The Submissive Professor and His Femdom Dominatrix Student – Part 1



This story is that of a rebirth, a descent to Hell to know Heaven. May these words make your imagination run wild. May they excite you, whether you are a Femdom Mistress or a sub. Live the life or fantasize about it….you choose.

The Beginning of My Journey Into Submission

Two months had gone by since I started teaching an Investigative journalism class at the university. During this time, I was trying to remove any stereotypes students had about our profession that most people believed about journalists. I graduated from the school of journalism here too and was a happy college student who enjoyed the leisure events Syracuse had to offer. I was in charge of teaching two classes, three hours each and had 30 students per class. The majority of the students dreamed of becoming the next Megyn Kelly. Some would never become good journalists and others would quit within the first year of their studies. By this time, I had my favorite students. Michelle was my favorite student of all.

She was brunette with tan skin and wasn’t the most beautiful girl in class, but she was the one that exuded the most energy. Michelle was also the only one I could not stare at too long before she looked right through me and saw my most shameful secrets. In my opinion, she was absolutely brilliant. She knew how to write and tell captivating stories with her powerful words. Michelle had a sidekick, Jessica. Her roommate from what I know. Redheaded with a body and face like Gianna Michaels, I often masturbated to the thought of them wearing the most sensual outfits like in a Femdom tube in the evening in my hotel room.

The Night That Changed My Life

professorMost of the time in my fantasies, Michelle and Jessica were dressed in leather and latex like a femdom dominatrix. I fantasized about them making me their submissive professor and sex slave during a very humid face-sitting session. But it was only a dream, and being so close to my 40th birthday, I knew I had no chance of having them in my bed and being able to honor them with my tongue despite my beautiful face and boyish good looks.

After my classes, I went to a coffee shop I use to go to when I was a student at the University. I usually go to read and talk to my family on the phone. This routine lasted until mid-December when one Thursday evening my world turned upside down and I entered a world that I believed was so inaccessible. I had completed 3 hours of rather intense courses regarding the freedom of the press in the US, then had a lengthy discussion with one of the reporters in class.”Professor, you can sit with us if you’d like.” It was Jessica who had spoken, Michelle merely probing me with the look, as usual, displaying a little smirk. “It looks like you’re soaking wet.”

My Gaze At The Book Attracted Michelle’s Attention

I stuttered a “thank you” and sat down next to Jessica with Michelle looking right at me. I was a confident, charming man. But sitting with them I felt intimidated. The two girls had obviously begun working on the homework I had given them for next week. Michelle’s big bag which was placed on the table had course sheets, a pen, and book with a grey cover called “Sessions” which I immediately noticed. The title of the book was in a beautiful red writing above a black leather whip. I had probably stared at the cover of the book a little too long so this time when I looked at Michelle, it was more intense and she had a very peculiar smile.

To hide my feelings, I offered to buy them another round of coffee. I thought of only one thing…the cover of this book protruding out of the her bag with the intriguing title and image of the whip. Did I see it wrong? I was no longer sure of anything. And I dreaded coming back to the table wondering how was I going to conceal my thoughts.

Michelle Makes An Offer Professor Can’t Refuse

Jessica came to my rescue involuntarily by having a discussion with me about the industry, asking me questions about internships. Michelle was less talkative, but she was scrutinizing me, and every time I crossed her gaze, she always had the same smile. And that smile said one thing….I know what you saw..I know what you’re thinking. Dusk had already fallen even though it was 5pm, and I was thinking about going back to my hotel room, probably to escape Michelle’s gaze. But before I opened my mouth, Michelle said, “We live next door, come by and have a drink with us, we can continue this conversation and I would like to show you the progress I made on my homework.”

An offer I couldn’t refuse, I gladly accepted.They lived a few minutes away in a spacious apartment on the 5th floor of one of the apartment buildings of Copper Beech Commons. A tastefully furnished apartment designed with dark hues, carpets and candles all over the place. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll get something to drink. Jessica was taking control playing hostess while Michelle sat on the couch. Jessica returned quickly with drinks while Michelle said in an authoritative voice, “Light the candles and go change!”.

Michelle Wants Me To Sit Closer To Her

I was trying not to show my anxiety but it started to become more apparent. Usually I am very chatty but now I was quiet. Michelle patted the couch beside her, “Come sit here, I will show you the progress I made on my homework.” My breathing accelerated when I took a seat next to her. She immediately pressed her thigh against mine while taking her homework out of her bag.

“Read and tell me what you think.” I immersed myself in reading her essay, happy to have anything distract me of my secret fantasies. Reading took me a few minutes and I still felt Michelle’s thigh pressed against mine, but it didn’t seem to bother her. “That is a very good start, but there are paragraphs that should be reworked. This is not enough arguing and your missing the point of the presentation.”

Jessica Takes My Breath Away

Michelle’s gaze did not conceal her annoyance, and I felt almost uncomfortable. I had been professional, honest, and I was afraid I was a little too hard on her. Jessica returned to the living room and stopped my thoughts completely. She had swapped her jeans and t-shirt for a black latex corset with a black g-string with an open bust and was not wearing a bra. There were pasties on her nipples. She wore stiletto boots and her hair was in a ponytail. I stood there without a voice, fascinated by her beauty, and the eroticism she was releasing.

“I … uh …. Maybe I’ll leave you. I have an early class and it’s getting late”, I said while staring at the sexual goddess who appeared before me. “You should stay, exclaimed Michelle, laying her hand on my thigh. “My little pet made herself beautiful for you.”

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  1. Thats the way to talk to a treat a man that thinks everything is more about books than life.
    He deserves to be taught who is the mistress, who has the power.
    Only one look of a real Dom and he wanted to leave as a first choice…. but he stayed!

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