The Femdom Student And Her Submissive Professor (10)

Class Will Never Be The Same Again With Mistress Michelle In It

mistressMy hunch was right. It was an hour and a half of Hell!! The pleasure of finding Jessica seated in the front row was taken away from me by her attitude. She was cold and distant. It was a cruel contrast to what we had experienced the night before. Behind her, Mistresses Michelle and Chloe gazed at me. I saw them whispering and giggling. I was looking for my words and losing my train of thought. This was probably the worst class I had ever given to my students. Michelle, my femdom dominatrix and Chloe were increasingly rowdy forcing me to finally speak up.

“Ladies, please be quiet! I want to be cool but there are limits and you’ve just surpassed them. If the class is boring to you I will not hold you back from leaving.” I was perfectly aware that I had exceeded the limits too with this remark. I was going to pay for it, one way or another. Michelle stared at me while she left the classroom escorted by Chloe which foreshadowed the worst.

I continued teaching class until the bell rang which perfectly coincided with my ringtone announcing a text message. I had no doubt who the identity of the sender was. “You have five minutes to be naked in front of my door you dirty whore! Just keep your g-string on.” I had no choice. Obeying my Femdom had become my only choice. There was no options, no respite possible. Mistress Michelle had control over me and I had become her puppet, her thing, her obedient whore. Again, fear invaded me as I hurried to her apartment where her lair was nesting.

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