Carly, My Dominant Female Instructor (2)

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My First Lesson With My Dominant Female Instructor Begins

“It starts tomorrow.” My dominant female instructor had said, and with that on my mind, I got on my bike and headed for baseball practice. Not one of my best practices, coach yelled at me to get my mind on the game as I missed signals, threw to wrong bases and even lost my glove for a few minutes. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. What she had said, that look on her face as she stared me down, and, of course, the promised lesson from the little dominant female instructor. What did that mean and why did I both dread it and look forward to it?

I awoke the next morning to the sound of my new neighbor’s car backing out of the driveway just outside my bedroom window. I peeked out just in time to see her hot dominant female instructor mom was behind the wheel. No sign of the man of the house or either daughters. School was still 3 weeks away from convening after summer vacation so most of my buddies, like me, slept in till mid morning. I turned back over to catch a few more hours and was just drifting off when I heard the doorbell ringing insistently. My folks both worked and my sister had spent the night at a friend’s house so I knew I was alone. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tee, still dressing as I went to the front door.

dominant female instructor

Carly Knocks On The Door And Surprises Him

I looked through the peephole and there she was, shorts and t-shirt again, barefooted, and another in a suddenly recurring series of boners sprang to half mast. Opening the door in THAT condition would have been embarrassing for me, so just as she was about to ring the doorbell again I said through the door “Uh, just a sec. let me get dressed.” It took a minute to will my embarrassing bulge to relax but it did and I opened the door and began a day that would shape and change my life forever. I went outside and we just started walking, and talking, down the street, around the block, the next block, no destination in mind, getting acquainted. She asked about school and I learned she was a year younger than me and would be in the sixth grade in the elementary school I had graduated from.

It comforted me that I was entering junior high grade 7 and it gave me some confidence. I was the experienced older guy who would show this wide eyed innocent dominant female the ropes. My cool self was imagining that she must be pretty impressed with my been there, done that attitude and we were getting along easily, sharing our history, telling our story. She told me that Doug, the adult man/boy I saw her mother destroy last evening, wasn’t her real dad but had been with her mom since she could remember and that he was a decent guy and (listen to this!) did what he was told to do. “By your mom?” I asked.

Mom Rules The Household

“Well, of course. Duh! And by me, too! And Cleo when she turns 11 in a couple of years.” This was crazy, I thought. “No way! You’re telling me that not only is your mom the boss of him, but YOU are, too? And your little sister will be also? Are you shitting me?” “No! Isn’t your mother the boss in your house?”

“No! My dad is the boss.” (Hmmm… not really, I realized. I guess mom did make most of the decisions and dad is on the road a lot so she usually IS in charge.) “Where is your stepdad now?” I asked her. “Does he work? I saw your mom driving off this morning. Was she going to work?”

“Doug is doing his housework like always. I gotta check up on him pretty soon and make sure he’s not goofing off. Remind me. And mom? “Yeah, she teaches self defense and fighting techniques at the police department. She is a very dominant female instructor. Today is her first day at her new job. That’s why we moved here. They hired her away from the same job in the Fort Worth police department. She’s really good at her job. I wanna be just like her! She’s been training me and Cleo for years now!” “To fight? So you can beat up almost any girl now?” “Easily, and almost any boy too! In fact boys are easier to beat up. They have so many weak spots and they give up easier. Most of them start crying when they realize they can’t win. Big babies!”

Can Carly Really Beat Me Up?

So I’m standing there looking down at this beautiful little princess that I have 6 inches and 40 pounds on and she wants me to believe she would have a chance to win if we wrestled or had a fight? No freaking way, she must be talking about first or second grade boys. And I know her mom looks in shape and all but she’s lying about teaching cops to fight and being a dominant female instructor. So I called her bluff.

“So you think you could beat me up?” I waited for her to backtrack, admit that she was just joking. I was actually snarling at her, taunting her, flexing my muscles, in a way. She didn’t like my attitude. Her relaxed little girl persona stiffened and just for a second it seemed she was assuming a defensive stance. Then just as quickly, the little girl returned and she looked at my face with those gorgeous baby blues, smiled so sweetly, and said, “Look at my feet. See how dirty they are? I could have you on your hands and knees licking them clean in less than a minute.”

dominant female instructor

A Bet That Changes His Life Forever

“Hah!!! Wanna bet?” I was getting a little pissed off by now. I didn’t want to hurt her but I wanted to SHOW her! “Yes, I do, if I win, I’m your boss and you have to do everything I TELL you to do.” “What if I win?” My imagination was running full tilt. “It doesn’t matter, you won’t. You wanna do it now?” She wasn’t smiling anymore. I looked around, we were on our street, not far from home. I didn’t want to do this outside in public.

Anyone could either witness me beating up a little girl or being beaten up by a little girl. A lose/lose situation. “How about my back yard?” she said. “No one can see you get humiliated there if that’s what you’re afraid of!” “Let’s go, then.” says I, “and here’s what I get when….”She cut me off with “Shut up, you won’t win.”With that, we headed for her back yard, both talking trash to each other all the way.

Carly, The Dominant Female Instructor Overpowers Him

“You’re sure you wanna do this?” One more chance for her to back down, her last chance. I was just going to get her in a bear hug and restrain her until she gave up. Easy breezy. We stood 2 feet apart, each in our defensive stances awaiting for our opponent’s first move. Fuck it, I’ll just grab her and wrap her up. I advanced.

The rest is a blur, I can’t really tell you what she did to me and I really don’t want to, but I just remember my right arm being gripped, forced back, suddenly in pain, being tripped and falling heavily on my back with a thud. She was on my chest and forced my arm between her thighs and rolled me over and suddenly had me scissored between her bare legs with my left arm also enclosed. I instinctively bucked and kicked to get free but ended up in a worse position on my back immobilized and her foot under my chin pushing my head back. Her dirty foot came to the side of my face and forced it to the ground.

Every time I struggled against it, she slapped me hard with her foot. So hard that I actually saw stars. I felt like crying, but somehow didn’t. I relaxed my body and gave in to my humiliation, my defeat at the hands (and feet!) of this cute little assassin and, what a surprise, my dick stiffened in a mini second. “Lick it, boy, lick it clean, bottom to top, and between my toes until I tell you to stop.

dominant female instructor

A Little Foot Worship Goes A Long Way

“I want my feet clean enough to eat off of because that’s what you are gonna do.” What could I say? As ordered, I started licking the heel and working my way up, careful to not miss a spot, licking with a fervor and if that didn’t get it, I sucked on her feet. I took each toe individually into my mouth and stuck my tongue between each toe time and time again. She would occasionally lift her foot and look before saying “Not good enough” and slap me with it before I got back to it.

After a few minutes of this, I realized she had released me from her hold and was lazily rubbing my face with both feet, sometimes inserting almost her whole foot in my mouth. I continued to work diligently on both feet as she just talked about our future together, that she was in love with me at first glance and knew I would submit to her. That I was weak and needed a strong female presence and dominant female instructor to teach me life lessons. “You’re my boyfriend now and your life is gonna change. You’ll do things my way. Carly’s Way. Now, finish my feet.”

It’s Carly’s Way Now

I had never felt anything like this before. It had never occurred to me that being humiliated by a girl could make me feel that something wonderful had just taken place. I comfortably decided to just roll with it, I’d analyze it later. Those feet weren’t just going to clean themselves. I came sexually for the first, second and third time in my life without even using my hand to stimulate myself. My shorts were wet and I knew she saw that, but she didn’t tease me or even mention it. It was like she expected it to happen.

We lay that way for another hour or so, on our backs watching the clouds overhead shift from one shape to another against a perfect blue sky, our hands behind our heads, so relaxed, both of her feet resting on my face. She talked about our future and how my life was going to change. She would teach me to respect, revere, and serve the female populous, including both our mothers, her sister and my little sister. I wasn’t sure how she meant that but I was sure she only meant treat them with respect.

Men Must Respect, Revere, And Serve Women

And that’s what I did, I became a better son, a more responsible brother. I did what mom told me to do without complaint. Before long I was doing whatever my sister wanted done. She had become Cleo’s closest friend and Cleo had become her mentor. And, believe me, Cleo had a bossy attitude naturally attained from her mother and sister Carly and she passed that on to my sister. I complained to Carly about it expecting her to squash that little revolt. Carly took action immediately.

The next day she phoned me, telling me to come over right away, that she had rounded up both girls and we were going to have a come to Jesus meeting and set the parameters of proper behavior, and, by the way, her mom was going to sit in. Good! Those little brats were in for it! Turns out I was the one going to Jesus.

And I may as well had been wearing a collar and a leash and lacy panties as I made that trek. For the first time, my submission to my girlfriend took a turn for the worse and I began to realize what Carly had meant when she promised to teach me to respect, revere and serve the females in my life. It’s all on tape, that meeting, let me set the projector up and we’ll watch it together. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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