Smoking Mistress

Strong, dominant, handsome and sexy femdom Mistress in over knee boots and black nylon stockings is standing above masked femdom slave while smoking and using him as the human ashtray. It seems that she perfected this simple action. In the free smoking mistress in boots video below you are about to see her enjoying her smokes. At the same time, her masked male slave is forced to be close to her, on his knees. His position is pretty unpleasant since everything is going on outside, on the rough concrete. His knees are hurting from just standing there.

Anyway, smoking mistress in boots knows this very well so she is intentionally smoking slowly. She is letting her sub slave suffer while she enjoys her smokes. In the over two minutes smoking fetish video below, you will see her teasing a slave in sexy nylon stockings and over knee boots. With a collar around his neck and mouth wide opened, slave’s only role  is to suffer while she is smoking. As you would expect, such nice and glamorous Goddess won’t leave ashes all around. There si a simple solution for that. She is using her servant as a human ashtray. He has to swallow all the ashes she puts inside his mouth. If he doesn’t do it, this cruel smoking mistress in boots will think something even worse for him. So the only thing that is left for this pathetic femdom slave it to stay calm, swallow and wait that his dominatrix finishes smoking her expensive smokes.


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  1. Creo en la superioridad de la mujer sobre el hombre desde que tengo uso de razón y amo la dominación femenina, Me gustaría mantener correspondencia con masoquista como yo para contarnos cómo descubrimos que lo eramos y cómo lo asumimos. Si alguien quiere escribirme

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