The Reluctant Mistress and Her Unexpected Transition Part 23

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The Reluctant Mistress and Her Unexpected Transition Part 23

Double Teamed

Not to be poetic, but it was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring. We were all downstairs, in the dungeon. I had come down to find Danny strung up from the hanging bar, with clothes lines going through the eyelets to his wrist restraints, the lines drawn tight and tied off to cleats on the wall. He was up on his toes, spreader bar between his ankles, his cock standing straight out in the cage. He still had Rebecca’s panties in his mouth, only she had taped them over with silver duct tape. She was standing behind him, laying into him with the flogger.


I stood at the door for a moment, watching silently. I had put on my new strap-on, a gift from Rebecca, bigger than my first model and with a special feature, a vertically oriented vibrator in a velvet pouch that ran across my clit. I wore black leather, my sexy dominatrix outfit and black patent leather shoes with the highest heels I possessed, four inch spikes. My hair was down, red waves falling across my shoulders. I looked hot: the mirror in the bathroom said so. Black and red, the new Christmas colors.

Rebecca spotted me at the door. “Ah, you look beautiful. And just in time, he’s all warmed up.”

I stepped in front of Danny, letting him get a good look at my breasts, which were pushed up by the skimpy bra, my nipples tauntingly visible under the lace trim. I cupped my hands under them and lifted. “Slave, have you been a good boy? Do you think you deserve to suck on your Mistress’s breasts?”

Do you deserve it?

Danny’s eyes were locked on my chest, wide with lust, his nostrils flaring with every strained breath. He nodded emphatically. I reached up to his mouth and peeled a corner of the duct tape, ripping it free. I reached into his mouth and pulled Rebecca’s panties out. Air rushed into his lungs. I flung the panties to a corner and let him catch his breath. “I’ll think about letting you suck my tits after we see how well you suck cock, slave.”


I signaled Rebecca. She adjusted the lines, lowering Danny to his knees. I stepped forward, took his head in both hands, and thrust my cock deep into his mouth. While he was preoccupied, Rebecca slipped out of the room, headed upstairs to don her own strap-on.

I deep-throated Danny with my cock, slow thrusts, letting him suck the dildo in until it touched the back of his throat, then pulling away before he gagged, finding a pleasing rhythm, one that banged the base of the dildo against my clit. I was just starting to get aroused when Rebecca returned. Her strap-on was different than the one she used with me, it was big and black. She wore latex gloves and brandished a tube of lubricant. She positioned herself behind Danny’s ass. “Shall I begin, Mistress Vanessa?”

“Mistress Rebecca is going to lube your ass up now, slave. You just keep sucking,” I said, moving my hips to drive my cock into Danny’s mouth, now slamming the base against his lips. He was struggling to keep up, especially since he couldn’t hold the shaft with his hands still suspended by the lines. I saw him flinch as Rebecca pushed her way in, then shudder with pleasure as she expertly worked her fingers to lubricate his ass. I eased off and pulled my cock out until only half the shaft was in his mouth, letting him absorb what was happening in his behind. Guttural moans escaped from his throat.

“He’s ready,” Rebecca said. She pulled her fingers out of his ass and stripped the gloves from her hands. While she released the lines from the cleats and went to the corner to get the spanking chair, I circled around Danny and positioned myself behind him. “Down on your hands and knees, slave.”

Danny got down on all fours, the lines routed through the hanging bar now slack, but still attached to his wrist restraints. Rebecca set the chair in front of him. She sat on the lip of the seat with her legs spread. I admired her from across the muscled plateau of Danny’s back. She still wore her brassier, which looked purple in the amber glow, her cleavage an inviting shadow between two perfect mounds of sculpted breast, below that, her flat stomach and taut belly button, and below that, protruding from her crotch, a stunning black cock, looking like a dangerous cobra about to strike.

I took my eyes off Rebecca and focused on Danny’s ass, his cheeks spread open by the spreader bar attached to his ankles. I positioned the tip of my cock against his well-lubed, shining hole. Rebecca had left the tube of lubricant on the concrete; I reached down and squeezed lube onto my shaft, spreading it with my hands and then wiping them off on Danny’s cheeks. “Push against my cock, slave,” I ordered.

Cock Slave

Danny pushed back against me and the tip slowly slipped into his hole. I loved the sight of it going inside him, first just an inch, then two, then halfway in, then all the way until the base of my cock was nestled in the crack of his ass, thighs pressed against the cheeks of his muscular rear end. What a hot, sexy sight. I pushed, driving him forward on his hands and knees, pushing his face closer to Rebecca’s erect cock. As his face drew near, she took his head in her hands and guided his mouth onto the shaft. She waited for me. I began to gently pump. In matching rhythm, Rebecca let her cock slide in and out the manhole formed by his puckered lips. When I felt we were synchronized, I increased the intensity of my thrusts. Rebecca held his head tightly between her hands, stabilizing him.


We went this way for a few minutes, an even, steady pace, the base of the dildo pushing the leather base pad against my crotch, the leather pad bumping against my cunt. It was dreamy, both the physical sensation and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of my beloved slave’s ass. And then I remembered the vibrator. I reached down and pushed the button. I felt a pleasant buzzing against my clit, a stirring, and resumed thrusting. Rebecca caught my eye and smiled; she nodded her head, signaling me to let go and enjoy myself.

And so I did, my thrusts increasing in tempo, now a trot, cantering toward a distant horizon, down orgasm lane, and then that hot summer feeling flooding over me, the tingle in the nape of my neck, the flash of electric current down my spine, like summer lightning, bringing a sense of urgency to get home, now galloping homeward, seeing my cock slamming against Danny’s ass, my hands on his hips, pelvis thrusting, his body mine, vibrator humming . . . and then, oh my god an explosion from my clit, radiating out through every extremity, knees weak, falling forward on his back, my chin on the groove of his spine between his shoulder blades, my full weight on him, gasping for breath, body flooded with endorphins.

I looked up. Rebecca’s face shined, it glowed; she smiled radiantly at me. She still had her cock in Danny’s mouth, still held his head firmly between her hands, the muscles of her arms taut and strong, those luscious breasts overflowing her bra; oh, my god what a sexy woman. Oh, my god, I had my shaft rammed inside a man. Heaven on earth, good will toward men. Merry fucking Christmas, indeed.

But Christmas is about giving, not just getting. I lifted my belly and breasts off Danny’s glistening back and pulled myself erect, slowly pulling my cock out of his ass. My shaft was clean as a whistle, still coated with lubricant. I looked up with satisfaction and said to Rebecca, “Your turn, sister.”

And then we swapped places on our slave.

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