Bitta VonSweet’s foot slave loves when she stomps on his dick and balls. “He loves the pressure,” she told me. “The feeling of my full weight on him is exhilarating. The meaner I am to him, the more he is willing to serve.”

Once, when he was laying beside her bed while she stepped on his penis sticking out from a cockbox, she climbed onto her bed and jumped off—onto the box, full force.

“His eyes were as wide as saucers as he grabbed the sides of the box to brace for impact,” she said. “I can only compare it to landing on concrete and smashing a water balloon, without it popping! He let out a gasp of air and replied, ‘I love you, Mistress.’ I thought, wow. That’s loyalty and dedication. Not to mention I got the giggles and wanted to do it again. His reaction was priceless.”


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