The Reluctant Mistress and Her Unexpected Transition – Part 13

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Friday morning, I got up early and made coffee. I hadn’t slept well, tossing and turning all night, troubled by thoughts of Danny freezing on the basement floor and having second thoughts about completely ruling the life of another human being. But I loved Danny and had committed to this; there was no backing out now. I felt sort of like I do before a long trip, when I have second thoughts about leaving home and going to the airport, enduring the noise and chaos, the crowds, the long security lines, sitting next to strangers in a confined cabin, all the unpleasantness of modern travel. Then you finally get to your destination, meet new people and have adventures you’ll remember for a lifetime.

I had purchased a large leather valise in which I kept my mistress books, print-outs from internet BDSM resources, Danny’s survey, the contract and of course, the kinky toys and tools. When the coffee was brewed, I poured a cup and took the valise into the dining room. I thumbed the combination locks and flipped the latches. The leather scent of the flogger filled my nose. Setting the flogger and riding crop to the side, I went through the papers, reviewing Danny’s survey and the contract.


Daniel Simon Barton

Daniel Simon Barton, age 24, of sound mind and body. Looking at Danny’s signature reassured me. He wanted this. And the truth was it was fun, as long as I wasn’t racked by doubts and puritanical guilt. Why not just take Danny’s word that he wanted this experience, he dreamed of this lifestyle? Why not just go with it and enjoy the benefits? After all, the hardest part was behind us, we had arrived at our ‘sexcation’ destination—a suddenly erotic home of kink that housed a slave and a slave-owner who could snap her fingers and have her every whim and desire met. Like breakfast in bed . . .

That gave me an idea. I snatched up the riding crop—might as well give it a try—and padded down the stairs to the basement. I was relieved to feel the air was cold but not frigid. I flipped on the light to see a turtle-shaped mound under the comforter, at the base of the center pole. For some odd reason, I was reminded of the snake that eats an elephant and looks like a hat in The Little Prince.

I strode over to the mound, took a handful of the comforter and lifted it into the air, exposing the naked man underneath, curled into a fetal ball. Sleepy boy’s eyes fluttered open. I slapped him with on the thigh with the tip of the riding crop—a doubled flap of leather about the length of a thumb and two fingers wide. It made a satisfying snapping sound. Danny’s leg jerked.

Rise and Shine!

“Rise and shine, sweetheart!” I commanded, snapping the crop against his thigh again. His whole body jerked this time and stiff muscles came to life. He rose unsteadily on his hands and knees. Aiming the tip of the crop at Danny’s ass, I rained down a shower of quick, light blows that raised red blotches on the white skin and sent blood coursing through his body. “Listen up, pet. I want you to go upstairs to the bathroom and take a hot shower, then dry off and crawl to my bedroom.

“Yes, Mistress,” Danny replied groggily.

I reached down and unwound the leash from the steel pole. “Move, pet, we have to be out the door in an hour, and I have plans for you.” I slapped the crop against Danny’s ribs and he scurried forward, crawling on hands and knees toward the stairs. I kept up the rain of blows landing on his sweet ass as he climbed the stairs, crawled through the dining room and into the bathroom. By the time he got through the doorway and scrambled onto the tile floor next to the tub, he was breathing hard.

“Five minutes, slave. I expect you to knock on my bedroom door in five minutes.”

I retired to my bedroom, stripped off my pajamas and crawled back into bed. I fluffed the pillows and settled into a semi-upright position against the headboard. I took the small, bullet-shaped vibrator from the nightstand drawer and turned it onto my favorite setting. I put the vibrator against my clit and felt it work its magic while I leaned my head against the pillow and closed my eyes. I heard knocking on the door just as I was starting to get aroused.

“Come in, slave.”


The door swung open. With my free left hand, I patted the mattress between my legs, keeping the vibrator against my clit with my right. “Climb up here, slave, put your face between my legs.”

Danny climbed up on the bed. I saw his cock was hard, filling the cage. He crawled forward to my crotch. I could tell he was surprised to see me using the vibrator. He knew I owned one, but I had never used it in his presence, unconsciously thinking that it would be an affront to his manly prowess. I mean, after all, I had his lips, tongue and cock to arouse me, right? Well, all that had changed. He was my slave now, and I would arouse myself any old (or new) way I pleased. And it pleased me to use both the vibrator and his tongue at the same time. “Put your tongue out, pet,” I commanded.

Danny extended his tongue, which was nicely shaped, pink, clean and all mine. “Now press your tongue softly against my cunt, slave, very softly, like you are licking the petal of a flower.”

Danny inched forward and put his tongue against my labia, ever so lightly. I pressed down harder on my clit with the vibrator. “Okay, now a little more firmly, make slow circles with your tongue.”

Following Directions

Danny did as he was instructed, and it was heavenly. I took the back of his head with my left hand and drew him in. “Put your tongue inside me. Move it in and out—gently—like it’s your cock.”

Danny began probing my vagina with his tongue. I circled my clit with the vibrator, and swiftly felt the welling of an orgasm in my thighs. My spine tingled, starting from the nape of my neck and working down. It intercepted the current rising up my thighs, the two currents intersecting at my clitoris. Then came the explosion, radiating out in every direction, making my toes curl and my scalp tingle.

God, I love my orgasms. I held Danny’s face hard against my cunt and let him feel the muscles pulsating in my vagina, waves of pleasure flooding through my body, then receding like a tide going back out to sea. I realized I was holding Danny’s head with both hands; I had dropped the vibrator. I heard him choking a little, struggling for his breath. I relaxed my grip and let his face withdraw a few inches.

“Mmmmmm, that was nice, slave. Now let’s do it again. Lay on your back, and put your head here.” I patted the wet spot on the sheets between my legs. As Danny rolled over, I slipped around to the side and then straddled the top of his thighs, so that his caged cock was directly in front of me. There was no way I could possibly take it inside me, but it was erotic just the same, looking like some caged rocket, Danny looking back at me and longing for me to uncage him and mount his throbbing cock.

I took the cage in my hands and bent over, swept my tongue across the swollen flesh between the stainless-steel wires. I opened my mouth wide and took it deeply, sliding it in and out between my lips. Danny’s breathing accelerated. I didn’t want him to cum, so after a teasing minute or so of deep throat fellato, I stopped. I lifted up and over the cock cage and settled on Danny’s heaving chest.


From his chest, I slid forward, straddling his neck. I spotted the vibrator in a fold of the sheet, near the edge of the bed. I reached over and took it between my thumb and forefinger, then placed it against Danny’s lips. “Suck my little friend, slave. Suck it, just like it’s my dick.”

Danny puckered his lips and I inserted the lipstick-sized red bullet. He began eagerly sucking on it.

“I bet you wish it was bigger, don’t you, slave? I bet you wish it was as big as your dick, and you were sucking my hard cock, don’t you?”

Of course, Danny couldn’t speak, but I saw it in his eyes, yes, yes, he wanted that, yes, yes. I pulled the vibrator from his mouth and pressed it against my clit. I moved forward, laying my cunt on Danny’s mouth, settling down so that my crotch completely enclosed his face, so that my sex suffocated him, so that he could hardly breath. His arms were stretched out perpendicular to the bed, fingers clawing at the sheet. I rose up an inch, letting him breath. He took in a long, sucking breath. “You like me sitting on your face, don’t you slave, my cunt against your mouth. You can imagine dying that way, can’t you?”

Imagine dying like that!?

I knew he did. Once, riding Danny’s cock, I leaned over and buried his face with my breasts, feeling him greedily suck my nipples. He pushed me away for a second and blurted that he could die this way. La petite mort. I looked down into Danny’s eyes. “Well?”

His liquid eyes were deep, a bottomless well. He blinked. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Well, I won’t let you die just yet, but you may think you are, slave.” I eased back down and began rotating my hips, grinding my cunt against his face. I held the vibrator to my clit, felt its vibrations drill down to my core, feeding into the sexual current that flowed through my body. Harder now against Danny’s face, totally enveloping him. His arms reached in, hands grasping my waist, pulling me down against him. He loved it. I was suffocating him and he loved it. Why that hit the orgasm button I don’t know, but I just suddenly exploded, harder than I ever have in my life. I felt myself squirting into my slave’s mouth. Drink or drown. I felt Danny gulping down my release.

I wondered what this discharge was made of. Was there such a thing a female ejaculate? I didn’t know. But this was the second time this flood coursed out of me. Danny’s grip on my waist slackened and his chest heaved. I lifted up and he sucked in air like a man breaking the surface after a long dive.

Hot tears leaked from the corners of my eyes. I lifted off Danny’s face and shifted down to his chest. His face glistened with my juices, brown eyes wide and blinking, looking up at me with awe, adoration, lust and desire. I shifted down until his caged cock pressed against my derriere. I began to rise and fall, lifting with my thigh muscles, rubbing the cage in the crack between the cheeks of my ass.

“Oh, please, Mistress,” Danny moaned.

“Please what, slave?” I mocked him.

“Please let me come.”

“Please let me come, Mistress,” I corrected, my ass rising and falling against the cage.

“Please let me come, Mistress,” he begged.

Not today Pet

I looked at him thoughtfully. My gaze went to the alarm clock. We had thirty minutes to get out the door. “Not this morning, pet. But thank you for servicing me so well, you’ve been a good boy.”

The expression of lust and frustration radiating from Danny’s face was intense, almost frightening. He was desperate. “Please, Mistress,” he demanded, “just let me cum!”


My reaction was instantaneous and unplanned. I slapped him across the face, hard enough to make his face jerk and sting my hand. I was shocked by what I had done. Filled with remorse, I reached out to caress his cheek. Blood rose to the surface where I had struck him.

Should I apologize? My instinct told me no, that would be a mistake—even if it had been a mistake to slap him. I was learning as I went; mistakes were going to happen. Reading mistress manuals didn’t prepare you for moments like this. Tenderly, I said to Danny, “When I say no, pet, I mean no. Never beg unless I order you to beg, or you’ll be punished immediately. Is that understood?”

Danny nodded. “Yes, Mistress.” I searched his eyes, looking for a flash of anger, or even worse, disappointment. But that’s not what I saw. I saw something else—respect.

“You need another shower, slave, and so do I. Go to the bathroom and turn the water on, wait for me by the side of the tub,” I ordered. “I’ll be right behind you.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I swung myself to the side of the bed so Danny could get up. He slid off the bed and stood up. I let him take one step. “Slave, you will get down on the floor in my presence unless I tell you otherwise. Crawl to the bathroom.”

Danny dropped on all fours and crawled out the door. I flopped down on the bed, rolled over on my back and stared up at the ceiling. Oh. My. God.

I had become a Mistress.

And I liked it.

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