Finding My Smoking Mistress

Finding My Smoking Mistress I have always had a fetish for beautiful woman that smoke. I remember growing up in the seventies where my mom … Read more

Femdom Mistress

Femdom Mistress Lady Wednesday – Part 3

Femdom Mistress Lady Wednesday – Part 3 Anything you like the least? I don’t have a natural inclination to verbally humiliate My subs or slaves. It … Read more

Femdom Miss Allison Leigh Part 2

Femdom Miss Allison Leigh  Part 2 What is your favorite fetish? I’m a true pervert and enjoy a ton of fetishes on all ends of the … Read more

Female Led Relationship

Frustrated Slave

Frustrated Slave When women are keeping us frustrated with tease and denial and/or chastity (or even if the man is just a premature ejaculator), and … Read more


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