Ruined orgasms over and over in bondage chair

“What does a ruined orgasm feel like? And what’s the point?”

It feels like a total disappointment for the submale. Your brain is stuck in a loop of ‘This’ll be good, that’ll be good…’ and then it’s…not good. And it’s over. Another missed opportunity to catch a bit of pleasure from an indifferent universe before death removes all possibility of pleasure.

Okay, that’s a little much. The individual’s age and experience will have a large impact on what the individual feels and how they interpret those feelings.

A 20-year-old has an expectation of success that the first ruined orgasm will shatter, and the look on their face of “What the fuck was that?” is so adorable.

The point being, as in so many human interactions, I have the power to ruin something you used to find enjoyable and I have control over how you experience the world. I can manipulate your senses and you will feel what I allow you to feel.

I do enjoy a scene of edging a young guy way past anything he thought reasonable or possible and then snatching away his climax at the last possible moment. Sadists are like that.

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