Passionate Letter to My Goddess, My Mistress, My Life – A True Slave Experience (7)

Good morning Goddess,


As You wish, I have written of our recent experience with Mistress as a story in 1st person narrative. Thank You so much for Your precious guidance. Mistress, Goddess and Her sister Ashley all sat down in a small semi-circle around me as I stood naked before them wearing nothing but Mistress’ panties. Goddess ordered me to remove the panties and step forward in front of Ashley and stand with my legs apart and hands on my head.

Ashley then took out the scissors, shaving cream and razor and proceeded to remove all my pubic hair to prepare my genitals for the chastity device. Goddess and Mistress watched closely while Ashley snipped and shaved, Goddess giving guidance to Ashley while she worked on me. Once I was completely shaved, Goddess took out the brand new chastity device and proceeded to show Mistress how to put it on, lock it, then unlock and take it off.

Locked in my chastity device

Mistress then did it for the first time, a little clumsy at first, but Goddess encouraged Her to try it again and practice a couple of times. Then after the device was locked and Goddess was pleased, Mistress pulled me down to my knees looked deeply into my eyes, with a loving sternness, not having to say a word, both of us knowing and feeling a new level of commitment and submission. She smiled with a great satisfaction as I felt the device holding my penis, and the clean, just shaved feeling around my genitals. All three looked closely at how well the device fit. They chatted about what a lucky slave I was to be locked up and have Mistress as keyholder.

Mistress held up two keys before my eyes and dangled them before handing one to Goddess.

My Keyholders

I was now entering a new phase of my life, locked in chastity with Mistress and Goddess as keyholders, my sexuality now entirely in their control. Goddess mentioned that as long as the device and my genital area was cleaned regularly with antibacterial soap, it could be safely worn for indefinite periods.

Goddess told Ashley to take me to Her dungeon room so She and Mistress could speak privately. Mistress handed me over to Ashley who put a collar with leash on my neck and led me away, me crawling behind Her. We entered the dungeon room and Ashley prepared me for my punishment. She had me stand up and then put leather cuffs on my wrists, tying my hands and arms above my head to extended hooks hung from the ceiling.

Her dungeon

She then put a spreader bar between my legs, leaving me almost suspended, in a spread eagle position. Patting me lightly on the butt, Ashley said I was a good slave as She left the room to join back with Goddess and my Mistress. I stood there for what must have been 10 or 15 minutes before the three of them all entered and stood around me, with Mistress directly in front, Her face close to mine. Goddess stood behind me. Ashley brought Goddess a couple of the implements that were hanging on the wall, a paddle and a riding crop. Mistress rested her arms on my shoulders and made a commanding eye contact with me. Then Goddess addressed me…

“Slave, You are here to be punished for displeasing your Mistress. This is to be a punishment in the true sense of the word, and is meant to discipline you, enforce your obedience and effectively modify your behavior for Mistress’ benefit and wishes.

Behavior modification

Therefor it is intended to be something you will fear, and will motivate you to strive never to disobey or displease Mistress. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes Goddess” I managed to stutter through my nervous anticipation.

“I will now instruct Mistress in providing slave training punishments and at some point, when She is comfortable, She will take over while Ashley and I will observe and coach Her.”

“Yes Goddess”.

Then for the next hour or so, Goddess instructed my Mistress in paddling and whipping, showing Her how to start slowly and build up to much more dramatic and intense strikes. Mistress stood close in front of me while Goddess began, looking into my eyes, commanding me to look back to Her as the pain was inflicted. Mistress wanted to be close and intimate with me this way as the paddling and whipping commenced.

Let the whipping commmence


The implements struck my butt and back, making louder and louder smacking sounds as She increased the intensity, leaving me breathless and on the verge of tears as the implements impacted my naked flesh, leaving my butt stinging and hot. I flinched and moaned with each strike while Mistress stood close in front of me, looking into my eyes as I endured the blows for Her. She then looked around at my body and commented on the deep redness of my skin and the welts that the punishment was leaving. With Goddess’s command, Ashley brought over a small cock whip and took part in the punishment, whipping my newly caged genitals.

Then Mistress was to take over. Goddess handed Her the paddle and I felt my first punishment from the hands of my Mistress.

My first harsh punishment from my Mistress

She would whisper in my ear between blows, telling me that I was Her property and that I was never to displease Her or this is what would happen. She asked me why I waited so long to tell Her about my sessions with Goddess, paddling me when I didn’t have an answer.

I apologized and promised to never lie or hold anything back from Her as She must know all of what Her slave is doing and thinking at all times. She alternated between admonishing me and paddling me as Goddess and Ashley sat and watched. It was a most intense experience, and a valuable lesson for me.  Mistress had me repeat after Her that I was Her slave and Her property and would dedicate my life to pleasing Her.

The apologies

When the punishment was over, Ashley freed my hands and removed the leg spreader bar. I collapsed into Mistress arms. She sat down and I lie at Her feet, my head and upper body in Her lap while she stroked my hair.

I wept softly and again apologized to Her for hiding my truth from Her. She told me I should never be ashamed of my submissive nature and should be proud that I am Her slave. Goddess sat next to us and spoke about how a slave’s will is given over to and subsumed by his Mistress, so that the slave becomes a true extension of Mistress’ will.

A slave’s goal is to, as often as possible, know exactly what Mistress desires and automatically act on it, saving Her the trouble of having to instruct Her slave. A proper slave will effortlessly and subconsciously channel his Mistress’ will, sacrificing his own individual will to Hers. They become one cohesive entity as the slave is completely subjugated to his Mistress, with great love, undying adoration and complete submission to Her.

I am so very proud to be Mistress’ slave.

slave j

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