What to Expect when Living with a Dominant Female

What to Expect when Living with a Dominant Female?

Dominant Female

So is it about that time to take the plunge and move in together?  Its very important to keep in mind that Living together and dating each other are two totally different things.  However there are a few things you need to look over before making the decision to move in with your Dominant Female.

 Whose house? Hers. End of discussion

If anyone’s moving its probably going to be you, she likes her space, her neighborhood and her things right; where they are. So hopefully your flexible and up for a change in scenery; just think how much fun cleaning a new apartment will be!

 Space; She’s going to require that

Don’t forget your sweet little honey bunny is also your Mistress, she’s very independent and she used to doing things on her own.  So the fact of the matter is your going to have to respect her space and stay in the kitchen..

 Know your place

She has her “bed” and that isn’t going to change either. So again you will have to be the flexible one here, because i’ll tell ya right now: “your bed is on the carpet”.

She wears the pants and controls the zipper

Dominant Female run the show and don’t you forget it! The closet is …hers, the bedroom is …hers, the kitchen is ….hers, bathroom yup you guessed it hers. But you will be cleaning it and making sure its ready for her.

Alpha Female


Don’t be surprised that she isn’t a social butterfly and her neighbors have no idea who she is. Dominant Female are way to busy with her job, the gym, busy weekends filled with social events. She never got around to baking cookies or pies for the new neighbors, so if your looking for the apartment gossip you might want to ask someone else.


Its all about her routine; you will not intervene

When her alarm goes off at 7:45 am you better get ready for her! She needs to shower, blow dry and style her hair, makeup, change, eat breakfast, and get out of the house on time to start her busy day. You need adjusting your schedule to prepare her breakfast on time!

Alpha Female

 She’s Vocal

If your Mistress is just discovering your bad habits don’t think that she will hesitate to punish you. She will let you know and there will be no sugar coating on how she feels. Being an Dominant Female she feels that being passive aggressive is pointless, Mistresses don’t waste their time lolly-gagging around. She will educate you!

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