Understanding and Accepting a Female Led Relationship

Understanding and Accepting a Female Led Relationship



After few years of marriage, my husband started to make me understand he was not the man I thought he was.

My husband is a submissive man and a fetishist. We can say he is a masochist too but he does not like to be tortured. He does not enjoy the physical pain. I could not have, or stand this kind of submissive man. He is just a man who believes in the superiority of the woman. He thinks all tall women are Goddesses.

He is always looking out for my well being. He can become my maid or can be used as a stool for my feet … He was born to be my slave.


At the beginning, I was a little bit reluctant. He was very smart. He did not push for anything. He told me about his femdom fantasies just little by little to not scary me. He invited me to play some games and at the end, I was always the winner of these.

Since he felt I was shocked or upset, he gave up his fantasies but then after a while, he tried other new games. Finally, I started to enjoy more and more his fantasies. It is really great to be loved like that and to become a Queen.

For a lazy girl like me, it is so great to not have to do anything at home. My husband does all the housekeeping and cooking. He even took some cooking classes to ensure I would be impressed. I can spend my all spare time reading, dreaming, listening music or watching movies. I like going out with my friends and I do that quite often.

Now, I am the one who makes the decisions on everything at home. I should also tell you how much  I am now enjoying giving orders to my husband. I don’t even saying please anymore, he just knows to do it.


He gives me my manicure and my pedicure every week, he loves my feet. I am now using my husband as my human sex toy. He is completely dedicated to my pleasure. I can ask him to do anything at anytime of the day and he will never question it.

I would never hurt my husband, except for a slap sometimes when I am really upset or impatient. I do not have a whip at home, as I do not feel it necessary for our relationship. We have rules and my husband is very happy to comply to them. He is loving our new relationship. I have no need to punish him, as he is so proud to be my submissive that I rarely have to tell him twice about anything!

He wanted me to stop working but that didn’t work for me so I took a part-time job. I like my job and I get a chance to meet other men. This is a part of our agreement, I could sleep with other men but he could not seep with anyone else. My husband is my personal slave, I certainly do not want to share him with another woman. I really do love my slave.

At the beginning, I was a little bit ashamed to see my husband on his knees sucking my feet.

Since we agreed both of us about these new rules in our couple, there are no reasons to be upset about anything. We are happy about the fact we are now a Female Led Relationship couple. That is why this new relationship works so beautifully.

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