Tails From A Sissy Slave

Tails From A Sissy Slave


Sissy Slave

It started 5 years ago when my wife wanted to see how I looked dressed as a woman. As it turns out she was turned on and loved my look and I, was feeling the same way. Since then she has supplied me a totally new wardrobe of different costumes, lingerie outfits, and toys. I wanted to try this more often after each time and now I dress according to the chores of the day. For house chores I wear a sexy French maid outfit.

I’m always in panties and undergarments under my male clothes. She has me in bikinis in the backyard to sunbathe or for outside duties. And loves to dress me in stripper attire when she’s frisky; of course a collar and butt plug are also worn daily. And nighties are sleeping attire only.  Lately she has spoken of chastity, which I’m very excited for.

She made me grow my hair long and keep my nails makeup and hair done at all times.  I’ve got a huge collection of everything from high heels, wigs and clothing. I have to say I have no problem with any of it, it has become very enjoyable for me too. In fact she seeks to loan me out to learn more and experience more. I’d love to share my new experiences and learn what others do differently.

Sissy Kate

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