Finding My Smoking Mistress

Finding My Smoking Mistress

Smoking mistress

I have always had a fetish for beautiful woman that smoke. I remember growing up in the seventies where my mom always had lots of magazines around the house. I would look through them and noticed all the ads that featured these gorgeous, sophisticated, independent women smoking. Clearly, Virginia Slims, Benson and Hedges and others were targeting female smokers with a certain image that women could be strong, sexy, and independent. I think that message, and others of course, helped change women into the modern woman of today.

I realize that smoking is a bad habit, I myself have never smoked, and many smokers do not strike me as attractive. But, for me, watching a sexy woman smoke is so hot. Especially dominant women! There is something about their attitude, seeing them so seductively bring a cigarette to their luscious red lips, with their painted nails, that commands attention. I think there is something so alluring about a dominant women, dressed in leather, smoking, that it makes me weak in my knees and so submissive to them.

Now you see anyone that smokes has to go outside for their smoke break. There are many times I will leave my building for lunch and see little groups of people having a smoke. One day, I couldn’t help but notice this stunning lady going through her purse looking for a cigarette. I slowed down to watch her and was so intrigued to watch her light her cigarette, and slowly take a drag. For me, the world stopped. I had to consciously remember not to stare and seem like a weirdo, but I was mesmerized at how she calmly, confidently, enjoyed her cigarette. Needless to say, I hoped to see her on her break again. The next day, at the same time, I looked for her. Luckily, she was there, and again the following day. This time she was wearing a black leather jacket and she looked incredible. I nonchalantly walked over close to her. Or so I thought. I was next to her, trying my hardest not to stare, just look in her general direction. I was shocked and embarrassed when I heard her say “I’ve noticed that you like to watch me smoke.” I was speechless and I could feel my face growing red. “Yes ma’am” I said. “Well, it appears as though we have a problem. Did you ask for permission to watch me?” Again, I was shocked by her words. “No ma’am” was all I could say. “In the future, you must ask me for permission to watch me, is that understood?” She said. “Yes ma’am, I apologize.” I quickly left feeling ashamed. I thought about this all day and night wondering what I should do. The next afternoon, I gathered all my courage, and approached her asking for her permission to watch her smoke. Her response again surprised me. “You may only watch if you are on your knees before me!” Was she always this way, or did she sense that I am submissive I thought to myself. Is she a dominant? My head was spinning; do I bow down in front of her and possibly have someone I know see me? If I don’t, am I possibly passing an opportunity to finding a dream dominant goddess? I chose to submit and get on my hands and knees before her and hope for the best. Her response was “good choice.”

Smoking Mistress

“So obviously you are a submissive, are you currently collared by a Mistress?” “No Mistress,” I said. “Well, before I could consider you, you will have to prove you are worthy to serve me. Meet me here at 5 o’clock tonight and we will see.” I arrived early shaking with anticipation. At 5 she appeared and pointed to the ground. I dropped to me knees. She took out a cigarette and commanded me to light it. As she exhaled, she took out a long list of things for me to do. I was required to do her shopping, pick up her laundry, buy her an expensive gift, and buy myself matching pink panties and bra. Then I was to arrive at her house at 7 and make her a special dinner and clean her house. I did as I was told and arrived at 7 after rushing wildly. There was a note to let myself in get to work! When I walked in, there was a note saying to strip, have on my new undergarments, and put on a maid’s outfit and heels she had laid out for me. I dressed and went about following my orders. During this time I had not seen her. When dinner was ready, I rang a small dinner bell as ordered. I could hear the clicking of her heels coming towards me on the wooden floor. I was in awe as she approached. She was in a devastating leather corset, black panty house, and sexy heels. My jaw dropped, but I remembered to get on my knees and kiss her shoes to greet her. She said nothing and sat down to eat her dinner. Although she never said it, she was pleased with me. After she ate, I did the dishes and was rewarded by having her enjoy a cigarette before me as I knelt holding her ashtray. I was then given another list of things to do for her. Fortunately, I ended up being collared by this amazing goddess. She has trained me to properly serve her. She has continued to require me to be a sissy and put me in chastity. Everyday, I feel lucky to be her slave and love to watch her smoke.

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