The Professor Who Submitted to His Dominating Student Mistress Caroline (18)

MistressMasturbated by Mistress Ennia

Ennia kneels at my feet, her eyes stuck on mine and puts her lips on my penis. Through our welded looks we meet again. I can read again the love she has for me, desire …. But I also read distress, a fear. Could it be the threat of Mistress Caroline, the sadistic dominatrix? I do not think she saw anything else. There is something else, more profound, more insidious. Mistress kept me in cage for 6 days, with daily excitement to “keep me in good condition” she said. I wanted to enjoy, and I especially did not want Ennia to be ridden. Thus, I suspected that Mistress Caroline, and perhaps also Mistress Chloe, would be pitiless.

I focus on my pleasure. Ennia knows perfectly the most effective caresses. Mistress Caroline gives the timing, every 30 seconds. One way, undoubtedly, to put pressure on us and cause us to looses concentration so that I can not enjoy it in time. I do not want to think about it. To return to my cage after having tasted the mouth of my love, and then to witness her punishment, would be beyond my strength. Ennia accelerates the back and forth of her lips, at the same rate as her masturbation. Then, her other hand caresses my balls, a finger slips between my buttocks. Her eyes closed to mine, her fingers clenched, still accelerating, the tip of her tongue on me, I feel the pleasure rise from the deepest of me, while Mistress Caroline starts the count, aloud of course Last 30 seconds.

Total frustration

I want only one thing: to enjoy. Empty me, explode, howl of pleasure. But while the voice of Mistress Caroline, with that of Mistress Chloé, is the last ten seconds, Ennia stops her caress. Her eyes full of tears look at my unbelief, my distress. I yelled “Noooo please” but the chopper falls: No! Yelled my Mistresses to heart, displaying a broad smile.

I collapse to the ground, a prey to a crisis of tears. Indeed, I weep for my cut off of desire, my enjoyment hardly approached, my utter incomprehension. I am nothing. Not even an animal to which one grants a little pleasure. It is the impression of being on the ground for an eternity, whereas it is only one or two minutes, when the voice of Mistress Caroline brings me back to reality:

– Chloé, pull it by its brest clamps and raises it. We must put him back in his cage now. But first, he must disband, and I know only one way!

The pain makes me obey and follow the movements of Mistress Chloe. I find myself standing, arms held behind my back, hard and erect tail. I’m afraid, I’m disoriented, but I still try very hard. Too much to put in the cage. Mistress Chloe holds my wrists in one hand and seizes the clamp that tortures my right nipple. A quarter of a turn is enough to send me a violent discharge in the chest:

-Email thighs thighs, we’ll offer your cock to your Mistress! She’s going to pass you the desire to bander !!!

The Chastity cage

She laughs when Mistress Caroline seizes the base of my shaft, to keep it horizontal, and that the whip comes to strike my offered glans. I scream, I walk, but Mistress Chloe holds my wrists firmly and the forceps performs her duties. Moreover, the pain of my nipple is added to that of the blows on my acorn, my shaft. Seven strokes are enough to overcome my erection. Finally, my tail debars, and Mistress Caroline replaces my cage of chastity.

-There you go. We left for a week, or maybe even more, eh my whore? So much worse for you, you had your chance!

I sob, and it does not seem to calm down.

-And stop whining. You’re a little whore, MY Pet, and I decide. I’m tired of hearing you! You’re going to watch the punishment of my other whore, not even able to squirt, submissive! You will have to improve, otherwise your future Master will question her purchase. He’s already moderately satisfied with his tests with you. And that, believe me, you’re going to pay for. You made me ashamed! You humiliated me, ME! Your MISTRESS !!! You’re going to pay a lot of money, I’m going to make you suck all the people on a job site, to train you. You’re just a sow, just good to put to slaughter. And I thought I had a good submissive!

Anger of my sadistic dominatrix

The anger of Mistress Caroline does not seem feigned, although I think that the stoppage of my fellatio had been ordered by Mistress. Everything was agreed and Ennia had no choice. I dare not understand what I hear. Ennia, Master, purchase, tests …. Would this be the explanation of his more and more regular absences? Mistress Caroline would cede Ennia to another Master ??? I refuse to understand. Impossible. Ennia, my love, the one that made me come here today, catered with a sublime Dominatrix named Caroline. Ennia … I can not admit, accept to lose it. I want to spend my days with her, my life or what is left of it.

Here I am, lost, when the first crack of the whip falls on the loins of Ennia, tied naked, standing on tiptoe in the middle of the drawing-room, the ankles held by a spreader bar. Mistress Caroline had installed a solid ring on the ceiling, and she loves to use it to hang Ennia or myself.

-Position yourself perfect for a good correction! : she said.

Good is not the right word. Violent yes. The blows rain on Ennia. Kidneys, breasts, thighs, back, belly, vagina …. Mistress Caroline spared her nothing. Then, she hounded on her vulva and her buttocks, cursing her for having caused her so much shame. Ennia screams in her ball ball, face ravaged by pain, tears … I’ve never seen it so. She does not try to resist. She can not. The pain is too intense. Mistress Caroline, sadistic dominatrix proves incredibly cruel, a cruelty to the height of her anger. The punishment lasts about twenty minutes.

Reward for the Submissive

When I detach Ennia, she collapses in my arms and I have to carry her into the room. Mistress Caroline orders me to install her on the bed, tying her arms and legs like a cross. I just have the right to take off her slipper. No chance to soothe her, caress her face, let alone lay a soft kiss on her lips, Caroline and Chloe oversee the operation. Ennia does not react, in a daze after the violence of her correction.

“It’s all right. Do not worry she’ll survive you beloved dog … Now you come back to the living room. All this excited us particularly, and we have not yet enjoyed it. You still work my bitch. Enjoy your Mistresses. Is this not the most beautiful of rewards?

-Yes Mistress Caroline, it is a true honor to give you pleasure!

Sublime Torture

I have to start with Mistress Chloe. She must leave but not without having had her dose of enjoyment. I come on all fours to bury my tongue between her thighs. Mistress enjoys quickly, and abundantly. Then I take good care to clean it, as she likes to be. Over the course of the weeks, Chloe settled gradually at Mistress Caroline. She comes more and more often, and sometimes stays for the night. My Mistress and she discovered a real complicity in the perversity, the sadism and the dressage of bitch like me. They compete in imagination, even if Chloe is a little behind, Mistress Caroline leading the dance most of the time. I wonder what Mistress Chloe would be able, if she could reveal herself freely, without the presence of Mistress Caroline, sadistic dominatrix.

Finally, my Mistress takes leave of her friend and returns to me, waiting on her knees in the middle of the living room. She has not yet enjoyed and I know she will claim her due, several times, for my greatest pleasure I admit. Enjoying Mistress Caroline is something I will never tire of. Her liquor is a drug, abundant, delicious … and the face-sitting of which Mistress is the most sublime of tortures in my eyes.

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