The Reluctant Mistress and Her Unexpected Transition Part 18

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A week later, I came home to find a discretely labeled box on my doorstep. Inside was my strap-on cock and two dildos (one six inches, the other eight inches) and a butt plug. I took out the strap-on and tried it on. It was flesh colored and lifelike, like Rebecca’s, only slightly smaller. It was my size, petite. Once I had the leather waist belt and legs straps adjusted, I trimmed the excess with scissors. I wanted my strap-on to be an extension of my body, the straps neat and tidy. When I had everything just the way I wanted, I put it in a drawer and waited for Danny to arrive home from work.


He came home promptly at seven, stripped, put on his collar and crawled to the living room where I waited in my favorite dominatrix outfit: a sexy leather bra, garter belt and panties, fishnet hose snapped to the garter, 4” black patent leather high heels. Danny crawled up and I gave him permission to kiss my feet. As always, he had a rigid hard-on, but this time it wasn’t confined in his cock cage; it was Monday and I had established a routine of putting him in his cock cage on Wednesday through Saturday evening, when I usually let him have sex with me if he had been good during the week.

Monday and Tuesday, when he got home from work I would put Danny in the cage upstairs for an hour, a slave meditation that had to be good for the soul. More recently I had taken to setting a laptop in front of the cage and playing a looped slideshow of him in various submissive poses and sissy clothing (the nurse outfit was still my favorite), strung up or strapped down in the dungeon, plus a collection of sexy selfies of me, accompanied by an audio track of music laced with affirmations of his slave status.


The subliminal training was Rebecca’s idea; she had used it with Hamilton early in their relationship. “I am Mistress’s slave, I was born to serve her,” “I am a submissive slut, I belong at my Mistress’s feet,” “I am lucky to be the slave of Mistress Vanessa,” “My body, mind and soul belong to Mistress Vanessa,” and so on. Sometimes I’d sit on the top step and listen to Danny repeat the affirmations. Woe to him if he didn’t, but at the same time, I knew I didn’t need to mind control him; his submission to me sprang from his heart. But the pictures were hot and having him repeat those affirmations had a certain kinky power, so what the hell, it gave him something to focus on while he crouched in his cage.

This Monday afternoon, however, Danny would not be going upstairs to the cage, he was going to my bedroom to lose his virginity. I snapped on his leash and walked him to the bathroom, where I had set up the enema bag, filling it with warm water and hanging it from the shower nozzle. A long hose dangled down from the bag. “Get in the tub, slave,” I ordered. “Face away from the drain.”

Danny climbed in the tub. “Head down, butt up,” I ordered. I put on a latex glove and let go of the wrist with a sexy sounding snap, then spread some Vaseline on my index finger. “Okay, slave, today you’re going to experience your first enema, and then I’m going to fuck you, understood?”

I think Danny’s heart skipped a beat, because it took several seconds before he finally stammered, “Yes, Mistress.” I knelt next to him and gently worked my finger into his ass. I felt some resistance, and then pushed past the sphincter. “Squeeze my finger, slave,” I ordered. I felt Danny squeeze down on my finger. I worked the finger in and out for a minute and then removed it. Next came the nipple at the end of the hose. It slid in easily. “Here we go, slave, just relax.”

Just relax Slave


I released the clip that held the hose shut and the water flowed. Danny’s breathing became shallow and erratic. “Take deep breaths, slave, let the water in.” Danny’s breathing steadied. I watched the bag slowly deflate. When it was empty, I waited for a minute, stroking Danny’s gorgeous tush, then pulled the nipple and hose out. “Stay put, slave.” I rose to my feet and pulled off the glove.

My heels clicked on the tile as I walked out of the bathroom. In the bedroom, it only took me a few minutes to get the strap-on mounted properly. I returned to the bathroom. “Okay, slave, get up and sit on the toilet. Squeeze when you stand.”

Danny got on his feet, stepped out of the tub and took a seat on the toilet. For the first time, he lifted his eyes and saw the strap-on mounted to my crotch. His eyes grew wide. “Like it, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I thought you would. I’ll let you suck on it in a moment. Now relax and push, let it out.”

Danny voided his bowels. I knew it was humiliating for him, having me stand there, watching him, but then he was my slave; nothing was off-limits. I leaned over him and pressed my right knee against his stomach, the way Rebecca had showed me. More fluid poured out. I took Danny’s chin in my hand and tilted his face up. “You feel that, slave? In the future, you’ll have to do this on your own. You want to be sure you get it all out before you present your ass to your Mistress, understood?”

He nodded. I could tell he was mortified. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, slave. I expect you to be clean, inside and out. It’s for my pleasure. You want Mistress to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I’ll give you a few more minutes here alone. Stand up and sit down a few times; make sure you get it all out. Then crawl into the bedroom, I’ll be waiting for you.”

I took the Vaseline and left the bathroom. I had draped a towel on the foot of the bed. I sat on it, nervous as hell, waiting for Danny. I wanted to do this right. Candles set on the nightstand cast flickering light on the bedroom walls. When he finally crawled in, I ordered Danny to kneel with his hands at his sides. I took his head in my hands and drew his mouth close to my cock. “You want to suck it, don’t you, slave?” I asked him. His eyes shined yes. “Say it, slave, beg me to let you suck cock.”

He licked his lips. “Please, Mistress, please let me suck your cock.”

I pushed my hard dick into his mouth, pulling on the back of his head, thrusting my pelvis forward until he had taken the shaft all the way and his lips were at the base. Deep throat. Before he gagged, I pulled out halfway. Then again, pushing in as far as I could go. Back out. And again. We started to get the hang of it, reversing the sexual roles of our vanilla life. We soon found a rhythm, Danny squeezing hard on the shaft to control it, which I found increased the impact on my pubic area, which increased the stimulation on my clit. I looked down and saw Danny’s own shaft as rigid as a flagpole; no question this was turning him on. It was turning me on, and I realized I could cum this way; I would cum this way if we didn’t stop. But if I was going to cum, I wanted to do it with my cock up his ass.

“Stop,” I commanded, pulling my shaft free of Danny’s mouth. I tapped the side of his cheek with my hand. “Turn around, slave. Stand up and bend over the edge of the bed, lie on the towel.”

Good boy, Now follow my instructions

Danny followed my instructions and presented his ass to me. “Spread your legs wider.”

He spread his legs, his feet bracketing the towel. The Vaseline was on the chest of drawers. I realized I had forgotten a latex glove. Oh well, I thought, he should be squeaky clean now. I scooped a dollop of Vaseline and spread it on the shaft of my cock, collecting the excess on my index and middle fingers. Gently, I pushed them into Danny’s ass, smoothly past the sphincter and into the colon, henceforth my slave’s vagina. I worked my fingers around, found his prostate gland and massaged it. Danny moaned with pleasure. I drew my fingers out and was pleased to see they were as clean as when they had gone in, still coated with Vaseline. I wiped them on his ass. Now the head of my penis. I positioned it over Danny’s asshole and bent my knees to achieve the proper angle. I pushed in maybe an inch, until the tip was pressed firmly against his hole, then paused. “Push yourself down on my cock, slave.”


Danny shifted the angle of his torso fractionally, then eased his ass down on the shaft. I watched the head disappear. He drew in a sharp breath. “Breathe out,” I told him. “Breathe out slowly and let it in.” Slowly the shaft disappeared inside my slave, inch by precious inch until my pubic bone pressed against the crack of his ass. I was in, all the way in. And it felt glorious. I bent over and lay the side of my head against Danny’s muscled back, felt us both breathing deeply, and waited, motionless, for a full minute.

“You like having me inside you, don’t you slave,” I murmured into the silence.

“Oh, yes, Mistress,” Danny replied in a throaty, grateful voice.

“Good. Because I like it, too.” I took his waist in my hands and began gently pumping. He moaned in response, pushing his ass back against my crotch, his lower back arched, the muscles rippling. God, what a beautiful sight. My clit began tingling from the impact of the baseplate. I let a minute go by and then I increased the intensity, pumping harder. Danny groaned. Another minute passed and my clit went from tinging to buzzing. Oh, sweet lord, this was too good to be true, this was incredible, I was fucking a man and totally in control, I could fuck him all night if I wanted. His ass was mine. I could fuck him soft and slow, I could fuck him hard and fast . . . whatever turned me on.

Hard and fast, I decided, hard and fast. I began pumping in a frenzy, my body on fire, clit electrified, bed shaking and Danny grunting, his ass rocking with every pelvic thrust. I could feel the climax building, welling in my loins, that electric current forming in the nape of my neck, traveling down my spine, hot flash, wave of heat rippling through my body . . . I heard Danny cry out, in pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell, I didn’t care, I was past that now, this was about me, only me. I pumped harder, desperate for release, until the climax finally came, lifting in a wave and crashing down at the base of my cock. The orgasm exploded out from my clit and pulsed through my body. I collapsed on Danny’s heaving back, wasted.

We lie there utterly still for several minutes, my body fused to Danny’s, the only sound in the room our synchronized breathing, which gradually calmed like the sea after a storm, leaving the gentle lapping of the tide against the shore. I felt my strength returning. I reached under Danny’s groin with a hand and felt for the shaft of his cock. It was still hard. Poor thing, lost his virginity and still horny as hell.

Welcome to my world, slave. Welcome to my world.

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