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Stay Down and Shush Up Your Just a Submissive Man

Stay Down and Shush Up


Statistically, things aren’t easy for a submissive man. A study into the members of Slave Selection revealed that Mistresses Domm are in high demand. They receive hundreds of messages, while men struggle to get one.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying your luck with a rose and a new message every day. But please recognize when enough is enough – sometimes this will be when a woman’s message  ‘I’m not interested’. Sometimes it will be when she turns you down. Stop writing to her again and again!

You deserve sexual fulfillment. But you’ll never get it until you acknowledge that she does too. Try to have the sexiest and exciting profile first. Be attractive, be smart, and learn to know your place!!!

submissive man
Stay down and shush up… i’m watching TV…




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