The Best way to have a FLR Relationship

The Best way to have a FLR Relationship

FLR Relationship

In a FLR relationship, you do not have to be a“Dominatrix in leather with a whip” or any other woman for your companion.Just be yourself and train your companion be the kind of man you desire. The advantage of having a subject is that it is the best of both worlds for a woman. He may sometimes be male, and may be a nice little subject at other times.

You can train your man to be exactly as you wish. If you wish for a very masculine man, just make it so. He will act as a man most of the time, and some will suspect that he is also a male subject. This often adds to the excitement of knowing that he will fall on his knees when ordered and will do all that is ordered of him by his wife (private course). You can also feminize. Which is amusing, the feminization of a man is so much fun to do to a very masculine man. You can dress him in women’s lingerie, makeup while wearing your gold belt, and he will take it well. He will become a full subject before your eyes and you can do what you want, he can not resist. You just need to train your man to act like a man during the day, but to be meek and humble towards women and docile towards you.

Make him wear women’s underwear if you wish. Allow him to dress like a man in everyday life to make things masculine if you desire it. Sports, fishing, leisure or any other. Let him go to the gym and work on his body. At home he will always be ready to wear the apron, lingerie, and serve you at all times. You completely control and if you ever decide to totally feminize, you can. It’s what like you want.

A lot of women want their man to be always very feminine. They no longer want to see a single line of macho masculinity in him, so they stand accordingly. They want a masculine man sometimes and other times submissive servant. No one is right or wrong. It depends entirely on your needs and desires. So train your companion be as desired. After all, you are the one who lives with him.

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