A Special Agent’s Story- Part 2-The Dominant Female Assassin

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The Special Agent Trapped By The Dominant Female Assassin

Skorpia, the dominant female assassin, stroked his chest, fingers teasing down toward his groin as the young man struggled in his bonds. He glared at her, his teeth gritted. He tried to remember his training with the SAS. They’d taught him to resist many methods of torture, but not this.

“Shall I help you? It must be confusing, humiliating, to have been so easily captured.” Her fingers continued their exploration of his body. “You see I know you are 009, I know you were recruited at Oxford and you have a Blue for rowing. You fucked Felicity Holdhurst in your first year and Laurence Fraser in your second. I know M sent you here to kill me. I don’t need you to talk, I need you to join me and be my slave, my double agent.”

The Deal Proposed By Skorpia

“I’ll never betray MI6!”said the special agent. “But haven’t you been betrayed?” Her fingers slid over his groin for the first time, gently stroking. “M sent you here with no thought for your safety, you’ve been compromised. Join us, as you see our victory is inevitable.” Her fingers felt the start of a hardening cock, she cupped his balls. “G’lp! Gnh..Never!” She squeezed the soft eggs hard, twisting. “AiiNGGHHH!” “See what happens when you defy me slave?”, she said. His blue eyes were wide, he panted and blinked away tears as he recovered from the pain. He stayed silent, defiant, but the bulge in his suit only grew a little more.

Skorpia Shows Him What It Could be Like if He Joins Her

“Let me show you how it could be.” Her voice soft now as she knelt before him spread-eagled. She gripped the zipper under his bulge and gently eased it up, his thick, semi hard eight inches fell out. Her cool leather fingers eased out his balls as well. She stroked the shaft, one fingertip rolling over the uncut head, the other hand caressed his balls. Before she stood she let her warm breath play over him and her lips just brushed the now rigid cock. She stood face to face with him brushing his chestnut hair from his sweating brow and caressing his handsome young face. “Don’t make me hurt you slave. It’s no use, you will break and submit to me, don’t fight it.” 009 shook his head. “No..can’t…won’t..” “Very well.”, she said.

dominant female

Skorpia’s Instrument of Torture

She pulled in another device on a small trolley, various wires connected to a square metal box with dials. She turned back to him, reaching for his neck she slowly unzipped his suit to his navel, she pulled the rubber apart, exposing his firm, smooth pecs. With great deliberation she took two wires with clips on the ends and attached them to the young agent’s nipples. 009 shook his head and drew his breath, preparing to withstand the pain.

He screamed as the first shock went through him. Once, twice, three times she flicked the switch and sent power and pain through his nipples.“Are you ready to join SPECTRE?”, she said. 009 shook his head again. “Nev’r” he breathed. She leaned in stroking his hair again, her other hand fondling his cock and balls. “You will you know, the sooner you do the sooner I can stop hurting you and give you so much pleasure slave.” She kissed him softly on the lips. Again he shook his head.

Skorpia Continues With Her Interrogation

“AAiiNGHHHH!” His strong body arched in pain as the volts flowed again. Again and again, Skorpia asked him the question and still the young agent resisted. After thirty minutes she took off the clamps, stroking his face again. “My brave slave boy, you will make a fine SPECTRE agent.”  She kissed him again and her fingers walked down his heaving chest, stroking the bare flesh and finally reaching his cock. Now she stroked it hard again and then gripped it. “I’ll show you how it could be, if only you’d have any sense slave. Join me, join SPECTRE.”

“Be my double agent, be Viper”. 009’s voice was barely audible now as he once again said no, but she could feel him weakening. She worked his cock, rigid now in her expert grip. His young voice moaning as she slowly picked up the pace, she could feel his excitement build. The she stopped. He gasped and juddered in his restraints. An anguished moan coming from his lips. “Be Viper!” She crooned in his ear “Be my slave and I’ll make you cum…” She kissed his cheek. “n..n..not Vip’r…ohh nine..” he stuttered.

dominant female

The Dominant Female Assassin Takes Him To The Edge and Leaves Him There

Twice more she brought her fine young victim to the edge and left him hanging there. She could feel her own excitement growing, he was a magnificent specimen and she was hungry for him to break even as she enjoyed breaking him. Skorpia took the controls of the rack device and brought him down flat on his back, legs and arms still wide, face up.

She stood by his head, then moved over him. He gazed helplessly up at her glistening sex as she lowered herself onto his face. She squirmed as his lips and tongue contacted her. She went lower, sealing his mouth and nose. He fought for breath as her juices ran into his mouth, sending shots of pleasure through her. As his body started to jerk she stood up. He coughed, her juices running down his cute features. “See? If only you would be my slave…” There was no response now from 009, he panted, his blue eyes fixed on her. She brought him up level again and then reached for the electro cart, he flinched, crying out.

The Agent Concedes to Skorpia

Saying nothing she pulled out a bulb ended wire, smeared it with lube and then moved the leg panels to expose his tight bubble butt. “You will break my baby, one way or another.” She smeared some lube around his virgin hole, his muscles clenching at the cool goo. He whimpered in protest as she started to push the bulb shaped plug into him.“Oh…N..No Pl please…”, he said. Bit by bit it entered him, pain blossomed like a flower, the thinner end entered, pain subsided, bit by bit as she left the plug in him, his arse twitching, making it wag slightly.

She took another wire, this one with a ring, she slipped this over his cock. 009’s eyes were wide, his breathing shallow and fast, terror at the thought of the pain to come gripped him. Skorpia let her hand pause over the switch, smiling at her victim. “Oh..God..p please no..I….I’ll join you…” His voice was low, like a naughty boy caught doing something he is not suppose to be doing. Her smile widened as she flicked the switch.

The Special Agent Becomes Agent Viper

009’s cry of protest melted into a moan as a low pulsing feeling crept through his groin. His eyes almost crossed as she turned the dial up bit by bit. The current flowing through his prostate and cock, affecting them more intensely than any fingers could. His cock harder than he’d ever felt it, standing and jerking as the electricity coursed through it. He gasped and his body bucked. Skorpia once again caressed his face, kissing him as he neared the edge.

“Do you renounce MI6 and join SPECTRE?” “OoHhh.. OoWwwW  YyESSSSSSS!” He cried out as ropes of hot white cum shot from his rock hard cock. “Are you my slave?”, she said. “nnGH OOWw GoDDD YeesssSSSS!” Still he came, body subsiding now, cum on his belly, chest and legs, still oozing from his slit. Skorpia reached down and wiped some from his cock onto her finger.
“And who are you now?” She asked, smearing his own cum on his full lips. He turned to her, blue eyes lidded, a sly smile on his face. “Agent Viper.” Skorpia kissed her latest acquisition deeply.


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