Sensual Domination Session (1)

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Deeper Into Matt’s Subconscious Mind

When I arrived, Matt was working at his desk as usual.  As I was entering, I was wondering if he had any idea what was about to happen. How are sessions would become sensual domination sessions and he eventually would become a submissive? How his entire world as he knew it would be turned upside down, and that he would be forced to make a very difficult decision. Today was the day I had been waiting for, for a long time. I had been helping Matt with some massage therapy for several weeks now. On each visit I got deeper into Matt’s subconscious mind. I knew I had to take it slow, especially when I was taking on such a huge task.

“Hello Matt, how’s your day so far?” “Oh, Hello there, I guess good. I managed to clean out my inbox, so I hope we can get some time alone today.” “Great, I’d like to give you an extended session. We have a lot of stuff to deal with today.” “Well, come over here then so we can get started.” “Hey, did you see that show last night about the guy that could make people do all kinds of things?”“No, what do you mean?” “It was this guy. He could get into people’s heads and make them do things they had never done before. It was like they never realized their potential until he opened up their minds.”


sensual domination“Like hypnotism, or?” “Sort of, but different. It was more that he just expanded on things that were already there.” “I tried hypnotism once. I’m not sure if you know, but when I was younger I was a heavy smoker. Like so many others, I wanted to quit, and I failed one method after the other. So at the time, I tried this fail-proof hypnotic program.” “So it worked?”“No, it failed like all of the others.”“Yeah, but I don’t see you smoke anymore. So what happened?”“Well, eventually I did manage to quit, and I have been off them for 5 years now. I was always so worried that I would gain weight and blow up.”“No no, you look so trim and fit.”

“Well, thank you. But anyway, I did learn something about hypnotism when I was going through the program.” “What? That it didn’t work and in the end you had wasted another paycheck.”“That too.  But, I also saw that there was some possibility behind it. It taught me to relax and allow my senses to be more in tune with my body.  I still use some of that technique today.” “Wow, I never knew.”“So, I guess to answer your question, I didn’t see that show.”“It was so interesting. He showed how your everyday life is so controlled by your subconscious habits. There was this dominant girl that every day when she woke up, she did exactly the same routine every day.  He was able to change that whole routine without her even realizing what was happening.”

Resist Any Kind Of Suggestion

“I’m not sure if I believe in that. I think a person has to have some kind of consent before they allow anything to change their thought process. I also don’t think a person can stay under any influence for more than a couple of minutes. As soon as the guy leaves, the spell will be broken.”“Oh, I don’t agree.  I think that if enough time is invested to gradually change the behavior, it could become almost permanent.”

I would love to meet the people that believe that so I could prove them wrong.”“So you think you can resist any kind of suggestion? “Yeah, as long it’s something I don’t agree with.”“Let me ask you a question. Do you have a standard routine when you get dressed for work?  Like laying your clothes out ahead of time, or just doing what you feel like at the last moment.”“I won’t lay anything out, but I typically know exactly what I will wear as I open the closet.”

Little Miss Mind Control

“What about today? I have to say, you look very sharp today. As a matter of fact, I can’t recall you ever wearing this before.”“Thank you. I’m not sure. This morning I can’t really say what came over me. Do you think there is something wrong?” “No, not at all. You do look both professional and masculine at the same time.” “Thanks.”“Would you be surprised if I told you that I had a part in your decision to wear what you’re wearing today?” “What?” “Yes, at our last session I planted an idea in your head for our next meeting.”“Now I think you going a little too far. There is no way.”

“Will you believe me if I tell you what I planned for you?” “Go ahead, little Miss Mind Control. What did you plan for me?” “Hey, don’t ridicule me.  At least not before you can see for yourself. Maybe then you will believe me.” “I still don’t understand.” “Oh well. You may not ever understand, but you will believe. Remember, I put the ideas in your head the last time I was here.” “Well I don’t know how you did it.” “Of course not. That’s the point, silly.”

Going Commando

“Enough. Tell me what you claim I am wearing today.” “Well, it is not what you’re wearing.  I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t doubt me. So it is what you are NOT wearing.” “What the hell are you talking about?” “You are not wearing any underwear today. You are going commando.”“Now, you completely lost it. Why in the world would I show up for work with no underwear?” “Because it’s sexy, because it’s daring, because it’s so not you, but most important because I told you to. If you don’t believe me, I suggest that you check it out for yourself.”

Matt leaned back in his chair, and I could see him pulling his zipper down. “I don’t know how this did happen. I never left my house like this before.” “It’s OK. It’s actually perfect.” “I’m still completely surprised. I’ve never done anything like this before.” “Can’t you see? It wasn’t you. It was me.”“No, it can’t be. How in the world could it have been?” “Trust me, it was all me. I wanted to see if I could get you to do something for me without knowing. And I can see that I succeeded.” “I’m not sure if I believe you. And if I did, why?”

Massage My Neck

“Oh let’s just call this a first little test.” “Nonsense, and by the way, I can dress any which way I like. So let’s get on with business.” “Sure. Why don’t you come over to the sofa and make yourself comfortable.” Matt stood up from behind his desk and walked over to the leather couch that was nicely positioned by the window. He walked behind the couch and looked out through the huge panorama window. I followed him and said, “I love this view. You can see the entire city on a clear day like today.”“Yes, it is beautiful.”

Matt stepped over the couch and lowered himself down to a sitting position. “Why don’t you start with my neck? I had so much stress today, and I’m glad I scheduled you for the afternoon.  Such a perfect way to finish off the work week.” As my fingers touched his neck, I could feel the tension. I started out slow and moved over the entire neck. After a while, I put a little more pressure on his neck and I could feel the muscles relax. I also noticed that Matt’s breathing was picking up. Perfect!! I thought to myself.

Sensual Domination Session Begins

We are almost there. I slowly let my fingers wander through his hair and around his ears making sure to return to his neck before he could even notice. Every time, my excursions became longer and more daring. Matt was now in a very comfortable state, where he didn’t pay too much attention to anything around him. As I wanted him to become fully relaxed I kept going for a couple of minutes before I started my next phase.

At last, I knew Matt was ready for me. I started to whisper very softly in his ear repeating a short message about how he could completely relax and just let me take care of him.  As his breathing began to synchronize with my voice and my fingers, I knew he was falling deeper into my control. So far, so good. It was becoming more of a sensual domination session that I wanted. Now it was time to plant some of my ideas into his brain. My first task was to make him addicted to the smell and taste of the juices from my pussy. I put my left hand under my skirt and moved my fingers to my already wet vagina. It felt good so I let my fingers play for some time before I pulled my hand back.

Do you Want More?

While my fingers were still wet I moved them around Matt’s face and started to gently spread them over his lips and under his nose. At first, he didn’t even react. But then I could hear his breathing, and soon his body could not resist reacting to being aroused. It made me so happy to see Matt in this position.

I kept going for a good 20 minutes to make sure he was completely entranced.  When I believed it was safe to stop, I started to slow down and move my fingers away. Matt’s body reacted immediately to bring my fingers back. I gave him some additional touches but then I abruptly pulled my hands away. “Matt, I said. How was that feeling?” “Great, but why did you stop?”“So you like it. I’ll tell you what, I liked it too.” “Don’t stop then.” “So you want more?”

To Be Continued…


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