Inevitable Matriarchy – Worshiping the Divine Goddess

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Inevitable Matriarchy – Worshiping the Divine Goddess

Divine Goddess: Do you believe in Karma? The idea that the energy put out into this world comes back around, often much stronger than before. On that note alone one can conclude that men will soon receive thousands of years of inferiority to the female race due to their ruthless past behaviors towards women. Men have suppressed, so now they will face suppression at high rates of extremities. Men have been sadistic without mercy, now they will face their Goddess’ wrath. The list goes on.
Before the rise of the patriarchy men knew their place. They had a natural sense for the extreme power the female race holds. Societies primarily worshipped the Goddess (Divine feminine) as creator of the universe. Somehow men became complacent, which soon led to their current savage and ignorant ways.


Divine Goddess

It is my belief that the all mighty Goddess let this happen so one day women could rise to Ultimate power and hold valid reason never to let men out from under their clutch, ever again.

The coming Matriarchy is inevitable. In fact, there’s a plethora of information to prove it is already taking place. As time goes on and more women realize the strength they possess the shift of power will be permanent. Let’s look at three major sources of power in which women are currently gaining control.
First off, knowledge is power. Women are currently dominating as high school valedictorians and are ahead in the race for obtaining higher education. Saul Kaplan talks about this in his article “The Plight of Young Males.” He fearfully concludes a paragraph with, “If today’s trends continue unaltered, the last young man in the US to get a college degree will do so in 2068.” He also mentions the fact that, “Over the last decade two million more women graduated from college than men.”

Women Dominating

Through higher education one can gain access to independent wealth, shedding the need to submit to someone to get money. Being highly educated also opens the door to social influence, a key factor to mass domination.

Next we have the idea that men are physically stronger than women. Is this true? I believe that’s just another psychological attack of suppression. There are plenty of ways to combat this idealism, first would be to eat well and grow to your maximum height; mothers should ensure their daughter eat very nutritious diets. According to, “Several hundred Norwegian girls were treated with oestrogen in their childhood to keep from growing too tall.” These poor girls suffered terrible health issues as a result.



This type of oppression should not be tolerated. The opposite must occur. Women should do everything they can to ensure they are physically dominant as well. If not men may resort to brute force when the matriarchy is fully forged.

Last would be spiritual domination. Many people are becoming aware that Christianity is partially fueling the current patriarchy. The old pagan ways seem to be resurfacing. It is not my objective to discuss religious controversy here, to each their own. I only wish to say Goddess spirituality is slowly returning, and to promote worship of the divine feminine would surely shine light upon whom holds the true power. There are functioning Goddess temples around the world, if interested try It holds much information on Goddess worship and where that takes place.

Goddess Worship

So yes, progress is being made, and in due time women as a whole will surely dominate. Once the power and glory is restored to its rightful owner the world will experience a beauty no one has ever even dreamed of. What was once suppressed will radiate with love and vibrancy and the ugliness of the male ego will be reduced to that of an insect, crushed easily. Praise to the Almighty Goddess, and blessings to all woman whom are currently on the quest for power.


Your humble servant,
Sir HipKat.

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