My First Experience as a Submissive Man

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 My First Experience as a Submissive Man

(My Virtual Experience)


I know all the dominant women are not going to be pleased by reading my story. I broke one of the most important rules in the world of the female lead.

I pushed a woman to act like a dominant one even if she was not a real one.

I do apologize for that but I was so excited by this first experience.

I met this woman on She had dark hair and seemed to be quite sexy in the photographs

I started corresponding with her.

“Is it always up to the man to start the discussion?”

“Yes it is normally”: she answered me.

I must recognize that it was at the beginning of a very casual conversation.

Then I tried to orientate the conversation.

“I guess you are right” I answered her.

“I am always right” she answered me immediately.

I was surprised. There was something different in this woman, something very attractive for submissive men.

“I like women who are always right and who are very strong and confident.”

“I have already noticed that,” she said.

“Do you like men like me?” I asked her.

“Not really” she responded.

I was really disappointed with this answer. A few minutes before, I thought I had met the “woman” I was expecting for a long time.

I had been so excited at the beginning that I thought I could try to convince her to explore her dominant side. I was pretty sure she was a naturally dominant woman and she didn’t know that just yet.

“What kind of man do you like? I asked her.

“ I don’t know,” she said” but I don’t like submissive men like you”

“So if I understand you, you like the men who ask you to do the housekeeping, the cooking and to take care of them,” I said to her

“I wouldn’t say that. I am not attracted by submissive men but I could appreciate a nice guy.” She said.

“Then you should admit that a man who is ready to do whatever you want is tempting?”

“I have never thought about that before but why not?”

At this time, I thought I had won.

Then after a few days and after a few talks, I understood it was just a game for her.

She was pretty clear about that.

We have exchanged multiple messages.

Then one evening, she took control over me until she gave me the order to come twice within a few minutes.

I kept this on my mind for a long time the souvenir of this Wednesday evening as my first experience as a submissive man.

Over one week, I talked with her every evening.

Then one evening:

“So, you left me yesterday evening without saying goodbye “

She was talking about the fact I left the conversation the day before without saying anything. I was so tired that I felt asleep.

“I am so sorry mistress. I have no excuse”: I answered her.

“Then tonight, you are not allowed to touch yourself”: she said with a masterful voice. I had gotten used to touch myself during our evening conversations.

“Whatever you want mistress but I am wondering if I am going to succeed at it. Maybe you could allow me to come in exchange of something?”

“So you want to play now? Fine but tonight, I am the one who choses the rules and who decides how and when you can come.”

I was shaking. No woman ever talked me like that.

We started to exchange a lot of messages. I was totally losing my mind. I was so confused that when she asked me to send her a picture of my erection, I did it with no hesitation.

“You have such a strong hard-on, so you really do enjoy this game.” She said.

“Yes Mistress, a lot!” I answered. I wanted to come straight away.

“Stop touching yourself now and wait for my orders. Otherwise, if you disobey, I will quit our little game.”

I was totally shocked but I followed her order.

Then we kept talking over 15 minutes. I could hardly bear the wait.

Suddenly, she gave me this new order:

“Now you can start again to touch yourself but wait for my signal to come!”

“Yes mistress, all what you want.” I could not control anything anymore, neither my body nor my mind.

She kept on playing her role perfectly.

“You like it my little submissive man! Imagine yourself on you knees at my feet, like a good puppy! I hope you have not already cum? Otherwise…!”

And suddenly,

“You must cum now! It is an order!”

“Thank you so much, Mistress”

My orgasm was so good and strong that I could hardly write on my computer.

During the following night, I had a lot of dreams about orders to follow.

The next morning, I was obliged to get back to reality.

I checked my mailbox and I saw this email warning me that my account has been removed on the app because of sexual pictures not allowed.

It happened what I had feared. It was over.

I created another account to try to get in touch with her.

Until now, I have still not received any news from my virtual Mistress.

This experience confirmed for me that I enjoy, a lot, being a submissive man.

Now, I have to find the woman who would be a natural Mistress.

I want my virtual Mistress to know I will always be grateful to her. I hope she enjoyed the games as much as I did.

By Madmax56

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