The Professor Who Submitted to His Dominating Student Mistress Caroline (16)


The Professor; submitted and trained by Mistress Caroline

The following weeks were devoted to me. I was no more than a little submissive trained by her sublime Mistress. It was a constant upbringing, distilled by Mistress Caroline with whom I lived naked most of the time. I had to learn to serve daily, from the time I wake – well before Mistress – until bedtime. My days were made up of humiliations, punishment sessions according to the desires of Mistress, and my mistakes too. I was also a sex toy for the pleasure of Mistress Caroline and Chloe, who often went to visit her friend. And above all, I had found Ennia. But a different Ennia, more secret, speaking very little.

She no longer lived in the home of Mistress Caroline and her appearances, always for particularly hard sessions that I mostly attended as a spectator, were becoming more and more rare. All too rare. My love for her was only strengthening, in inverse proportion to the lack of it from which I was suffering. I was often weeping when I was alone. I did not know what to hold on to, if not, sometimes, a glance that Ennia threw me, in which I could read her feelings, her sadness too. These looks made me hold onto hope. I fed on it. Much more than my pleasure in serving Mistress Caroline. Ennia’s love threw me into the arms of my Divine Mistress far more than my desire, my need for submission. But I kept it for myself.

Humiliated by his Mistress

I left her apartment only to go to my classes, and sometimes todo the shopping for Mistress, when she didn’t have it delivered at home. So, I was responsible for receiving deliveries, a good opportunity for Mistress Caroline to humiliate me. So that I could understand who I was, or rather what I was from now on.

-You picked her, do not forget my whore. You belong to me, my thing, my slave. I order, you execute. I do not care what you think, you obey and satisfy me, otherwise I punish you. Clear ? “

-Very clear Mistress Caroline!

“Then you’re going to put on that skirt, that white blouse, and that apron.” Do not button your top. For the rest of your disguise, I’ll take care of it personally. I want you to be a very sexy, and very horny. A real seductive whore. I hope you’re gonna honor me, my bitch.

“I hope Mistress Caroline,” I replied.

Less and less convinced by what Mistress wanted me to do. But I did not have to be convinced. Just to please him. Whatever the price for my pride – yes, at that time, I still had my male pride. This is what Mistress meant to make me lose, to the profit of the only pride to belong to her.

Cross dressing humiliation

I felt awfully ridiculous, with my short skirt, very short. Mistress had chosen it in latex, ultra molding of course. Since I lived under her, I was completely shaved, very regularly. Legs, penis, torso, armpits … as she likes. The white blouse was almost transparent, I left it open, according to the instructions of Mistress. Of course I did not wear any undergarments, ever. Just my chastity cage. I adjusted my apron, and presented myself to Mistress Caroline.

– Let me see, my bitch … turn a little …. Well, your ass is well molded, I like it. Approach…

I obeyed, frightened by what Mistress was going to invent again. I was right to be afraid. She took two pliers, and fixed them to my nipples, after having stretched them painfully to make them protrude to the maximum. Mistress loved to work my breasts. Tits of a good bitch she said. I was hurting, and the tongs could be seen perfectly under the very thin fabric of my blouse. Then she put on a wig and started todo my make up. Eyeshadow, blush, lipstick …

“That’s a good whore” You’re perfect my bitch. The delivery man will soon arrive normally. I charge you to welcome him, be polite, he does a difficult job. Look, you should even go down to wait for him on the sidewalk. This is the first time I’ve ordered from them, he doesn’t know where it is. Come on, get dirty little sow. Hop, on the sidewalk!

Proud to be a true submissive

Mistress had supported her last words before laughing. I did not know where to put myself, and I went down, like a robot. By the staircase as Mistress had ordered me, with the fear of crossing a neighbor. Fortunately, this did not happen. I had to wait 15 minutes on the sidewalk, trying to hide as much as possible, which was difficult. Less difficult than feeling the eyes of passers-by, especially men. I did not yet feel the strength to throw my submission to them, my pride in belonging to my Mistress, in the face. I did not yet assume, and it made me suffer cruelly.

I was ashamed. Shame not to be up to par, and still a little ashamed of what I was doing to satisfy my Mistress. Mistress Caroline was right, my dressage was far from perfect, and I still had a long way to reach the state of true submissiveness to which Mistress Caroline intended me. On this pavement, I made the decision to finally, psychologically, take the big leap. And to claim what I had become. The whore of Mistress Caroline. A status that a passer-by would never reach. That is what I should be proud of. And not what I was before. He no longer existed. She, that bitch, that bitch, that obedient dog, open, ready for anything for his Mistress … she alone counted henceforth.

Meeting the 2 delivery people

The delivery drivers finally arrived. The pick-up truck parked in a few places at the entrance. And I had the unpleasant surprise of seeing not one, but two delivery men. A big black man, in overalls, rather small but the muscles protruding, molded in a t-shirt too small. Both seemed to be approaching thirty, hardly. Two, not one single deliverer as I had expected. And obviously, Mistress Caroline was not content to command. She had also briefed them. My expectation, on the pavement, in that outfit … Mistress had also planned it, and the delivery men were expecting it.

“Are you the bitch who carry the bags?”

It was the smallest who had called me. Unable to respond or move.

-Ben approached … you dont think we’re going to work in your place do you? For once we have help, we’ll enjoy!

I approached, under the laughter of the two men. Like a robot I had grabbed both bags, followed by the delivery men.

“We’ll go up with you, to get paid!”

Total, complete humiliation

In the lobby, the black man had pushed me towards the elevator.

“We’re not going to do shit, so no stairs.” And then we will be closer, the elevator is tiny so they say.

I did not say a word, red with shame, dead also with fear. But the most disturbing was the desire that was rising. What I was most ashamed of.

Once in the elevator, the two men began to caress my buttocks through the latex. The black man was trying to slip his hand between my thighs, but I kept them tight.

-Tss tss …. We said we were going up to get paid … you better show yourself kindly, if you do not want us to talk to your owner, that is.

I spread my thighs, just enough to feel the giant hand go up towards my caged tail …

-Wait, I do not believe …

– Go back there, his fucking skirt, you have to see that. The slut has his tail in a cage.

The big black man looked really surprised. The little delivery man a little less …

– Yeah, it must be chastity, I’ve seen it on the internet. This is to prevent the little slut from masturbating at any time. Hey, that’s why you got this dirty bitch thing? Can’t you stop yourself from jerking off? Are you still in heat?

-Yes, that’s why.

I was wiped out. I had never experienced such a humiliation. But it was nothing compared to what was waiting for me. When the black man had talked about getting paid, I knew I was included in the price.

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