Milking the slave

What is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking involves using the prostate to release semen with minimal or no stimulation of the cock or balls. While the prostate is sensitive and is considered an erogenous zone for most men, rubbing it gently enough will cause the fluid to release without granting the man a full orgasm.

The two things that make an orgasm pleasurable are:


  • Muscle contractions of the penis and surrounding area
  • Release of relaxing “pleasure” hormones, such as oxytocin, by the brain


With prostate milking, neither of these occur. The semen is released using only the muscles of the prostate area, meaning that the penis does not contract. Since these contractions don’t happen, no signal is sent to the brain to release any oxytocin.

What Does It Feel Like For Him?

If the prostate is milked successfully, enough fluid will be drained out to keep the prostate healthy and eliminate any risk of bacterial infection. About the same amount of fluid will be released as in a more “traditional” penis-focused orgasm.

However, the man will continue to be frustrated and horny (due to testosterone being released by their brain without any oxytocin to calm them down) but be completely unable to experience any form of sexual release until the prostate has produced a full new batch of semen. Of course, this process usually takes at least an hour at minimum, so that gives keyholders plenty of time to tease their slaves with absolutely zero risk of any accidental orgasm slipping out!

Prostate milking is not particularly pleasurable for men. They may enjoy the feeling of having their prostate massaged and their cock may even attempt to become erect during the process. (Of course, their nice, tightly locked cage will prevent that from happening!) However, the ultimate release will be a frustrating let down when compared to the orgasms they used to experience before surrendering their poor little cock to your control.

Lock the Cock’s very own co-founder Mark has experienced regular milkings from his milk-happy mistress Corrinne. He describes the process as such:

“It feels more like I’m peeing than like I’m cumming. Like, instead of something pleasurable, it’s just this mandatory task that I have to do to make sure my body’s still working right. It’s just a dull feeling of releasing fluid. There’s no pleasure attached any more.”


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