The Perfect Female Led Relationship: 20 Rules to Follow

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The Perfect Female Led Relationship: 20 Rules to Follow

For the sake of simplicity we will be referring to our slave’s as “it”. Female Led Relationship’s must be outlined from the beginning in order to have a healthy relationship.

Female Led Relationship

  1.  The male must always use Her correct title. Mistress, Goddess, Your Majesty, it is a good idea to give it a few to use but also to forbid certain names also, like Princess as this implies that You have someone superior to You. It should be a title befitting unquestioned rule.
  2.  When naming Your slave use something that objectifies or humiliates it, confusing its gender is also fun. Mix them up – toy, thing, slave, pet and bitch are some of my favorites.
  3.  The slaves head should NEVER be above the centre of his world – its Owners vagina.
  4.  Make it worship You ritually every morning and night, he should be made to orally service You at least once per day.
  5.  Develop a mantra to show it the power You have over it and have it repeat it back to You. ‘You belong to me, I own you, You are a …’ this can be used time and again though out your female led relationship.
  6.  Fuck with its mind as much as possible.
  7.  Repetition and consistency are two of the most important aspect to control. Never allow any misdemeanor’s to pass and enforce repetition of the mantra’s multiple times.
  8.  It should be kept naked or preferably in female clothing, to help expel any sense of worth or masculinity.
  9.  A collar and leash should be used. Even for short trips around the house and at bed time. This should only ever be handled by the Owner. In a female led relationship this will be rather fun experience.
  10.  It should not be allowed on any furniture, unless expressly told by its Owner. A blanket, a dog basket or similar in the bedroom should suffice for sleeping and I would also advise the slave is leashed to the bed during this time.
  11.  The slave should always need to ask for permission to use the bathroom, this provides an excellent opportunity to deny it to the point where it urinates itself. Giving the ideal reason to punish it, after it has cleaned up of course.
  12.  All household task should of course be carried out by the slave. A predefined chores list should be assigned, this should be a tight schedule that must be strictly adhered to, if a task is not finished within the allotted time, punishment will be due. Play time can also be scheduled for sissies, so they are made to play with their dollies while cleaning is unfinished. They can either beg permission to break the schedule or leave housework incomplete which is a nice opportunity to be evil.
  13. After the breaking in period,the slave must be kept in chastity at all times and never be allowed possession of the key. Again the Female Led relationship head should lock or unlock the cage, when needed for cleaning or occasionally rewarding it reminding the pet at all times who is in control.
  14.  Tease your slave as much as possible. If you do this whenever it is in contact with you, after just a few weeks it will leak pre-cum at the sight or sound of you. Vibrating remote control toys and a mischievous attitude are an excellent ways to do this.
  15.  Assign it tasks that are impossible to complete, this will help ensure it knows its worthlessness.
  16.  Try to extend the periods where it is kept in chastity each time. The longer it is aroused and denied for the more submissive it will become.
  17.  The most common form of intercourse should be with a dildo. Either regular or face mounted and these should be larger than his own cock.
  18.  Any ejaculation by the slave should be after some humiliating episode and ONLY if expressed permission has been granted. I would also recommend that most of these are ruined orgasms to limit pleasure. However full orgasms should still be very infrequently allowed as this aids motivation.
  19.  Any goo expelled by the slave should be consumed by it.
  20.  Any rule may be changed at any time by Her discretion. Her word is final.

Female Led Relationship

These are our rules to help you live a perfect Female led relationship. We hope you enjoyed them and if you have any you would like to add please feel free!

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