Three dominant Women Torture Me Blindfolded

Three dominant Women Torture Me Blindfolded

We’d be talking about it for weeks, now it was finally becoming a reality. Tonight, I’m going to get what my girlfriend has been dreaming of for months on end: me, tied up, helpless and tortured by three dominant women I do not know. She met them at a fetish party she went to last Saturday, and they were more than willing to come to our cabin out in the woods to engage in some femdom fun. And what idiot signed himself up for being on the receiving end of this femdom torture? Me, of course.

6:24 p.m. – my wife instructed me to go into the bedroom and prepare myself. What this meant was for me to completely undress, put a blindfold on and lay down until further instructions were given. Around ten minutes later, a car pulled up outside and the familiar sound of doors opening and closing signaled the arrival of my wife’s guests. She greeted them with charm and invited them in. They stayed in the longue area for a good length of time while they ate food I prepared earlier and talked about sex. They were very casual about the discussion of what they were going to do, and they spoke up when mentioning specifics so that I could hear. I must have been in the position my wife told me to get in for about 30 minutes before they finally stood up and made their way to where I was. I was nervous as I heard them walk through the door, not saying a word while they assessed the situation.

Finally, the silence was broken.

“Very good!”

“Oh, yes, he’ll do!”

“This poor thing has been waiting for us all this time?”

The three women started to chat amongst themselves as my wife came over, took some handcuffs out of the drawer and clasped me firmly in place against the bed. It was at this point that there was no turning back: I was committed to experiencing whatever level of punishment and pain they wanted to dish out. I felt helpless as various objects were brought out and put down on the table. I could hear the weight of them as they hit the wooden surface – it wasn’t an appealing noise by any stretch of the imagination.

“Let’s start with some spanking, shall we? Loosen him up a bit, I reckon.” – The voice was friendly and charming, but the intention and nature behind the suggestion was anything but.

Two women shuffled either side of me, taking time to run their hands over my body as I sat propped up in a classic doggy style position. They ran their hands up and down the inside of my thighs, being extra careful in their avoidance of my shaft. Soon enough, the spanking was instigated. At first, everything was fine: I sure as hell felt the bare hands smacking my ass checks, but it in no way hurt. Of course, this temporary experience was short lived, and soon enough my buttocks were being dealt with in a very sturdy fashion.

I started to sting, and the fact that they would stop periodically to make me believe that they were finished was absolute torture. The lady on my right had a particular desire to pull her hand back and apply quick spanks, although in between some of them, she’d stop for a longer period of time to make me flinch before I was due for contact. It was hell in the cabin, and I was at the center of the fray.

When both of them had finally decided that using their hands was not enough, they pulled back to the end of the bed to locate some tools to use. During this time, the third woman approached and attached clamps to my sensitive, erect nipples. They were uncomfortable while being put on, but the reality of the pain at my rear was enough to make them negligible in comparison. Once applied, I found myself taking regular spanks from a paddle and whip – each one being used alternatively. The mixture of sensations left me stinging all over. Every inch of my body started to itch, and as endorphins rushed through my body, I became sensitive to even the minutest of touches.

Without warning, my wife jumped on the bed, positioned herself under me and started to play with my shaft. I found it impossible to maintain being hard, so a limp, damaged member was all that my wife found available for her hands. She was unsatisfied with my lack of arousal, so immediately took off the clamps and, my god. The rush and sensation that occurred when released from them was unbearable. At this moment in time, I found it hard to distinguish between pleasure and pain, but judging by the now fully erect state of my penis, it was the former.

There I was, with my wife sucking my cock and tugging on my balls while two women spanked my ass and a third flicked my nipples. Every part of my body was on fire, and soon enough I was cumming one of the most intense and deep orgasms I’ve ever had. My wife took ahold of the cum in her mouth and, once I finished after a good 15 seconds of pulsing, pulled out from underneath me and spat the contents between my ass. The feeling of it running between my legs and around my soaked balls was less than desirable.

Without saying a word, the women stopped their actions, retired to the longue and left me in the bedroom, covered in my own cum and completely oblivious to whom they were.


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