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I have been a slave to Goddess Melissa for five years now and I am honored. Honored every day that She still allows me to worship and serve Her. It all began on a homework slavery website when we were both in college. This was just my submissive flavor of the week, but I had always been extremely submissive ever since I could remember; even in middle school, I fantasized more about worshipping girls’ feet than kissing them…. Read More




cuckold slaveI’ve always been attracted to strong and older Women. Lucky for me my looks and charm generally don’t disappoint with regards to getting these Women. However as I started to fall more and more involved with femdom, I started to seek a more serious ‘relationship.’

It was my second year of college and although I’d slept with mostly Dominant Women and done a few ‘femdom’ roleplaying scenes, I hadn’t actually been tied down yet (excuse the pun). All the girls my age are just up for a little ‘kinky’ fun with no cockold and then they move on. As the Captain of my football team in High School I always kept my attraction to Femdoms very discreet. I had too much pride to admit to the world that I was actually a submissive male who longed to be dominated and controlled by a powerful BDSM Woman… Read More

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