The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (18)

A Small Reward Executed By Jessica

Jessica kneels at my feet, looks into my eyes and wraps her lips around my dick. We looked into each other’s eyes and I can see the love and desire she still has for me …. but I also see distress and fear. Would her feelings be a threat to Mistress Michelle’s sadistic domination? I didn’t think so. There is something else I sensed in her, something deeper, more insidious. My Femdom Mistress kept me in a cage for six days exciting me to “keep me in shape,” she said. I wanted to cum since I did not want Jessica to get whipped.

So I focused on my pleasure since I suspected if I didn’t cum my mistresses would be merciless on her. Jessica knows the most effective caresses to get me excited. Mistress Michelle gives the time every 30 seconds to put pressure on us to finish quickly and to distract us so that I can not cum on time. I don’t want to think about it. To return to my cage after having my love’s mouth wrapped around my dick, then having to deal with her punishment would be beyond what I can deal with at this moment.


She Fails At Making Me Cum

Jessica accelerates the coming and going of her lips on my cock at the same rate as her masturbation. Her other hand caresses my balls. A finger slips between my buttocks. Her eyes are staring into mine, her fingers clench, accelerate again, the tip of her tongue on my cock. I feel the pleasure rise from the depths of me, while Mistress Michelle starts the last 30 second countdown. I want only one thing: to enjoy. Empty me, make me cum, make me scream with pleasure. The voice of Mistress Michelle joined with that of Mistress Chloe echo the last 10 seconds of pleasure. Jessica stops her caresses. Her eyes full of tears. I gave her a look of disbelief.

I screamed, “NOOOOOOOOO JEESSSICAA!” The timer goes off: Zero! My Mistresses, smiling broadly. I collapse on the ground in tears. Indeed, I cry from my desire being cut off, barely being able to cum. I am nothing. Not even an animal that is given a little pleasure. It’s like being on the ground for ages when it’s only been a minute or two. The voice of Mistress Michelle brings me back to reality: “Chloe, grab him by his nipple clamps and pull him up. He must be put back in his cage. But first, he must empty himself and I only know of one way!”

Femdom Michelle Makes Me Lose My Erection

The pain makes me obey and follow the movements of Mistress Chloe. I find myself standing, arms held behind my back with an erection. I’m scared and confused but still very hard. Well too much to put back in my cock cage. Mistress Chloe holds my wrists with one hand and grabs the clamp on my right nipple. A quarter turn of the nipple clamp is all that is needed to send a sharp pain through my chest.

”Offer your cock to your Mistress. She will give you the pleasure you seek!” She bursts out laughing when Mistress Michelle grabs the base of my shaft to keep it horizontal and whips my cock. I scream while Femdom Mistress Chloe firmly holds my wrists. In addition to torturing my nipples, Mistress Michelle lashes me seven times.

This finally gets rid of my erection and Mistress Michelle puts me back in my chastity cage.”There you go. We left you in there for a week, maybe even longer, huh my whore? Too bad for you, you had your chance to cum and you lost it.” I sob and that only seems to anger my Mistresses even more. “Stop whining bitch. You’re a little whore, you’re MY PUPPY, and it’s me who decides your fate. I’m tired of hearing you cry! You will attend the punishment session of my other bitch who was not able to make you cum when I commanded her to!”

Will Jessica Have Another Master?

You will have to improve your performance otherwise your future Master will question his purchase. He is already moderately satisfied with you. And you will pay for that mediocre performance you gave the other day. I am ashamed of you! You humiliated me! YOUR FEMDOM MISTRESS!!! I will make sure you make me a lot of money even if I have to train you to suck cock by sucking off all the men on a construction site. And here I thought I had a good submissive!!!”

Mistress Michelle’s anger does not seem to alleviate even though she punished me for not being able to cum. Everything was agreed upon and Jessica had no choice. I did not want to understand what I heard. Jessica, Master, purchase, tests … Could this be the explanation for her increasingly regular absences? Mistress Michelle would give Jessica to another Master??? I refused to understand. Impossible. Jessica, my love, the one that led me here today, submissive to a sublime Dominatrix named Michelle.


Michelle’s Cruel And Sadistic Punishment Session

Jessica … I can not accept losing her. All I wanted was to spend the rest of my days with her. I am feeling lost at Jessica’s punishment session. She is tied up, naked, standing on her tiptoes in the middle of the living room. Her ankles held by a spreader bar and her arms spread out and tied to the solid rings on the ceiling. Mistress Michelle had installed solid rings on the ceiling to tie our arms. She loves using it to suspend Jessica or myself.

“Perfect position for a good correction!”, she says. Good is not the right word. Violent yes. The blows of the whip rain on Jessica’s kidneys, breasts, thighs, back, belly, pussy. Mistress Michelle leaves no stone unturned. She bites on her vulva and her buttocks cursing her for making her so ashamed. Jessica screams in her ball gag, her face is filled with pain and tears. I’ve never seen her that way. She does not try to resist. Can not resist. The pain is too intense. Femdom Mistress Michelle, the sadistic dominatrix is ​​incredibly cruel, a cruelty matched only by her anger.

Time For My Mistresses To Cum

The punishment lasts a good twenty minutes. When she releases Jessica she collapses in my arms and I have to carry her to the bedroom. Mistress Michelle orders me to lay her on the bed, crossing her arms and legs. I just have the right to take off her ball- gag. No chance to soothe her, to caress her face, let alone kiss her softly on her lips. Michelle and Chloe monitor the situation. Jessica does not react. She is in a different state of mind after the violence from her correction.

“That’s good, that’s enough. Don’t worry about your beloved bitch. She is going to survive … Now come back to the living room. All this action has made us very wet and we have not cum yet. You still have to work and make your Mistresses cum. Isn’t that the best reward of all?” “Yes Mistress Michelle, it’s a real honor to give you pleasure!” I start with Mistress Chloe. She must leave but not without being able to cum. I get on all fours, bury my tongue between her thighs. Mistress cums quickly and abundantly. Then I clean her up like she likes me to.

Her Nectar Is Like A Drug To Me

Over the weeks, Chloe gradually moves in with Mistress Michelle. She comes more and more often and sometimes stays for the night. My Mistress and her become accomplices in the evil sadism and slave training they practice on me. They rival each other in their imagination. Even if Chloe stays a little behind, Mistress Michelle always leads and Chloe follows. I wonder what Mistress Chloe would be capable of if she could think freely without the influence of Mistress Michelle’s sadistic domination.

Finally, my Mistress leaves her friend and returns to me. I wait and kneel in the middle of the living room. She has not cum yet and I know she will want to cum many times. I admit I find great pleasure in making her cum many times. Making Mistress Michelle cum is something I will never get tired of doing. Her juice is like  a drug, plentiful and delicious. The facesitting that Mistress loves is the most sublime torture in my eyes.

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  1. The author is same who wrote “the last submissive”. Same pattern, same track and almost the same script except for change of names and situation. Be creative instead of repeating yourself

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