How to find the Perfect Man for Life

How to find the Perfect Man for Life

How do you find the perfect man for life? Do you say you can not find one? Well this is just not true….
But first, what is the perfect man?

perfect man

For me, as a female Dominatrix, ideally, he must be in good physical shape. Perfect green eyes, brown hair slightly curled and styled wisely, he should be big and strong, and his face must express some comforting maturity. And for a life partner?

I like my man to be my caring, he takes me to the restaurant, he showers me with gifts, he takes care of everything at home from washing the car, mowing the lawn, doing the cleaning and shopping, cooking, giving me massages.

I like to hear every day that he loves me and that I’m beautiful, I love reading the desire in his eyes. Sounds too good to be true?

Well I have found it, and it has lasted for 15 years now. So you can find it too.

For this, you must understand and accept that as a woman you have a domineering power over men. It is in you and you just need to be aware of it. You need to understand that, contrary to the rules established by our society, many men want to undergo a domineering partner. It is a fact. And you have probably already experienced this kind of relationship without putting a name to it.

At the beginning of a relationship, when a man woos you, he naturally subjects himself to you. He is gentle and kind, gives gifts and offers you his love every day. You are dominant and he is the subject. Then you get into a serious relationship, and the charm disappears, by pressure from society, he forgets his status as a subject you like and do leave but the pleasure of the couple disappears, the lover who was at your feet is no more, the spell is broken. Without understanding the problem, he can not find you, the goddess he wants, and he often ended up looking elsewhere.

Do not underestimate yourself anymore, and release the dominant woman within you. You do not need to stay single you just need to identify what kind of man you want. Be selective, it is you, the dominatrix, who decide everything! Give him no power of decision, give him all your chores, make love when you want, where you want, how you want and just as you like.

Believe me, you will have the most happy and loving man. Do not waste time with mindless macho, and go to the men who have already realized their position as your subject. Use to save time and quickly find the man for you.

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3 comments on “How to find the Perfect Man for Life
  1. I wish to seek your advice since you went through successful relation or any Mistress who went through this.

    Well, I’m looking for Femdom Marriage or FLR Marriage. I consider my self a submissive man, but there are things make me hesitate in this matter after reading some real stories of wives who shifted from vanilla into Femdom / Dominant relation with their husband. Based on what I read from most of the real stories, the wife after becoming a Domina, she will just ignore having love or sex in the bed with her husband whom she knew for a long time (The husband is already submitted to her) ?!!

    Secondly, Instead of having love with her husband (beside the kinky things he does to pleases her), she will go & a bring a lover who will fuck her while her husband is watching (sometime crying for this situation), & then force him into cuckolding which a lot of subs & slave like, but not all of them & definitely I’m not one of them.

    As for me, I’m not into cuckolding, & I hate it. Also, I don’t like to see my wife with another man doing love to her & fucking her. She is my wife, my love, my queen, & my pride. I already want to submit to her only (I won’t submit to any girl) because I love her. I know one thing for sure, if such thing happened, I will cry out loud, break down, & definitely will go for divorce, & end the relation assuming I still have my mind.

    I wonder how any wife will feel if she saw her husband making love to another woman?!!

    One of the real stories I have read is a wife who forced her husband to bring her 7 slaves for her pleasure within the relation. With my respect to them, but that is really horrible for me.

    I’m really confused now, I started to wonder if this is right or not? I wonder if all FLR Marriage is like this?

    I haven’t done this before & the idea of losing my wife to another lover frightens me. I started to think that giving up the FLR marriage is better than loosing my love, & my pride.

    This is just my opinion & I’m serious about it.

  2. Just because you read stories about femdom relationships where the husband is cuckolded doesn’t mean they are all like this. Remember there should be limits in every BDSM relationship and the relationships you hear or read about where the husband is a cuckold is because he wants to be cuckolded by his wife. For example, in this article MissMegan discusses how to be the ultimate fantasy mistress and is in a commited relationship with her husband where she is only doing this for her husband.

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