Chastity Slave

Deciding on where a male chastity lifestyle will eventually lead to is a
question that couples should talk about before actually locking him up.

More often than not, male chastity fits in perfectly with a D/s, Femdom or a
FLR (Female Led Relationship). Orgasm denial, in conjunction with a
chastity device, is just a natural extension of a Femdom relationship.

But not always. There are vanilla couples who embrace male chastity without
ever getting involved with any other D/s activities. They happen to be the exceptions

For many kinky couples, locking the male up while denying him orgasms is just
an occasional fantasy game to be played and they are perfectly happy to keep it that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are females who keep their
husbands or boyfriends locked up 24/7, practice long term orgasm denial along
with other Femdom activities such as whippings, verbal and public humiliation,
feminization, frequent

tease and denial sessions and, if she so desires, even cuckolding.


Female Led Relationship


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