Punishment Night Part 1

Punishment Night Part 1


Sometimes I punish my pet for little things to keep him on his toes,
Sometimes its for major things so he learns not to do them.
And sometimes I punish him just because I can.
This night  was a mixture of all three…

My pet laid down and I connected the chain we have tucked under our bed to his wrist and ankle cuffs.
Using  chain is so much less effort for me than ropes.  My pet puts his cuffs on and pulls out the chain.  And all I have to do is clip it onto his cuffs and he can’t escape.

I like it when he can’t escape.

I gently slip a hand up his naked thigh until it rested on his chastity belt.
“When did I say I would unlock you baby? ” I said while tapping on the tube of his CB6000.
“Tonight  Mistress”  my pet said with a big grin on his face.
“In that case I better find the key” I said trying not to grin too.

I unlocked him and he sprang to life instantly,  boy was my man hard today!

I reached over to the night stand and grabbed the PVC sleep mask we use as a blindfold then slipped it over his eyes.

Kissing my way down his chest I finally reached my target and took him deep into my mouth.  He let out a shape intake of breath.
I had him where I wanted him.  He was all mine.

A few minutes of teasing him with my mouth was all that was needed to get him to the edge,  the chastity belt done my job for me and made him increasingly horny over the last four days.

In his darkness he felt me touch him with something,  so gentle,  up the underside of him,  over his balls and down his thighs.
He thought it was a brush at first but not one he felt before.

That’s when the itching started.

I popped a ball gag behind his teeth and bucked it tight behind his head.

And he started letting out muffled screams and squirming in his bonds.

“what’s up slave boy?  Do you want me to stop touching you? ”

He nodded frantically,
as much as my pet likes to be touched,  especially after four days of being teased In a chastity belt.  When it’s with nettles he changes his mind.


I took his blindfold off him,  I took it off so he could see me stuff some nettles down the front of his thong.
” well if you don’t want to be touched,  ill just go downstairs and watch TV instead” I said and replaced his blindfold.

“Remember four days ago when you moaned about doing your chores,  remember the same day you spilt a coffee over the carpet,  spending the next four days in chastity was not your punishment.  This is.”

I removed his gag and replaced it with my sock that was still warm from my foot.
“Be quite pet,  if you need to you can spit this sock out,  but if you do I will find more places to put thoughs nettles. And if you make a sound I will have that lock back on you”

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went downstairs to relax in front of the telly.

Occasionally I sneaked back upstairs to peak into the bedroom to check on my slave.
Every time he was squirming like crazy.

I can watch him squirm all night.  And I often do.

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