Passionate Letter to My Goddess, My Mistress, My Life – A True Slave Experience (1)

To my Eternal Goddess,

Wow. I am really, really…breathless. You’re email made me so happy, fulfilled, excited! I intend to read it again over and over so that I can feel Your beautiful and wonderful power over me. I can’t wait to continue this exploration with You. 

I obeyed You and told my girlfriend that I am working on a writing project, so here I am in the office while she watches TV in the other room. Thank You so much for guiding me to do that, so that I may have this time to worship You and submit myself to You through these words from my mind, my mind which You have so kindly taken loving power over. I really LOVE this so much, I am trying to find the words. I hope so much that my words please You.


First I will endeavor to answer Your questions

I started having submissive sexual fantasies when I first learned to masturbate at 13. I found a magazine my dad had that had a section on Female Domination. it thrilled me so much that I have been a fan of it to this day. I experimented first at around 20 yrs. old when a girl used my shoelaces to tie me to a steering wheel in a car. She pulled my pants down and played with me, and threatened to leave me there tied to found, naked and humiliated.

The craziest thing I would ever try? Hmmmm, I don’t know offhand but I will revisit this question later with You after I have time to think about it.

My hard limits…well in the context of fantasy email, we can probably go anywhere, as there are no real life repercussions.

Real Life

In real life of course that is different. my main limit is to not do anything that would affect our privacy in this exploration, and adversely affect either of our at-home relationships. I am very glad that you understand this as You stated in Your earlier email. I do not want to do anything that would threaten the domestic life I have with my live-in girlfriend. this would include marks, bruises, financial domination. I am not into extreme pain, but would endure some pain for You within reason. a spanking is one thing… extreme things are something else. Not into scat. Basically keeping things ‘safe, sane and consensual’, as they say. If something comes up that is too much for me, I will let You know, maybe use a safe word. One that You choose for me.

Safe word

Yes I like a lot of movies. and I do like femdom porn, and watch it online. I actually don’t watch a lot of porn movies, but I do a lot of online stuff, again, femdom related material.

You are so right Goddess, that this part of my life is absolutely essential and I will do everything I can possibly do to protect, care and please You. I am so excited to have permission to email You everyday and promise to never leave You waiting too long for an email from me. You are so very important to me and I have not stopped thinking about You since Your email to me the other day. It is like heaven to me to know that You are always there, in my mind, possessing me in our precious and private Mistress/slave relationship.

Men should ALWAYS Obey Women


I agree that all men should always obey women and I am striving to be better at that in life. I believe that our exploration will help me with that. I will share a little of my day in the life so You may know and understand that this is a bit of a lifestyle endeavor for me. I am a sort of ‘stealth’ subliminal submissive to my Gf…I get up every morning and cook for her, clean the dishes and house, do the laundry, run errands, and the have dinner ready when she comes home from work. Even though we are not explicitly in a Femdom arrangement, I am subtly domestically enslaved to her, and it is a representation of my submission to Women, submission that manifests in different ways and in general.

Slave Submission to a Goddess

I no longer question or argue with my Gf, and in this way I am secretly submissive to her. It also a tribute to You as well, I hope that submitting to Women pleases You, and in a way, when I cook and clean for my Gf, I am also serving You, hoping that it please You that a fellow Woman on this planet is benefiting from your slave’s submission.

For You, my submission is stated explicit and clear, and I am enthralled and actually blown away at the power You have so eloquently expressed in Your awesome email to me. I long to please You and will try to be the best slave I can be for You. You are so awesome! I am a lucky slave to be owned by someone as well versed in domination as You. You really get it, when a lot of Women try, they really don’t.

I will type much more to You very soon Goddess. Thank You so much for blessing me with this beautiful gift.

with loving adoration,

slave j

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  1. I can relate to these stories(some) quite a bit.When I was 14 years old, I was getting a haircut. In the Barbershop were some magazines. They were S+M or BDSM BUT what hooked me right away were how sexy the Dominatrices were. I’ve had a few relationships and brought up my fantasies but that’s how they stayed.

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