Month: January 2015


I Need a Pedicure From my submissive sissy!

I Need a Pedicure From my Submissive Sissy!

Because pedicures are a must!

If you are lucky enough for a Femdom dominant woman to allow you to give her a pedicure then you better do it well and regularly sissy! So brush up on your skills so you can start doing this regularly.




I need a Pedicure are your skills up to par..If you think they are you should apply for a job.

If you need any pointers here is a great video to help teach you. If your going to be a good boy then you need to learn, and don’t forget color matters!




clean my boots slave

Clean my Boots submale! NOW!

This Mistress needs her boots cleaned for this weekend sissy… why is it that I need to ask…You should know better by now to make sure that I am always happy! As a submale you should know better. You should be anticipating my every need, do I need to retrain you? I will if I have to it might even be fun! Are you sure you really want me to have fun at your expense? Oh…Now I see what you’re doing…You want me to retrain you, don’t you. Well your in for a fun surprise this weekend, better get ready!!

Clean my Boots submale!

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