfy all your desires. However from a certain age, we “specialize” them in a particular practice in which they will eventually excel.

For example, in this room, we have “foot slaves” that specialized in the care of their mistress’ feet. They are experts in massage and foot maintenance. Thus, they know how to give perfect pedicures. In addition, they underwent surgery to make their face absolutely comfortable as a footrest. It’s very simple, the features of their faces will perfectly fit the shape of your own feet and it will feel like putting your feet on a very soft cushion. They really are living footstools!!”

On the other side of the room are the “cunnilingers”. They are able to bring you pleasure like nothing you’ve ever felt before and play with your clitoris in a way that you cannot even imagine. In addition, when they drink from your love juice, it will recharge their energy twice as fast as any other secretion of your body. Sylvia turned and pointed to the other doors.

Which Slave Do I Want?

“On this side, we have the masochist slaves whose resistance to pain is very high and who will serve as punching bags for you to take your frustrations out on if you have a bad day. You can mistreat them however you wish. And we have many others. All the specializations are described in detail in our brochure.” “That’s very interesting … But can a male sub slave satisfy all my needs regardless of their specialization? Can an anus slave still give me cunnilingus and will a masochist slave still lick my feet? “Of course,” Sylvia answered happily.

Alice thought for a moment. She had had a fetishist boyfriend in the past and remembered how much she liked how her ex took care of her feet. “You know what? I’m interested in a foot slave.” “Great choice Alice, follow me!” Sylvia said while she lead Alice to another hallway. The two women stopped in front of a wide white door. Sylvia tapped on a keyboard in the wall next door, and after a short moment, the door opened and Alice and Sylvia walked in.

Time To Choose

It was a huge rectangular room with four windows. There were four glass cells in the room. In each cell was a boy, about eighteen years old, completely naked and kneeling on a hard, cold, white floor. All the boys were beautiful, ripped, and very well hung. They had their eyes down and wore metallic necklaces around their necks. Their hands were tied to their backs with rope. All the boys had ball gags on that prevented them from making any sounds.

“You see,” said Sylvia smiling, “the necklaces they wear are set to inflict a painful electric shock if they make the slightest movement. Thus, we accustom them to maintain total immobility despite exhaustion or pain. Fun, right? The vision of the young, naked, vulnerable men born to fulfill her innermost desires excited Alice a lot and made her feel warm inside. “It’s time for you to choose the one you want,” Sylvia said.

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