Trained as her Fuck Toy – Part 2

Trained as her Fuck Toy – Part 2

 Trained Fuck toy

Chapter 2

He was getting used to the chastity device, it tended to wake him in the mornings when his cock often tried to get hard but it was almost invisible when he was dressed and he had learnt to shower with it on and keep it clean, he was a trained fuck toy.

It had been a week since his first meeting and he opened the letterbox to find a white envelope labelled “For Fuck Toy”. He winced at the memory and opened it to find a simple message-

“Report to the shop at 4.30 today and tell the assistant that you are looking for a uniform for a fancy dress party. She will hand you two sets of clothes and show you to the changing booth. She will also give you an envelope with further instructions. See you soon. Mistress “

The rest of the day passed in a haze but promptly at 4.30 he entered the shop, was handed the clothes and entered the booth. Bolting the door behind him, he opened the second envelope.

“Strip, face the mirror and wait”

He stripped off and wearing only the chastity device, looked into the mirror. Suddenly the lights went off and he heard the mirror swing open. His hands were taken and he was led through the doorway. Dim lights came on as the door closed behind him and he saw that he was being held by the two masked cat maids in front of the latex clad trainer.

“Welcome back, Fuck Toy. Your Mistress was pleased and now wishes us to test your oral skills before she starts on today’s training. Mask him and take up positions.”

He felt a mask being pulled over his head. Unlike the previous one this felt like rubber and was open around his mouth. Again it locked around his neck and he was thrown into darkness. He felt wrist and ankle straps being attached and a butt plug with tail inserted into his ass. Then he was pulled across the room, his hands restrained behind his back.

“Kneel” came the order and he was pushed down to his knees.

His head was pushed forward and he smelt the sweet musk of a female pussy as he felt legs being draped over his shoulders.

“Worship the pussy”

He kissed and licked at the hot wet pussy that his head was enveloped by. Carefully he worked his tongue into the tight cunt and then licked at the hardening clitoris, the juices ran into his mouth and he could feel the pain of his cock trying to stiffen inside the cage surrounding it. He kissed, sucked and licked; feeling the arousal of the woman enclosing his head, her legs tightened on his back, high heels digging into his skin as he worked her towards a climax.

“Crack” a crop lashed across his ass.

“That is enough. I think that you have passed that test sufficiently.”

He heard a moan above him as he was pulled away from the woman who was almost at orgasm.

“You, little cat, will wait until I am ready to give you pleasure. You will be restrained until you have calmed down. Toy, you did well, stand up”

Hampered by his bound wrists he struggled to his feet and was led across the room and through another door which he heard close behind him.

“hello Fuck Toy” husked the familiar voice “You really got that little maid going there, most impressive. You may find that I am more demanding. Now first let your Mistress prepare you.”

He felt her hands between his legs and the cage being removed from his genitals. His freed cock stiffened and he heard her chuckle.

“Good Fuck Toy, get nice and hard for your Mistress. If you do well I may give you relief later. Now stand still, your Mistress has another gift for you.”

There was a swishing sound and he felt pain across his bare ass cheeks.

“Count the strokes Toy”

He counted to ten by which time his ass was burning.

“just to remind you what happens if Mistress is displeased, my multi tailed flogger is a good way of punishing naughty toys. Now lie face down on the bed.”

She pushed him forward until his knees collided with the bed and he fell on to it, wriggling round until he was lying down with his plugged and sore ass in the air.

He heard her laugh.

“Very nice, but I think I’ll let your ass recover before I replace that plug with my strapon.”

He felt her release his wrists and roll him over. She clipped the wrist straps to restraints on the bed frame and he lay spread-eagled. She lowered herself slowly on to his face.

“ Eat my pussy Toy. Get your Mistress excited and you may be rewarded”

Obediently he started to lick and kiss her vagina, licking and sucking on her clitoris, fucking her with his tongue. Her hands played with his cock which quickly responded after a week in chastity.

“Good, your balls are nice and full. I’ll enjoy milking those later. First though, Mistress promised to decorate Toy. Keep worshipping me while I make your little titties pretty.”

Suddenly he felt his nipples being clamped. Any noise he tried to make was muffled by her crotch pressing down on his mouth and she laughed as his body twitched under her weight. The throb in his nipples was slowly fading as she started to play with his cock and balls. Pleasure and pain flooded his system as her juices started to flood into his mouth.

“go-o-od Tttoy” she stuttered as she began to reach her first climax. “mmmake ssure you drink all Mistress’s cum now”

Her cunt pulsed as she came. Her juices squirted into his mouth and he sucked and swallowed, gulping it down as the latex of his mask became slick with her cum. His senses reeled with the taste and smell of her orgasm and she rode his slippery latex clad head as if it were a giant cock. He lapped at her cunt and sucked the last trickle of fluid dripping from the engorged lips of her vagina and she slowly lifted herself of f. Kneeling beside his body she looked down at him.

“Very good Toy, I think you got nearly every drop. A little bit of overspill perhaps but it makes good lubricant. Now be patient and I’ll be back in a minute with your next treat.”

He felt the bed bounce slightly as she got off and heard her open a drawer. He lay, breathing deeply with the smell of her carried on every breath. She returned and he felt her adjusting his restraints and moving his head to the side. Something rubbery pushed at his mouth.

“open wide Fuck Toy. You can suck this and get it nice and wet for your Mistress like the cock sucking little slut you are going to be.”

He gagged as the condom covered strapon was inserted in his mouth.

“Do a proper job now, you know where it is going next and the wetter it is, the more fun we’ll have.”

As she fucked his mouth with her strapon, she played with his nipples and cock. The sensory overload dizzied him and he was hardly aware as she released his restraints and slid his legs off the bed so that he was kneeling on the floor with his ass in the air, Dimly he felt the tail being withdrawn from his anus and the strapon being thrust in.

“oohhh Yes, your little sissy cunt is getting bigger for your Mistress now. I’ll give you some training plugs to wear while you are not in my presence to get you ready for my big cock.”

Steadily she fucked him, her fingers playing with his cock and balls but ensuring that although he felt some pleasure, he was not likely to cum. At last he heard her orgasm again and the thrusting stopped. She unstrapped herself and moved away leaving his butt plugged.

“On your back now Toy. Time for Mistress to reward you for being satisfactory so far.”

He crawled back on the bed and lay back. Quickly she strapped his wrists back to the bed frame and then started to play with his cock until it was stiff and erect. Straddling his body she lowered herself onto the stiff dick. Her slippery cunt swallowed it up easily and she started to ride it. As she slid up and down his shaft, her hands tweaked his nipple clamps and played with the plug in his ass; the pain sensations from these areas inhibiting his urge to cum.

“Mistress wants all that milk from those big balls Fuck Toy. Don’t you dare cum before you are told.”

Expertly she fucked him, controlling his body until she was ready for her third climax. As she speeded up the rhythm he heard through the fog of his arousal;

“Now Toy, you may cum” and his body spasmed to a huge climax. He felt her cunt clamp and suck at his cock as he ejaculated gobbets of spunk into her. It seemed to go on forever until his prick shrank slowly out of her. She moved quickly up his body.

“Feeding time for Toy”

She positioned herself on his face and as the mingled cum started to trickle out of her, she started to play with her clitoris.

“Now Toy, eat Mistress all clean”

As his tongue started to lick at her sensitised clit, she started to squirt again, washing his spunk into his waiting mouth. He gagged and swallowed as the flood threatened to overwhelm him and listened as she moaned with pleasure at the repeated aftershocks of her final climax. Slowly he sucked and licked and hardly noticed as she carefully enclosed his now limp dick back in it’s cage.

Lifting herself off him, she stood beside the bed.

“Good toy. Mistress will always reward when you satisfy her. You are Mistress’s little cum slut toy now and I know that you will be eager for your next training session. Follow instructions and you will always be fed. Bye for now, the trainer will release you and give you some tasks to complete before I see you again.”

He heard her move away and then a door opened and closed. He lay on the bed exhausted and hardly noticed as soft hands removed the mask and released his restraints. The trainer looked down at him on the bed.

“Wash him down and then I’ll give him the instructions.”

The two cat maids helped him off the bed and placed him in a shower cubicle. One of them was now wearing a latex cat suit and she joined him in the cubicle and washed him down. The two of them then dried him and held him as the trainer approached. She handed him a small silk bag. Here are your training aids, instructions are enclosed. You will be expected to arrive for the next session wearing the largest plug. If you fail, then you may experience some discomfort not to mention punishment from your Mistress, so I advise you to be diligent. Goodbye for now.”

He was escorted back to the changing cubicle and after dressing, made his way out of the shop.

Mask 3

During the week since the last session with Mistress, he had followed the instructions with the four training plugs, wearing a new one every second day until on Friday morning he inserted the fourth and largest one. Feeling painfully full he pulled up his trousers and cautiously walked downstairs. There on the mat lay an innocent white envelope. He picked it up and sat down carefully, feeling the plug deep inside him. Opening the envelope he took out the letter and read:

“ Good morning Toy, I expect your sissy cunt is stretching nicely now. You will attend at the same time and place with your biggest plug in, and follow the instructions given to you.”

As on the previous week he entered the shop and was handed a bag by the lady behind the counter. She had a big grin on her face as she said “Good evening, your usual cubicle is free”. He carried the bag into the cubicle and locked the door wondering how much she knew about what he was doing.

Opening the enclosed envelope he read “Strip, ensure that your plug is secure, put on the enclosed clothes and wait facing the mirror”

Inside the bag he found a frilly pair of knickers and matching bra, all in shocking pink latex. It didn’t take him long to be ready, the latex lingerie had been already talcumed and fitted snugly so he looked at his reflection thinking that he was getting deeper into a very strange world.

The routine followed the previous week and he quickly found himself facing the trainer with a maid holding his arms. He saw that this week all the two masked maids were wearing black latex cat suits, while the trainer was elegantly dressed in a short black cocktail dress and high heeled pumps. Her mask was of shiny black leather .

“Good evening Toy. You look very fetching in pink and will understand the reason for latex later on this evening. Your Mistress is busy tonight and has left instructions for your training session. She will look forward to seeing your progress and knows that you will be happy to save your milk until She can give you release personally. You will be filmed for Her viewing pleasure. First you must be masked.”

She picked up a latex helmet from a small table and carefully enclosed his head in it, zipping it up the rear. He discovered that he had limited vision through two small eyepieces and his mouth was exposed although two tubes were inserted in his nostrils to give him some access to air. The trainer held a mirror up so that he could see that the latex matched his lingerie and that the breathing tubes snaked round the back of the helmet.

“Right girls, strap him into the throne and we will begin.”

He felt himself pulled backwards and down on to some form of contoured couch with a surface that felt like resilient rubber. His arms were strapped down by his sides, his ankles secured and rubber straps round his throat and waist ensured that could not lift his body from the couch. The whole unit was then lowered until his semi prone body was just above floor level.

He found that he could move his head slightly from side to side but all he could see through the restricted eyepieces was the open crotches of the maids cat suits over his head.

“Excellent” he heard and the masked face of the trainer came into view above him.

Trained Fuck toy

“Now Toy, tonight I have a training class for ladies who wish to dominate their partners. They have reached the mid point of their training and are going to learn a new humiliation technique tonight. Your Mistress wishes you to be aware that you can be used in any way that She sees fit and has instructed me to use you as a training aid. My pupils today are going to learn to use you as an object for pissing on. You are not going to be trained as a toilet, well not under your Mistress’s present intentions, but merely as something only worthy of being pissed upon. There is one other function that you have and that is to lick clean any lady that requires it. You will make no sound during the session, I have permission to punish you if you do not follow my instructions. My maids will give you some practise before the class starts and I will check your performance when I demonstrate at the start of class.”

She vanished from his view and he watched helplessly as the first maid squatted above him and a stream of golden piss spurted from the gap in her latex suit. He felt the warm fluid hit his lower chest and run down his angled body. the stream slackened as she squeezed the last of it onto him and then he saw her damp crotch lowering towards his face.

“Lick her clean” he heard the trainer’s voice and obediently licked the remaining droplets from the latex and skin that was waiting over his mouth.

“Good Fuck Toy, now one more for practise”

The other maid followed the same routine but this time aimed her stream over his latex bra. He quickly closed his mouth as droplets bounced on to his masked face. The smell of fresh piss was starting to penetrate through his breathing tubes and he was glad that his nostrils were not exposed to the golden streams. Again she lowered herself on to his mouth to be licked clean and then moved away.

“Very good” The trainer’s face reappeared over him “They have not been allowed to pee since midday, so you could get a good baptism Toy. I am looking forward to demonstrating to the class as I have held it in for a while. The maids are just bringing them all in now.”

She vanished again and he heard a murmur of approaching voices.

“Good evening ladies and welcome to our fourth session. Hopefully by now your partners are all in panties for daily wear and I look forward to seeing your pictures during the session. Today I am going to show you an excellent technique for reinforcing your superiority over your submissives. It may also be used as a punishment or reward depending upon how perverse your slave may be. You will see that I have a subject restrained for our use. Gather round and take a good look.”

He saw movement around him and could see a group of smartly dressed masked ladies staring down at him.

“The subject is currently in training for a Mistress who has kindly allowed me to use it for this session. The slave has limited vision hence the need for you all to be masked tonight; but it increases the effect if the source of the piss is seen during the training. The slave will learn that it is only fit for peeing upon. Any questions?”

“Why the underwear, I would have thought that total nudity would be more effective?” came a contralto voice.

“In some cases this is true, particularly if the objective is total toilet training. In this case the slave is also being trained to wear lingerie full time and I have used latex for ease of cleaning later.”

“I see that his mouth is free, do we expect him to drink our pee?”

“Not tonight. I have left the slave’s mouth available for clean up duties after you have relieved yourselves. If we were toilet training the slave, only the mouth would be available for your use. Allow me to demonstrate.”

He watched as the trainer lifted her skirt and squatted over his upper body. She was wearing no panties and he lay helpless as she directed a stream of piss over him. Playing it over his chest and stomach, she carried on talking to the group.

“As you can see, this slave has no say in where I piss on it. You may find it advisable to restrain your partners at first, but when you have full control of them it should be possible to have them lie and wait to be peed on at your command. I suggest having a latex sheet available unless you have a surface that can easily be cleaned by your slave afterwards.”

She finished her piss and moved her shaven pussy over his face to be cleaned, as he licked off the few remaining drops she said.

“Right ladies, you see what can be done; does anyone need to use the slave right away? If not we will move into the club and you can report on your progress so far while we have a glass of wine. Whenever you need to use the slave, it will be here waiting. Feel free to use it singly or in groups but ensure that it can see what is happening. “

He heard the click of high heels and murmur of voices as the group moved away. The smell of urine was now pervading his senses and he wondered how long the session would continue. Time seemed to stretch into an eternity interrupted by the sound of heels followed by a view of pussy and another stream of hot piss splashing on to his helpless body.

On one occasion it was a group of three who were discussing the failings of one of their partners as they mutually pissed on him and then were cleaned up. The last one looked down at him and laughed.

“I’m going to enjoy using Freddy like this.”

He decided that the worst were the natural pussies as they held a lot more fluid trapped in the curly pubic hairs and took longer to clean. The worst moment of all was the lady who aimed at his face and managed to half fill his mouth before he could fully seal his lips. He had no choice but to swallow and it brought back to him the comment by the trainer about toilet training.

At last he heard the whole group approaching.

“Right ladies, I think that you have all used the slave at least once now. Anybody need a final pee before we finish for the night? Yes Suzanne, go ahead.”

A particularly bushy pussy came into view and he felt a long hard stream impact onto his panties. The vibration stimulated his enclosed cock which painfully tried to rise in its cage. His body twitched and the trainer laughed.

“Nicely wicked Suzanne. The slave is in chastity and I believe that you have just caused it to fill the cock cage most painfully. Well done.”

The dripping bush was lowered onto his mouth and he cleaned off the dribbling hairs.

“Very good everyone, I’ll see you all at the same time next week and I expect you all to bring a picture of your dripping slave.”

The group moved away and the room became quiet again. Shortly afterward he saw the trainer looking down at him.

“Well Fuck Toy, you are dripping nicely now. The ladies were most amused by tonight’s lesson, Suzanne is eager to try it out on her partner and a couple of ladies are thinking about taking the advanced course in toilet training. I’ll just have a last piss and then the maids can clean you up and send you home. Keep that plug in for the next week and you will receive further instructions in due course.”

She lifted her dress and ran a stream of piss down his body then squatted over his mouth for a final clean up.

“Bye for now, see you soon I hope.”


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