Vegas Domination: How A Rich And Successful Woman Punishes Unsuspecting Men

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Vegas Domination: How A Rich And Successful Woman Punishes Unsuspecting Men

Vegas Domination

I love gambling, and I always have. See, I don’t really do it myself, but I like the people that do. They take risks, they go above and beyond the limits of the human psyche, they believe that somewhere, there’s a winning move that will make up for all the money that they have lost. Only silly people gamble with money, and I have just the right amount of coercion to make silly people do whatever I want them to do.

My name is Sally. I’m a 48-year old businesswoman who got rich from an early age from investment banking. I am now happily retired after one of my venture capital businesses sold for more than $25 million. I now live comfortably off of interest alone and like to spend my days in Las Vegas, pursuing interests in life that cannot be purchased. See, I like to think of myself as a dominatrix, and the alluring nature of this great city brings together some of the most enthusiastic and wiling individuals from around the world together. Young men are ready to be plucked from the casinos and when they’re invited to stay at my lavish apartment, how can they resist?

Today I’m going to write about one particularly interesting case where a young man was more than willing to be subjected to my punishment. His name was George – I saw him at a roulette table where he was putting down $20 here and there on single numbers (as any good gambler knows, this is a bad bet to make). He looked a little caught up in the moment and seemed like he was having a good time. I approached, put a $500 chip down in front of him and said to put it on red or black, he chose the latter and won. Of course, there was a great level of surprise when I said it was all his. He started to become interested in who I was, so I sat down beside him and played a few rolls of the wheel myself.

We got talking and eventually, I convinced him to come back to my abode. He was quite interested in the type of place that a woman such as myself would live in, so the bright eyed, young man soon followed me to a penthouse suite that overlooked the beautiful Vegas skyline. I showed him around my apartment, being sure to drop by the makeshift dungeon that I had. I must admit, the reaction of this gentleman was unlike anything before: he was eager to be put into the harness I had against the wall and shown a thing or two.

Naturally, I accepted. At first, I expected it to be a casual interest, but as soon as I started to open my cupboard full of toys, his reaction showed me that he had longed for the day where he would have a mature woman in control of his body.

“Spank me, fucking do it! I want to feel the pain! I’ve been a naughty boy.” – His words were that of an amateur slave, but it was enough for me to realize how he longed to be treated.

My first course of action was to take nipple clamps and attach them to George’s tiny buds. He winced and squirmed as they were clipped to his tender nipples. Soon after, I opened his entire shirt and exposed an impressive midriff. He was a little pale, so I knew what had to come next.

I always like to incorporate cards with my domination. I have a deck on standby just in case someone also likes to gamble. I picked them up and shuffled them.

“If it’s red, you get one slap to the chest, if it’s black, you get 10 spanks with my whip.” – I always loved the thrill of not knowing what was coming next. I wanted it to be black, and after pulling out the six of clubs, I put down the cards and set about dishing them out.

George flinched from side to side as he was subjected to my punishment. His stomach became a deep shade of pink as I provided his body with the ultimate levels of instant pain. I could tell that he was in another world of torture – his clenched his teeth and growled as I completed my set. George was a good submissive whore, and I had subjected him to a wonderful level of punishment.

He started to breathe heavily as I finished the 10th stroke. Putting down my whip, I went back to the cards. After picking out the queen of diamonds, I explained that this meant I could do whatever I wanted to him as I was the queen.

Naturally, I knew that there was only one option. After taking him out of the harness and laying him down on the floor, I mounted his face and smothered it with my cunt. He had a hard time breathing, but did everything in his power to continue providing me with the cunnilingus I required. I came to orgasm and kept my pussy firmly pressed against his mouth, ensuring that every drop of my lovely juices were hitting the back of this throat as he savored the taste.

I stayed on top of George, allowing him to continue to please my clit. Grabbing the deck of cards, I took the one on top and unfortunately, had given George the tool he required in order to escape. The ace of spades – I now had to do what the cards had told me. I myself had been subjected to the negative aspect of gambling.

In no time at all, I had my hand around George’s shaft and was giving him a handjob. The ace of spades meant that he was able to have an orgasm without having to provide anything in exchange. For once, the will that was bestowed upon him was one that he enjoyed.

As I milked his cock for all it was worth, I removed one of the nipple clamps with my spare hand. The rush that must have gone through his body was clearly unlike anything he had experienced before. Within seconds, a powerful jet of cum had erupted from his shaft and was now covering the entirety of his stomach. He gasped for breath and looked at me lovingly, not knowing how to react to this new form of pleasure that he had experienced.

I knew from that moment on that George would always be mine, and that at any point in time, I could have him back to enjoy his submissive slave ability.



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